Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dear Twitter, I might cry.

I stupidly deleted my Twitter account today. Like, totally, completely DEACTIVATED it. ON ACCIDENT.

I am ticked.

I am not kidding...I thought I was deleting an old account I had for a grad class. But, no. I deleted THEE one.

I lost all of you. I lost followers. I lost following. I lost DM's. I lost it all.

I may just cry.

So, username is back to my old one until they release my other one again in a few days...but you can find me here.

My little twitter heart is shattered into a million pieces...

First Blog Sale

Okay, here it goes. Make SURE to read all of the instructions before ordering as not to make too much chaos for this already chaotic momma, mmkay?

This sale is meant to clean out some of the stock I've got now. It does NOT have many (only 1) adult sized headband. However, it does have clips that look beautiful clipped into a pony tail, or just pulled back on a side swoop for an adult. They can also be used for kids and clipped onto interchangeable headbands you may already own, mommies. So you can be creative with that.

Ordering Instructions:
[I am turning off moderated comments. So comments will appear in real time. You must check the comments to see if someone has purchased an item already.]

-Leave a comment with the item # you would like to purchase.

-Immediately send an email to with the item(s) you ordered. In the email you must leave your shipping address. Do not forget to send the email AND leave the comment (so others know what is purchased!)

-I will then use that email address to send you the invoice via PayPal.

-As soon as the invoice is paid, your item will ship the next day. I'm quick ;)

Important things to read:

*this is not the time to place custom orders in the comments section, etc...*
*a shipping flat rate of $3 is added...and does not change depending on amount of headbands/clips, so for example, if you order 3 headbands, it's still $3. Only shipping with the US for now!*

*there are no returns, b/c it'll cost more then the headband itself to ship back and forth*
*sizes may vary from child to no guarantee they fit exactly as it says, for example, the 0-3 months may fit a 5 month old too, or the 4months-4years may fit a 2 month old, etc. [Every kid is different, this is based on standards, not exceptions :)]*

Here it goes:


Turquoisey-blue headband on a thin white elastic band. Great for photo-shoots. Embellished with a turquoise bead.


Lime Green polka dots with Felt floral accents and a button center, on a 5/8" super-soft elastic band.


A soft green and white fabric, with beaded embellishments, on a 5/8" super soft elastic band. [The top photo is the one with the correct elastic]


I call this one, the "ballerina". It's so delicate and pretty. Super soft 5/8" light pink band, with a white on white floral fabric (can't see in pic), pink button, and white toole accents.


A bolder pink floral fabric, with matching super soft 5/8" thick pink elastic, and embellished with a beautiful pearl bead.

Fun green/pink/yellow floral fabric in a triple-flower formation. Center flower is largest with a yellow button embellishment. Matching green 5/8" thick super soft elastic.


Bright orange/white/with green accent fabric, double flower formation, with green button embellishments. One flower larger then the other. On a 5/8" super soft elastic band.


Solid navy blue fabric flower, with tan felt leaves, and a covered button embellishment. On a 5/8" super soft tan elastic band.


Dusty blue polka dot flower with a vintage jewelery embellishment, on a 5/8" super soft "soft yellow" elastic band.


Dusty blue polka dot fabric flower with covered button embellishment and white felt leaves, on a thin white elastic band.


Zebra print floral clip with black tool embellishment and black cluster bead center.


Solid red fabric flower clip with black toole embellishments and a multi-color cluster bead in the center with gold accents.

Kelly green solid fabric flower with a brown button.

Blue and white fabric flower with covered button.

Each snap clip as shown. Sold separately.
(great for young girls!)

*don't forget: leave a comment with the # or #'s you're ordering.
*email immediately to with what you'd like to order and shipping address.

Everything will come packaged nicely to you and out the door within days!
Let's see how this goes....
[ps: if this goes okay, I'll definitely do more. I'm going to start making more adult headbands this weekend and do a sale with all adult sizes, soon.]

Friday, July 30, 2010

Giveaway Winner

Please don't hate me for being such a slacker and not posting who the giveaway winner is of the matching headband set.

I picked the winner.

Then, I forgot.

Like, totally-completely, FORGOT.

I still have pregnancy brain. It's no joke.

So without stalling anymore, I'm proud to say the winner of these lovely headbands are:
[Please note, there are "83" entries, two of which were duplicate and had to be deleted. Therefore, actually 81 entries. Hope that makes sense.]

Sara from "I am the Walroths"

The neat thing is Sara is due with a baby girl in just 9'ish weeks! I'm excited that her and her daughter will have a matching headband set. Fun!

Friday Fragments

-It's finally Friday. Actually, I shouldn't say that--because, honestly, this week flew by for me. I am, however, looking forward to a relaxing weekend for my little family.

-I started selling headbands this week [15 to be exact!]...oddly enough, via Twitter. Muahaha. Who knew? Etsy is great and all...but it's sooo much work to get started. I want to do it...I really do. It's just a matter of time. For now, Facebook and Twitter? Sure-why not. [I am pretty sure I'll be doing a blog sale as soon as Monday. Stay tuned!]

-Lately, my good-sleeping baby hasn't been so great. Growth spurt? New bad habits? Who knows. Tired Momma? YES. Advice on getting your kid to sleep through the night IS welcome. Thanks.

-I'm watching Big Brother this season, but I am already Is it incredibly boring or is it just me? Normally its a little more interesting...but I'm just kind so darn bored.

-I've been buying Emeline clothes for next year (12+ months) by going through all the clearance at the end of season now. I have scored some amazing deals on clothes for next year. So far I've had awesome luck at Target (some items were as low as $1.24), and Children's Place (extra 50% off clearance), where I scored her the cuuuuutest bikini for 3 bucks. Ahhh, so fun.

-Thanks for all your sweet comments on my posts this week, especially the photos from yesterday. Emeline's getting such a personality and it's so fun watching it develop.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Because I'm out of words...

...I'm going with a picture post today. Because? I can.

I got all of these shots randomly a few days ago while I had Emeline on the ground for a little tummy time action.

The sun was coming in from the window in the stairwell just perfectly. I didn't even edit a single one of these. It's straight-outta-the-camera goodness.

I loved them so much that I immediately uploaded my two fav's to Walmart's website and got them printed in 8x10's at the 1hr photo.

Later that day I did a little rearranging and had them framed and hung.

Just call me crazy.

But, I heart her. Big time.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

God's got me.

Yesterday was an emotional day for me.

You see, my sister, Susan and my little brother, Steve left for Zambia, Africa. Not just for a week...not even two weeks, but for ONE MONTH.

My sister isn't just my "sister". She's my best friend. We're 2 1/2 years apart, we hang out often, text, shop, talk on the phone, and just love each other times a million...

...and I'm sad when she's gone.

So yesterday, when I woke up to a fussy baby at 4am, I realized it was about the time for them to make their way to JFK airport to board the flight to South Africa (where their layover was). So, I sent a quick text to my sister saying something along the lines of, "I miss you already....I love you so much...blahblahblah...."

I knew I wouldn't wake her since she had to be up getting ready to haul herself and all her goodies for the people of the village to the airport.

She texted me back assuring that the month would fly by, she loved me, blah blah blah.

I replied, "I doubt it. :( " [Regarding time 'flying by']

And then?
I lost it.

I couldn't stop crying.

At 4am.

I haven't cried like that in a long time.

Lots and lots of tears flew down my face and onto my now soggy pillow. I had to hold it in as not to wake my now back-to-sleeping baby. So, I got that dreaded lump in my throat. I haven't had that feeling in so long, that I forgot what it even felt like. It sucked.

You see, this is my sisters 4th trip to Africa, and my brother's 3rd. This isn't anything new. In fact, Susan has stayed there for as long as 3 months at a time. This was only 1 month trip, afterall.

But, something was different this time. I let fear overwhelm me. Fear of the worst happening. Fear of the "what-if's".

And she texted me: "You're not having bad feelings about me going are you?"

And I cried more.

By this point, I woke Declan up and through tears told him how sad I was about them leaving. How I'm scared. How stupid I feel for being scared because this ISN'T new territory for them... or for me. And he just held me.

I told her, "I don't know...I seriously can't stop sobbing...this isn't normal. I'll just keep praying."

Because really? That's all I can do, anyway-right?

And then she said the part that hit me the most and was the truth I needed to hear, "God's got me, Kate and we just need to rest in that and trust Him. Love you so much!"

I laid in my bed for the next hour or so, with tears coming down my face, a lump in my throat and I just kept praying.

I won't really understand why so much fear overwhelmed me this time around, when I never had those feelings in the years past. But, what I do know is that it was a good reminder to me.

When you've got nothing else, you can pray.

God's "got" you.

I'm inspired by my sister.


If you're curious what they're doing in Africa, check out my sister's blog and her posts about the village.

If you're someone who prays...please, please, please keep my family in your prayers. Not only are my brother and sister there for a month, but in 2 weeks my mom and dad are joining them. Pray for God's protection, traveling mercies, and for the relationships they keep building there.

~UPDATED: They arrived safely this morning :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Losing "control"

I've heard many moms make comments about losing the look of their perfectly-kept-up house after having children.

To be honest, I listened...I nodded...I realized there would be a change and this would also happen to me. But, I didn't realize the lack of "control" I'd have to give up.

Control meaning, keeping my house neat and tidy pretty much at all times. I was always one of those people who liked to keep it pretty neat most of the time (was it "clean"? Not necessarily. But, neat. For sure!). In fact, the day I got home from the hospital, and my achy body should have just sat on the couch recovering---I waddled around organizing all the 'bringing home baby' stuff you acquire. Because I just could.not.handle the mess.

It used to always look like this:
As the days went on and on....I started to find it physically impossible to keep it neat throughout the day while Emeline's awake. And actually? I've had to come to grips with that. I've had to let go of some of that control in having the perfect home appearance. I started to realize that it wasn't quite so important.

Because--the less time I spend picking up every little toy, blanket, book or boppy we've got laying around, the more time I'm spending with my girl.

So now, during the day it looks more like this:
[blankets everywhere, burp clothes galore, dirty dishes hanging around, every baby toy laying around, and messy couch pillows...sigh...I hate messy couch pillows.]

Because as cliche or typical it is to say that she's growing up, SHE IS. I don't want to miss things because I'm too busy tidying up all the time.

Have I let go of the habit completely? Heck no. My husband will tell you that as soon as we lay the baby down at night, the first thing I do is scurry around and straighten up. It gives me a more relaxed feel for the few hours that he and I stay up and have 'us' time. I always make sure to have dishes done, and the pillows...ohhh the throw pillows-they MUST be perfect on the couch so when I come down in the morning it at least appears neat, for 5 minutes, at least.

My house isn't perfect anymore, and neither am I. Obviously.

But, I've definitely become more laid back over the last 2 1/2 months, and I try to focus my time on my growing girl.

The house...the can wait.

Because I most certainly don't want to miss little moments, like the first time she discovers her cute little feet:

[Thanks, Jess & Penny for the sweet trumpettes!]


Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Baby Noises

Not Me! Monday!

On Friday night at the retreat for church, I did NOT have a screaming, out of control baby, making it impossible to stay that night until the 9pm stop-time. I did not feel terrible about leaving, and I did not feel frustrated that nothing I was doing was soothing her. Nope, I would never get anxiety about a freaking out baby.

Declan and I did not get home and immediately put her in the bathtub (even though she did NOT have a bath earlier), because the bathtub soothes her. Pretty much always. Every.Time. We were not desperate.

This baby-outburst did NOT make me incredibly anxious about keeping her calm the entire next day at the retreat.

I was not relieved when she did amazingly well all day Saturday from 9am-5pm.

It did not make me feel good to hear people say, "What a quiet baby!", or "She's doing so well!"

I was not, however relieved when my mom said she would gladly take her on Sunday.
[Knowing her she probably would have taken her the entire time but she was away, and I physically didn't have enough pumped bottes to do so.]

The information that we learned about on the retreat did NOT shake my world, and make me think about everything differently. I do not have a TON to process and definitely need a debriefing of some sort.

I am not mentally exhausted, and I most definitely did not look forward to the beginning of a "work" week starting. I always dread weekends ending--and never look forward to a Monday.

I am, however, NOT so very sad to be seeing my sister and little brother off to Africa for a full month starting tomorrow.

I will most definitely not miss them.

I am not sappy like that.

Nope, not me.


To join in and tell us all the things you "didn't do" this week/weekend, or to read others--check out MckMama's site.

Happy Monday!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Fragments

Last night I took Emeline for her first walk in the stroller [wait for it...] WITHOUT being in the carrier. Meaning, she sat like a big (little) girl in the stroller facing forward and all. You know what? It was a major success. She LOVES looking around. She was totally chill the whole time. Maybe this is why she hated walks before? Who knows. But now I officially have no excuse not to go out walking more often.

This weekend we have a retreat for our literally starts tonight, is all day tomorrow, and most of the day Sunday. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm already exhausted thinking about having to keep Emeline semi-quiet throughout the whole thing. It will definitely be a challenge, for sure. We'll make it work, as usual.

I switched the cushions on the couch because Mac sits in ALL day long and made a huge dent on the top of one. So, I rearranged the cushions and re-puffed them--and moved "his" cushion to the other end of the couch. And you know what? The darn dog now sits on the OTHER side. I really didn't think he'd be that smart. But he knows which cushion he's worked-in, apparently. So much for evening out my dented-up cushions.

I am absolutely soaking in the whole nightly bath time routine. The actual "bath" part--honestly...hurts my back. Hunching over the tub, washing her little body--it's kind of uncomfortable on your back AND your knee's...not gonna lie. BUT--the AFTER bath routine. I BIG time. It is seriously ranked up there as my most favorite part of the day. She smells like absolute baby-heaven-goodness, and is just plain 'ole cute and fun to talk to in silly baby voices, hear her sweet baby coo's, lotion and powder her tiny body, and it's oh so fun to blow raspberries on her tummy and hear her let out little baby giggles. I'm a pile of love-mush by end of it all. The best part is that Declan and I always do it together. I really love the family time.

I spent some time on some mommy blogs yesterday. Honestly, I don't get much time to just peruse "top" blogs and such. The thing I found absolutely appalling was how mean some of the comments these ladies were getting. Literally, cruel comments. It made me want to cry. I was of pissed, actually. Seriously? Who sits around like a coward behind their computer, being virtual bullies?! Maybe its the teacher in me that gets so aggrevated by idiots like that. But, good Lord. If you don't like the way people write, portray their life, or their plain old outlook on life, then sweet Jesus, DON'T read their blog. Seems pretty simple to me. But, apparently not.

A bunch of you have signed up already for my headband giveaway. If you missed yesterday's post--then feel free to go.enter.NOW.

A few days ago I won a giveaway, myself over at Jessica's blog. I'm super excited about it because it's a Skip*Hop DUO diaper bag! Those things are awwwesome and I've been totally eyeing them up the past few months- for reals. I will be peering out my blinds all day waiting for Mr. UPS man to come drop it off--because, it's due here today! Squeeeee! Thanks Jess!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Giveaway! Giveaway! Handmade Headbands!

Giveaway Closed!

This week I noticed my followers jumped up over the 5-0-0 mark. In honor of that and all you wonderful ladies out there--I'm giving away some of my creations.

This giveaway consists of:

(1) adult sized headband
(1) 15" infant headband (typically fits 2-12 months old)

**This is a package deal!**

How CUTE are matching headbands anyway?! So cute.

Headbands are made in with a purple floral fabric, and the adult flower is larger then the flower on the infant headband.

....and my famous model:

[You can see the real purple color in these photos...]

...and the adult-sized:

Want in?

1. You must be a follower.
2. Leave a (ONE) comment telling me why you'd like to win the headbands and who they'd be for. You and your daughter? Your sister and niece? Your best friend's little girl? Do tell.

Remember, this is a package deal. If you win, you get 2 matching headbands in an adult size, and infant size.

Giveaway will close on Sunday.

Winner will be announced shortly after!


Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We woke up yesterday to find cloudy, dark skies. I've learned to love those rainy, overcast days now that I don't have to go out. Before? I used to dread a rainy day.

So, we decided (okay, I decided) that we'd just make the most of staying indoors today. We declared it "stay in your sweatpants" day. Since we were staying in, of course, in true Katie fashion, I took out my beloved camera for a little goofy photo shoot.

and yes...that is spit up she is sporting on her lips. Classy, no?
ps: she DID have sweatpants on...they just happened to not make it on her after a diaper change. Don't judge, k?

I decided she just looked extra-cute and cuddly for some reason. Must be those cheeks. They are chunkin' up like.big.time. She gets that from her mother.
She already knows how to work a camera. This is her "drama" pose. And yes, my daughter is sporting a faux-hawk. We decided to 'live a little' and have some fun (okay, again...I decided).
People started getting sleepy around here. By "people" I mean Mac, and Emeline. Me? I never nap. But my puppy and my baby--they are nappers. Like, hardcore.

This is our FIRST "hold out the camera and take a picture of us" photo we've done (NOT in a mirror). Other then her post-nap sad/red eyes...I think it turned out pretty great.

After hours of doing nothing other then loving on my baby, reading books to her, playing with toys, tummy time, and naptime in my arms...I finally realized-I needed to do something. By 'something' I mean, things around the house.

And don't get me wrong, because I do believe that all those things I did with my daughter were completely, 100% productive. Good old quality time, man. It's precious.

So, I decided to break out a Baby Einstein DVD we received at our baby shower.

...and I set the babe up with a prime viewing spot:
1. NO, that coke zero is not hers :)
2. I decided not to keep her there, because after taking a picture I realized how ridiculous it was, and-it wasn't quite as comfy as this:

And that my friends? That is a face of a mesmorized child. She coo'ed, let out almost-giggles, and did lots of smiling and wiggling the.entire.time.

I swore she was too young for this:

But apparently, her 2.5 month old mind can totally be wrapped around the madness that is Baby Einstein.

...and by "madness" I mean crazy, ingenius, 'how the heck did you come up with this?', 'this is totally amazing stuff!'.

I was able to fill out some paperwork, unload and re-load the dishwasher, AND eat a late lunch all without any interruption. It was truly amazing.

So was our entire lazy day.

I quite liked it.