Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Daddy love.

I have to say, this entire parenting gig is kind of a new thing for us. Duh. It's one of those things where you just figure it out, what works for you...what works for us.

I have to say, parenting 'partner' is ah-may-ziiiing. He makes life with a kid easier.

One thing that has really been so awesome for me to watch is seeing my husband become a daddy. I know that sounds so corny and cliche, but I mean it. It has been the most special thing, everrr.

Something about a daddy and his little girl that'll melt your heart.

Despite the long and sometimes tiring days at work, Declan comes home and is ready to be completely hands-on and in full-blown daddy mode. He tells her everyday how much he missed her while he was at work, and kisses her squishy cheeks a million times the second he comes in the door. In return, he gets a slobbered-on face million smiles.

It's precious.

He has blown me away with the natural fathering instinct he has. He's very relaxed with her. He really loves to spend the few hours before she goes to bed at night with her right by his side. He will sing her favorite song to her and play little games with her. He'll do anything to make her 'giggle' or smile. He's the best snuggler, ever.

He's such a good dad, and he's blown me away.

In fact, every night he gives Emeline her bath. Of course, I'm "around" (ie: straightening her room, getting ready for bed myself, etc, etc), but he pretty much takes the lead on that. They are so cute together and I love catching them in little moments together.

Seeing the sweet bond that they have already makes me even more excited to see how it develops as she gets older.

We're both lucky to have him.


Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 30, 2010

To the padded, white room, I go.

Mommy paranoia.

What's up with it?

I have never...ever...been a paranoid person in my entire life.


In fact, I'm not paranoid about a lot of things pertaining to her. But random things? Yea. I guess I am.

For instance...the other night, it was about 2am. I heard a noise that somehow shook our bedroom door. It

I quickly woke Declan, "Babe! The door made a noise! Get up and check what's going on."

He, half asleep, muttered something to the affect of, "Our house is air-tight. It's just wind moving around". [PS: Does that EVEN MAKE SENSE?! To his defense...he was mostly asleep, ha.]

I whisper-shouted. "BUT BABE! We have a BABY! and she is in her room! And I AM SCARED!" (As I type this I realize how pathetic I sound. Nice.)

So we I get up...and start creepin' around looking for a bad guy to pop out from around the corner, because WHY ELSE would my door have made that noise!?

I'm tip-toe'ing around my house like a crazy fool.

I go all the way down 3 flights to the front and back door and check to make sure they are locked tight. They are.

I peer out the front door. Absolutely nothing is going on.


I realize that I'm just a crazy paranoid momma-bear, who really needs to get her butt back in bed.

But, only after I tip-toe into my baby's room and check on her sweet little face for the 10th time.

I've officially lost it.


Happy Monday...!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Silent Sunday

I swear....she likes this:

Friday, August 27, 2010

Five Things Friday

Through my friend, Angie-I found this blog who does 5 {things} Friday. I loved this idea.


5 things I did yesterday:

welcomed my family home from Africa with lots of hugs...

chuckled at my dad's beard-growth (the man has been clean shaven my entire life)...

ate pizza with my family...

got hugs from my cute nieces...

kissed my baby's sweet cheeks a million times...


5 random things on my mind:

have a wedding tonight...and lots of running around to do prior to it...

need to clean my house, like, REALLY clean it...

i'm admitting to loving the show Big Brother, but this season is lame...

i want a pedicure desperately, but won't get one...

my new neighbors are annoying the crap outta me...

5 things I can't live without right now:

my iPhone

coke zero


painting baby toes

swaddle-me blanket for Em

[Not in that order :) ]


5 things I'm grateful for:

a healthy, happy family...

a freshly groomed (and super soft) puppy...

creative outlets...

a safe and reliable car...


Have a great Friday.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A thankful thursday post of sorts..

Yesterday, I was in a fairly negative mood. I could blame it on the lack of sleep, or I could just say it was one of those days. Whichever it was...I just needed to step back, breathe a little and realize all the good things instead of focusing on little bits of negativity.

In fact, I had nothing good to say--that I couldn't even bring myself to blog. Typically my posts are up by 8ish AM. But yesterday? I just felt like if I sat down at my computer nothing but yuckiness would poor out. So I decided to forget the 8am post, and left for a full day of errands instead. Heck, I hadn't been out of the house (except to the mailbox) in 2 days. Maybe THAT had something to do with it? Perhaps. [Turns out, I did an afternoon post on my love for tweeting...]

But, I'm so blessed.

My life is really, truly exactly where I want it.

I'm blessed with the most precious little girl.

And I love dragging her around on my bajillion errands.

She is such a champ.

I just needed a little time yesterday to get out. Enjoy the beautiful cooler, crisp weather we've been having. Think about my recent crappy mindset, and re-vamp.

And I did.

Today. I'm feeling great. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that instead of my sleep getting broken up into 5 pieces (due to a cute little chica), it was only broken up into 2.

Either way, I'm thankful. For lots.

Today is a good, good day.

My family is home from Africa. They just landed in New York...and I am going to see their faces and smoosh them with hugs in just a few short hours.

I am elated.

I'm so thankful that so many of you prayed for them. I'm so thankful that they made it home from the 24+ hour journey home. I'm so thankful that they impacted lives while they were there and continued to make true friendships. I am so thankful that they're back in one piece (well, I'm sure part of their hearts are left there), and I'm so excited to hear their stories.

So today...I'll be off welcoming my family back and letting them give Emeline lots of hugs and kisses to make up for the time they've missed.

I'm all sorts of happy today.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On tweeting...

Can I just say....I love Twitter.

I think that every person who starts a twitter account is a teeny, tiny bit skeptical about the whole idea of it at first. Most people I know are, anyway.

But, I'm always up for doing anything social-network'ish or a year ago I signed up for it....

...and did NOTHING with it.

For a long time.

It just sat there.

I even had the app on my iPhone. But never checked anything.

A few months ago I got more "serious" (as serious as you can 'be' about tweeting) about it. I checked frequently. I updated often. I found lots of my blog-girlies, and they found me.

It became a really awesome place for me to get feedback, give advice, and heck, even get last second recipes.

and I LOVE IT.

It's also given me a way to get closer to many of you. Seeing and hearing about your day or little parts of your day in 140 characters or less is, well, kind of fun.

On top of that, my twitter crowd is way.too.kind for putting up with my bitchin' and moanin' complaining about recent sleep loss and anything else I feel like whining about.

Instead of telling me to shut my sassy mouth, they OFFER ADVICE. They help another fellow mommy out. It's seriously so kind.

So? If you're a twitter-skeptic...don't be.

There's a whole following of people out there that put up withcare about the traffic you're sitting in, empathize with the screaming baby in your arms who won't.calm.down, and who are willing to throw a quick appetizer recipe your way when you ran out of time to find one on your own.

Seriously. It's the best.

In fact, Twitter may even be one of the reasons that I don't have the isolation feeling that creeps up on many stay-at-home-mom's (of babies!). There's a whole slew of you out there too, tweeting, with one hand (like me!), holding baby or toddler in the other, and helping me to realize I'm not alone.


If you haven't found me yet on Twitter yet (after the mishap with deleting my old account), you can find me here. I wanna get to know you.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My blue eyed baby

Yesterday was one of those days. One of those day's I've grown to love. The weather report showed a chance of scattered thunderstorms, and secretly I shouted "yessss!" in my mind. I love them. Those days...

It was one of those days where the closest I got to getting ready was putting on a 5-minute-face (aka: quick makeup), pulling my hair back, and putting on a fresh nursing tank. The yoga pants? They were the same that I slept in the night before. Because? Who cares, anyway. My girl doesn't judge me.

It was one of those days where she napped...a lot. She gave her momma so much time to get stuff done for the Etsy shop I'm starting, it was pretty great. In fact, she even helped me out by posing (aka: being the cuteness that she is) and modeling some of the new headbands for me. Hence, the photos.

It was one of those days where we had spaghetti for dinner. Good 'ole spaghetti on a dark, drizzly night. The little Miss even joined us at on the table, sitting in her bumbo seat, and flashed us lots of slobbery, drooley smiles.

And it turned into one of those nights...where she ever so sweetly (ha) protested bedtime [must have been all that napping, eh?] Where we broke all the parenting rules...and where we almost lost our minds.

...and just when we think we may lose it, because ohMYgosh little girl, you should be!in!bed! she flashes us the cutest smiles and it all just seems okay.

Her pretty little face is worth it.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to school...remix.

I cannot b.e.l.i.e.v.e that essentially the "summer" is over. For my district, this is the week that the teachers start back, setting up their classroom's, and sitting in 29308239 long, tedious meetings.

I also cannot believe that I could have been starting back to school this week...sending my baby to daycare, and figuring out a way to keep my sleepy eyes open and somewhat alert after being up multiple times a night with my growing girl.

I must admit.

It is weird.

It's a truly odd feeling to know that school is starting...and I'm not.

It's a really weird feeling knowing my classroom will still be occupied...but not by me.

It's a tiny bit sad to know that 29038 funny things will be said by my students...but I won't hear them. [Gotta admit I'll miss all the "Funny Kid Comment of the day posts"...]

This is the first year in all of my life (since I was, what? age 5??) that I have not been gearing up in some, way, shape or form to start a new school year.

So, it feels a bit strange.

But, at the same time---I feel lucky. I am so incredibly excited to have taken this year off to be with my sweet girlie. I love that the weeks are open for us. We can plan outings spur-of-the-moment, go on lunch dates with Daddy, have play dates with other stay-at-home-mom friends and their children, and have lots of mommy-Emeline time.

I've always been the type who hates missing out, or feeling left out of the loop. So, perhaps that's where the little, teeny, tiny, eensie part of me knows I'll miss teaching. Or, perhaps...I'll miss my co-workers. I'll miss not knowing what the school drama is (pathetic, I know). I'll miss all the inside jokes and the half day lunches out with my teacher-friends.

In fact, there's even a handful of kids I'll miss too.

But ultimately--

I know this year is for the best.

I know that I am going to love every second (and already have) of being a mom who stay's home with her baby girl.

Honestly? If I could...I already know it's something I'd want to do forever. [But, we'll take it a year at time...]

The teacher in me will still miss it, though. To some degree, at least.

With that said...wishing all my fellow teachers a wonderful (and quick!) school year.

You can find me covered in drool, and hanging out in my pajama pants.

Cheers to this "school" year.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


On Friday Lyryn and I got the kiddo's together to take some photos of. Despite the fact that one of them was either hungry, sleepy, or fussing at all times--she did a great job capturing them on camera.

Here's my personal favorite from the day:

Ian: almost 10 weeks old
EmeKay: almost 15 weeks old

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Fragments

I have a mover. My daughter is somewhat a mere 3 months old. We have a scooter. The other day I laid her on a blanket with some toys. She was on her back, and I walked to the kitchen, and did a little dinner prep. I came back in and was all "WHERE'S MY KID?!" She had SCOOTED herself with her feet, on her back along the carpet and around the corner of the ottoman! For real. The days of laying her PUT on a blanket are gone already?! Life is flying back. I can't blink!

This past week I've felt really challenged on the area of doing random acts of kindness. I feel like so often I live my life selfishly and there are so many little things I could be doing to put a smile on someone's face and make them feel loved. I'm really working on this.

I'd like to report that the last two days sleeping has been so.much.better. Emeline seems to be sleeping in longer stretches, which means momma is too! I've been really trying to relax before bedtime and it's helped me to get my eyes closed and sleeping faster. Thank you, God. Some relief!

Because of the crazy heat, we haven't been able to get too much use out of our deck for the past month or so. Well, yesterday was beautiful out--so I started to straighten up out there and clean off the tables, etc. We have an umbrella over the table (but it was closed), and I QUICKLY realized it is inhabiting nests of the craziest looking leaf-bugs I have ever seen. Needless to say, I was skeeved and REFUSE to go out there. My skin was crawlinggggg. Declan plans on throwing it over the edge and spraying the whole thing down with a hose this weekend. I, on the other hand--will not be watching or having anything to do with it. EW.

I am reeeeally missing my family in Africa. BUT! Good news! They are coming home this!week! I am so excited to see them and hear the stories. favorite part about my traveling-family is hearing all their awesome stories. I can't wait. Prayers for safe travels are welcome. They have an 8 hour van drive out of the village, then an 18 hour plane trip. Then, a 3 hour drive home from the airport. Exhausting, huh?

Today, my sister-in-love, Lyryn and I are doing a little cousin photoshoot of the kidlet's (they're 5 weeks apart). She's also gonna get some Momma-Emeline pics and I cannot.waittttt. I love my girl to itty bitty chewable pieces. We most certainly need more then just bathroom photos taken in the mirror (because someone's husband, ::cough:: Declan ::cough:: doesn't pick up the camera).

Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My nap experience

On my sleep post the other day, I got a lot of wise advice from you all. Thanks for that ;) I got a LOT of "sleep when the baby sleeps" advice. But, I know I've mentioned this a few times before--I am NOT a napper. I have napping issues. Like, majorly.

The last time I can really remember napping was back in college. I was so elated to have *free time* in the middle of the day and ::gasp::....NAP! In my dorm! It was all so exciting.

Then, when I became a responsible adult, napping turned into a big issue for me.

I would lay down and think of 490384 other things I could and SHOULD be doing. Instead, I'd lay there and waste time thinking of things I should do...and never end up falling asleep anyway. So I just gave up.

Whenever people said to me pre-baby-my advice is: "Sleep when the baby sleeps", I nodded...and I understood (trust me, I GET it!)...but then I quickly said, "Yea, I'll try--but I'm a non-napper".

I got a lot of chuckles and, "oh trust me--you will become one".

As of yesterday, I had not napped one.single.time since Emeline was born. Not once. So that was over 3 months of being a mom with zero naps. Truly.

But, when we both got out of bed yesterday morning, I was exhausted. I think the exhaustion has just been stacking up. I thought to myself, "Maybe a nap IS in order today". I shocked myself with the thought, since that word is not in MY personal vocabulary.

With a nap in mind, I brought my pillow and blanket down to the living room. Emeline and I played for a little bit (since she is over the moon happy in the morning). I purposely avoided my coffee because I wanted to avoid the caffeine boost since I had a nap on my mind. Then finally, I started getting the tired signals from the little Miss that she was ready for #1 nap of the day. She quickly fell asleep, and so I cuddled up on the couch to see if I could follow her lead.

I was 99% sure it would be yet another failed attempt and it would not happen. After all, I'm a non-napper, remember?

But, to my surprise--

I fell asleep. QUICK.

Which goes to show just how gosh darn tired I was. I didn't even lay there and think about the fact there were dishes in the sink, or about all the dog toys strewn about the floor, or about prepping the food for friends I have coming over for dinner tonight. Nada.

I woke up two hours later. TWO hours!

I rubbed my eyes and looked around. My body was in full-on sleep mode. Honestly? It felt like I had just come off anesthesia. I had the feeling where my limbs were weak...and I felt like an immovable object. I saw Mac on the ground, passed out, too. He decided to join family nap time, he's no dummy. Then, I saw Emeline was still asleep in her swing and was just starting to wiggle and stir a bit. I looked at the clock was absolutely shocked to see it was almost lunchtime.

It reminded me instantly why I don't take naps.

Half my day was wasted. I didn't get anything done while she napped. I was still un-showered and in my pj's. My house was a mess.

And honestly? I still felt tired for the remainder of the day, and on top of that battled a lingering headache that I swear came from the whole nap experience.

So, while I'm not yet on the nap-train fully...I'm not willing to throw the whole idea back out the window completely.

So right now...naps and I....? We aren't quite friends.....yet. But, we aren't quite enemies either.

I'm hoping to tap you on nap advice to those pro-nappers out there.

Is there a certain 'length' of time you find napping to work best for you? Short little cat naps? 1 hour? Half hour? I'm curious. Maybe I slept for too long. I didn't set any alarm clock-so that was my fault.

Happy Thursday!


By the way, thanks for your input and sleep advice earlier this week. I checked with a pharmacist and was told that there are no sleep aids that are safe for nursing mothers. Also-I must not have made it clear that the sleeping problem isn't really just because of my daughter (she's not doing too bad for 3 months), but my own sleeping issues added on top of that. Thanks again.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Get me a paintbrush, I'm getting the urge.

Yesterday morning I was sitting on the couch doing my normal blog reading while chugging sipping my coffee and eating my pop tart. Yes, I eat pop's like I'm 5...I know. Anyway...I was reading blogs and came across one of my favorite Design'ish type DIY blogs, All Bower Power. Do you know Katie from ABP? She's such a sweetie (well, I don't know her personally...), is super adorable, and has a little baby herself. Somehow, she manages to find time to still do projects around the house. I admire that, greatly.


I came across her blog post yesterday where she did a little paint-job on a little side table/cabinet thing-a-mabob in her dining room. It was SO cute, and a really simple change. I loved it.

And then...I started to feel it.

It's like an itch you have to scratch (ha!)---I got the sudden urge to take a paintbrush to something.

I knew just what that "something" was going to be. You see? Before we moved into our house, as it was being built, Declan and I used to yardsale and find some really fun little furniture pieces and things for our soon-to-be (now) home.

We got this piece for 10 bucks. Inside, it has shelves. I knew I could find a place for it in our house. At the time, I said with a punchy attitude, "I'll re-paint it and make it look brand new!"

But sat in the foyer of my house like this, for 2 years:

Ich. Gross. Boring. Blah.
In fact, I threw up in my mouth a little everytime I passed it.

Luckily, Miss Emeline was taking her long nap of the day. So I giddily ran down to the foyer, swept this bad boy in the garage, and dug out some paint. I knew right away that I wanted to paint it the same color as our living room upstairs, and I still had plently of paint left to do so.

A solid coat of paint, blue under my fingernails, and a wrecked pair of pajama pants later....(oh, and a little roughing-up with sand paper)...

I got this:

[check out my pups in the background]

It's sooooo much better! So light, and fresh...and less beat-up-crappy-wood-like. It also is a great introduction to the living room which is right up those steps. It's like a little appetizer. Don't ya think?

Anyway. The project cost me all of $4.96, which was the cost of the stinking knob (that only came in a 2-pack). The paint and sandpaper I already had. Oh, did you notice I gave the flower pot a little facelift too? The dark green just wasn't cutting it anymore.

It was a quick and fun little furniture makeover, and now I can enter my house with a smile on my face when I see it.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh, my sleepy eyes.

It's no secret that we've been having sleep issues around these parts.

You know, you expect those type of sleep-deprived situations when you have a baby. It's true. For the most part, unless you're one of those lucky hated people with a newborn who sleeps for a freakish 8-10 hours off the bat, you typically lose precious sleep with a baby in the house.

But, I have to admit--the sleep deprivation didn't bother me as much before as it does now. There could be a few reasons for this.

For one, it could be the fact that the sleep deprivation is now stacking up. Rather then just being one month of never getting a full nights sleep...ever. It's been three months of not getting a full nights sleep......ever. Starts to make for some heavy eyelids, for real, yo.

Secondly, it could be the fact she's now in her own room. I never used to care that much when she was in our room, and she'd wake up. I simply rolled over, picked her up from her bassinet and fed her. In fact, I could easily stay in sleepy mode and have zero issues whatsoever falling back asleep.

But now? The whole hearing her on the monitor...waiting out her little noises first...then waiting to see if she'll fall back asleep, then waiting for the first big "Wahhhh" cry which is my GET.UP.NOW signal. Then actually getting OUT of bed, and heading all the way (all 8 feet of it) over to her room. It wakes me up. Like, A LOT.

So on top of having a baby who is sleeping like crap recently (please God, just be a growth spurt, please, oh please I beg of you!), I'm also sleeping like crap.

You see, she's easy. She gets up, is very obviously hungry, I feed her...then lay her back down. No rocking, no butt patting, nothing. She's right off to dreamland again. Which is awesome.

But me? By this point--I'm thirsty as heck. I also realize that I'm either hot or cold and need to adjust the air conditioning. So, I trudge downstairs and get an ice cold water...adjust the thermostat, and back to bed I go.

Unfortunately, that's when my brain starts rearin' to go and I can't I cannot fall asleep. I toss, I turn. I can't get comfortable. I stare at the monitor. I turn again. I position the pillow so it blocks the glow of the green light. I huff and puff and moan to Declan about how tired I am, and he doesn't.hear.a.word.

I throw my leg over Declan to see if that will be a comfortable position to sleep. It's not.

I pull the comforter up by my chin. Then I get hot. I try to sleep with just the sheet. But then, I get cool. While messing with the covers I inadvertantly kick Mac off the bed and hear a *thump*. He forgives me quick and returns to the bottom of the bed to sleep. Sometimes he just stays on the floor for fear that I'll kick him off again.

My brain just keeps thinking. About everything. Sometimes I suddenly remember that I have a mommy question, and I'll break out of my phone and GOOGLE some sort of "how long should my 3 month old be sleeping" question. I start reading answers. I realize I'm not alone. But, I'm still.not.sleeping.

Then, I realize..." hour's gone by. She'll most likely be up in another hour or two...why even bother sleeping?" I fight an internal battle that is resisting sleep every time I try to rest and let my body go into dreamland.

It's starting to really hurt me.

Mommy Insomnia.

I'm self-diagnosing it...and it's not fun.

I'm more irritable with my husband. I'm just generally tired all around. My eyelids...oh, they're so heavy. My's sleepy. I'm mopey. It's pathetic.

All of my tweets and facebook statuses are whining about being up again, being tired, and crying that 'good LORD my child needs to SLEEP'...[and so do I!]'s bad.

So, I'm asking...anyone with sleeping issues of any, tricks, and hints to get my body asleep? I'm so desperate I've even tried counting sheep. For the record, it doesn't work. For me, anyway.

Happy sleepy Tuesday!

As to not cause any confusion, for the record, she's worth it.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ladies Night

On Friday night I had a much needed ladies night out. In fact, it was a ladies night out that was planned for a lovely college friend of mine by her husband (hi Dom!). Nice, huh? A husband planning a ladies night for his wife. [All men could learn a valuable lesson here.] My friend, Lauren got married almost one year ago, and sadly, her bridesmaids all dropped the ball on planning any bachelorette party of sorts for her. Therefore, she never had any fun, official 'out on the town'-type of night that every bride-to-be hopes to get.

Her husband emailed a few of her friends months ago trying to get this thing planned. Heck, he's a smart man and knows how fast the summer fills up, so he was planning ahead. [Again, another thing all men could take a lesson from him on.] After an email thread that was potentially 10 pages long, we decided on a date that worked for us all and went from there.

As the date was approaching, I was getting excited. I hadn't seen these girls in a while simply because of where we live, and our schedules and such (oh, did I mention we're all elementary art teachers? 'Cuz we are. Cool, huh?).

The entire day Friday I thought about what I was going to wear to make my post-baby-body look not so...umm...fat. I even bought myself a new pair of jeans that did NOT have a stretchy waist band, and I felt like such a diva. [Let me interject to mention that they are indeed in my pre-pregnancy size! woot!] Something about regular jeans that make you feel less mommy-like...and Unfortunately, only an hour prior to leaving the house, my sweet, precious little baby girl had a diaper blowout on said jeans. My short-lived diva moment wore off and it was back to mommy-reality.

Not only my clothing did I have to worry about, but also leaving the baby for the evening--and, you know...leaving her proper "food" to eat. I was a pumping machine, making sure to leave Declan with plenty of bottles for her that evening. Declan was, as usual very sweet about taking her for the night and having some good old Daddy-Emeline time.

At 7pm we met at a restaurant downtown, and as expected--it was a blast. It was just so fun to talk about everything, and anything...have no real time restrictions, enjoy a nice dinner without a crying or whiny baby, have a drink, and reminisce with some of my favorite girls. Oh, and we laughed. A lot.

We literally sat at dinner for three hours, and they were the fastest three hours ever. Time flies when you're having fun, right? Obviously, I had even too good of a time to break out a camera, or heck, and iPhone picture. Not a photo to document whatsoever. But trust me, it was a good time.

After dinner, the other girls headed off for more out on the town fun (and her husband was even the little 'shuttle' for the night. Again, so sweet, huh?). There were a few factors that led me home at that point. For one, I was already about an hour from home, and I may or may not have had rocks for boobs by that point. Hey, the realities of a nursing-momma, am I right?

But, no matter what...I am so glad I was able to go, even for just three hours.

It was such a good time.

It reminded me how much I've missed those girls. That I'm still capable of a good girls-night-out. That I love to laugh. A lot. And it reminded me that Blue Moon may just be my *favorite* beer on draft.

This all led me to start wondering about how often you mommies get out without the kiddo's, without the husband....and have a good girls night out. Once a month? Once every few months...? Heck...once a week? (Lucky you!) Do share.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Silent Sunday's: Do I have the coolest family, or what?

They'll be in Zambia for another week and a half...keep praying. These photos make my heart leap. I wish I could beam myself there.

Aren't they the best?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Fragments

I'm pretty sure my days...weeks...heck, MONTHS are flying by at a crazy pace since having a baby. Why? Oh, probably because I'm off school and not working. If I were working? You betcha they'd be creeping by at a snail's pace. Pshhh...such is life, I guess.

I started working on my Etsy shop. I'm not going to be 'launching' it quite yet...I really want to get about 20 more items up there first. Problem is? I have to make said items. I need time. Lots of time. With a baby, though...time is not exactly on my side. I will make it work...I will make it work. I just keep telling myself this.

My parents (and two others) flew to Zambia this week to meet my sister and brother for the last two weeks of the trip. They made it there safely, so thank you for the prayers---and if you can continue them while they're there too that'd be awesome. Appreciate it so.very.much. My sister called me the other day and said in a lighthearted tone, "DUDE! We almost DIED today in the van!!!" I was like, "Umm...kay...uhh..what happened?!" She continues to tell me how basically the driver tried to pass another driver [on a two-lane highway], but then that driver sped up and wouldn't let them pass, and then a freaking TRACTOR TRAILER came DIRECTLY at them. So the driver of their van had to quickly pull off the side of road, and did so JUST in the knick of time. Exactly like the movies, man. Scary stuff. I said, "Good thing I prayed for safe travels for you guys this morning". She's like, "Yea, for real". Moral of the story? Prayer works. The end.

The baby has been a sucky sleeper the last week. It's driving me batty-crazy-insane. I will literally lay my head down to sleep at night (or attempt), and I swear to you, the second I'm just starting to get into a somewhat deep sleep, she wakes up. It physically hurts my eyes and body like whoa to walk the 10 feet to the nursery. Sleep deprivation is the world's worst form of torture, everrrr. I cannot wait until the blissful nights of 8-10 hours of straight sleep. Honestly, it's more valuable to me then a million dollars right now. Well, maybe not a million...but....still. You get the point.

Even though my weeks don't consist of much other then a few outings and taking care of my sweet bad-sleeping daughter (oh, you know, and making headbands, cleaning, cooking, taking care of the dog, blogging, tweeting, etc), I still so much look forward to the weekends. It's so nice having Declan home, having nothing too important on the agenda, and just enjoying a little family time.

Anyone else like having a free and clear weekend? Or are you the pack-it-all-in type?!

...Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Two things

I'm thankful for my camera...

and for my sweet model.

Quite possibly the only person who finds baby drool this cute....

Yep...I realized I've turned into "that mom" who posts way.too.many photos of her kid.

Such is life...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Postpartum body updates and such.

It's not the first time I've posted about postpartum body stuff, obviously. I really heavily considered even writing this post for fear of beating a dead horse. But, you know do...I just think that it's only fair to continue the honesty. I told you TMI about everything related to my pregnancy, and here we go again with the post-baby body. If you could care less, feel free to slip away now. No one's watching.

First of all, I have to say that I TRULY do not know the numbers. I have no idea where I stand as of today. At my 6 week postpartum visit to the doctors, it seemed as though that scale was showing I was about 8lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight. I have the worlds crappiest-McCrappy scale at home (one that's just by the pressure, no real #'s's a hot mess), and it was never accurate throughout my whole pregnancy when compared to my doctor's scale. [Remind me to work on getting a new scale, stat.] So I don't know where I stand to-date.

Up until a few weeks ago, mentally, I was pretty sure I looked the same as I did about 2-weeks after Emeline was born. It's hard to notice small changes and such. It really is...especially when you see yourself

It wasn't until a lady who owns a local pizza/sandwich shop we go too saw me and said, "You're lookin' good. I can tell you're dropping the pregnancy weight." To which I shockingly replied, "Really? You think??" It had been over a month since I'd seen her last.

That's when I went home and started putting pictures of myself side-by-side. You all know I'm an over-documenter. I am obsessed with all things progression-related. So, while I had been taking pictures of myself every so often, I had yet to even put them side by side for comparison.

So, that day, I did this:
[and I posted on twitter, being all "omg, does anyone else see a difference? I do! I do!"]

It felt good to know that my body was starting to (slowly) start making it's way back down to what's somewhat normal for me. The truth is, could be a much a faster process, I'm sure. I guess I should be honest and tell you that I'm not exactly working out, or eating much better. The breastfeeding cravings are still there (seriously, what IS up with that?). I get out and walk with the baby, but to date, there's been no "real" exercising. [Yes, I'm one of those who hates it. I know. Tsk, tsk.]

Let me be clear for one moment...this post is in no means a cry baby, I feel fat post. Honestly, it's not. I had an anonymous commenter (hi! yea, you!) last time, who clearly told me that by posting pictures of myself I must have not felt badly about myself and that 'not getting your body back' is a "crock". That's why I'm telling you now that there is clearly more I could be doing to get my body back in shape. This is simply to show you the progress I've had so far, sans hardcore exercising or eating super healthy, but with a bonus side of breastfeeding (hey, it helps!).

So here are the most 'dramatic' (do I sound like Chris Harrison on the Bachelor?) up-to-date pictures to show what my body did on it's own. Just the whole natural process of the uterus shrinking and things falling back into (droopier) place(s).

Yea, there's a saggy pouchy-like belly that hangs. Yea, I poke at it and tell my husband how disgusting it is all the time. Yea, he rolls his eyes at me and tells me I'm beautiful. And YES, I realize I can likely get my body to a happier place (in my eyes) with some exercise and better eating.

But this is my place to write about anything I want, right? So that's what you'll get.

Now, does anyone know if Jillian Michaels* makes house calls?

*On a serious note, I'm gonna try to shred with seems like a lot of you have had some good success with that.

Happy Wednesday!