Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Neighbors

About a month or two ago we got new neighbors. You know...neighbors aren't that big of a deal--but when one of your walls are connected?


It's a big deal.

The interesting thing is, for two years we lived next to a couple a few years older then us...who, in fact, were pregnant the exact same time as us, AND had their baby the exact!same!day! as us, only a few hours later, IN the same hospital--AND our rooms were next door to each other for 2 days while we recovered, ::drum roll please::, sharing a freakin' wall, yet again! WEIRD?! yea. I know. [Run-on sentence...but totally necessary!]

Crazzzyy story...but a fun one to tell, anyway. [Oh, and our kids were an ounce different in weight, and a 1/4" different in length! ha. Crazy, I tell you.]

Oh, back to the story. Those neighbors? Were AWESOME.

We never heard them. Ever. They tell us they never, ever, ever heard us either.

People would ask us "oh, do you hear people next door?" [Remember, we're an end unit in a line of townhomes], and we always would reply, "Heck no! The sound barrier is great...bladdy-blah blah."

Apparently though...that's garbage.

Once our new neighbors moved in, we quickly learned we could, in fact, hear things next door.

I gave them a know...a few weeks to move in, bang things around, get their pictures hung and such---

But, we're talking a few months later now--and still, noisy!

I find it really frustrating (almost as frustrating as the lady who leaves her window open for her big-arse dog to bark out it WHILE MY BABY NAPS...I digress...) that I can hear them pounding up the steps.

Seriously, the steps?! That are on the opposite wall??

I find it annoying that while I'm feeding my baby who wakes at an un-Godly hour to eat, I'm hearing car doors slamming, and the beep beep noise of car locks going on and on.

Maybe I just had it too good before.

But I feel all momma-bear about people (and DOGS) who wake my slumbering child, or don't give a crap that their car alarm is going off, and OFF, and OFF while I'm trying to nap-train Eme in her crib for the 40th time that week.

I just don't get it. What ARE they doing over there? I understand they work 2nd and 3rd shift jobs...but please, refrain from slamming, and re-slamming, and locking, and re-locking and whoops! hit the car alarm by mistake! at 2 friggin'.A.M.

I'm gonna go mad over here.

Trust me, you do NOT want to see me come outside in all my pj/make-up less/messy hair glory and go all momma-bear on you.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I've definitely felt challenged on something recently.

In fact, I'm pretty sure it's something God's been laying on my heart. So, since I'm a sharer, and it's what I do best--here it goes.

I cannot tell you how many times a day, or throughout the week I see or hear people request some kind of prayer. No matter what it is...serious issues, or not as serious, but still important to the individual. Maybe it comes in a text form, via email, in a blog post, person to person or via Twitter.

No matter the platform, life situations are thrown our way--and when you feel helpless, asking for prayer, well, helps. Helps us feel better...helps us to know other people are praying on our behalf, etc etc...

However, the thing I've been challenged on is not just saying "sending prayers!", or telling someone you're praying and not actually doing it---but literally, praying for them, for their situation. Besides, that's what they asked us to do anyway. Right?

I have been guilty of, in the past, saying I'll pray for someone--and then letting the day overwhelm me, and completely forgetting. How terrible of me. Truly.

So, I actually have been taking the time to really pray for people when asked, and challenged that when I TELL someone I'm praying, I actually do, and don't forget and let it go by the wayside.

It's important.

It works.

Prayer actually changes things.

"…The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective" (James 5:16)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Clean-spree turned project-overload

I mentioned last week that cleaning was in the weekend forecast in our neck of the woods. I also may or may not have said I was semi-excited about the whole ordeal, because, yay! A clean house! While all that's true....the work it takes to get to the happy ending? Pure Torture.

I hate cleaning. I really do.
[I like to straighten...I like to tidy...I don't like "cleaning".]

And for some reason, as we cleaned...we started little projects all over the house. So, it felt like everything was in disarray for.freakin'.ever. While the little projects here and there needed to be just annoyed me as it was happening.

My more then irritable mood [my husband can attest to (sorry, hun!)] was evidence of the annoyance these little projects brought on.

However---like everything else in this world---you endure some pain, and what's at the end? TYPICALLY, something good.

Or, a clean house. With LOTS of little projects done.

So, one of the projects I want to share with you is something that I've been dying to do but we just hadn't mustered up the energy to do so. In fact, about 6 months ago we bought the supplies to do it, and they've been sitting in the garage since. Us...lazy? NO way....

I digress.

We removed the hideous vertical blinds we should have never installed in the first place, and replaced them with some dual layer curtains. I really, really love that look. The curtains that is, NOT the vertical blinds.

[In the madness, I didn't take a before picture--but this is what I found searching my photo archives. You get the idea.]

After a trip to Ikea (6 friggin' months ago), and a little elbow grease...

...these bad-boy's were hung.

They look so much much much more welcoming and less harsh. Vertical blinds are just so annoying, always falling apart, and kind of cheap looking. [If you have them or love them, please, hold your tomatoes! To each his own! :)]

The white curtains we pull closed at night, and they give complete privacy. It's perfect!

The same brown curtains are also in my living room--so, the two rooms coordinate quite nicely, now.

I'm very, very pleased.

Do you like?


So, that was a little glimpse into my Saturday.

But, back to reality--


Happy ::sigh:: Monday!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

An Etsy Feature...? For me?

I had yet another terrible night of sleep last night with my little girl. Therefore? Momma and baby slept in today. Because of this decision, I'm sporting an amazingly obnoxious headache, AND no blog for today.

The good news is, this morning at 6am while I was feeding da baybeh, I was scrolling through my reader, and saw my Etsy Feature on Becky's blog.

Like a total idiot, I FORGOT!ALL!ABOUT!IT!


That is where I'm sending you today, on a blog-less day.

So, would you do me a favor, pretty pullllease? Go over to her blog and check out everything you wanted to know about how I got started in all this flower biznazz.

Seriously, go-now. I'll read your sweet comments over there!

Love you all--and Happy Friday!

[Thank you, Becky!]
[PS: Fun fact: Becky was my FIRST official Etsy buyer ever! Made my day....]

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday

It feels like it's been a long time since I've done one of these....and while I truly am thankful, I'm also easily distracted.

So--Thankful Thursday it is.

I'm thankful for:

-The little girl that keeps me on my toes...making sure to never let me get used to any particular nighttime sleep pattern.

-Twitter and blog friends who send me books about baby sleep for free when they are done using them...thank you. The book has already smacked me in the face with the fact that I'm doing things all wrong...and I guess I needed that smack of reality.

-Coffee. This morning, I am especially thankful for coffee. Because without it? The "hit by a bus" feeling would linger much longer.

-Etsy. It's been a lot of fun not only selling things on my shop, but buying things from others for my little girl this winter. I'm kind of obsessed.

-I'm thankful that on Saturday, there is nothing on the calendar but TO CLEAN our house. I am physically incapable of doing it myself. I seriously suck without the "team" motivation factor of doing it with Declan. I am thrilled to get to every dust bunny that lives in here. Be gone dust bunnies!

-I'm thankful that my wonderful friend Jennie and her husband are coming to see us on Sunday and meet Emeline for the first time! We are so excited.

-I'm thankful for fun new recipes that actually cause me to WANT to bake. That is insane. But check out these amazingly delicious looking pumpkin cream cheese muffins.

-For the new season of TV that started...yea, I said it. I'm thankful for TV shows as it's my unwinding down time with my hubby after the babe goes to bed.

-Oh, and I'm thankful for the the fun journey of solids food we're on. Although it requires much more time (in my opinion), and sticky food everywhere admittedly grosses me out--it's still pretty darn cute how much of a big girl she is looking these days.

Happy why isn't it Friday? Thursday!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back to our roots

As much as I love my house, and even being indoors at times...

I'm also a lover of the outdoors.

I need to breathe in the fresh air...look at beautiful scenery...take walks...

Honestly? That is one of my top 10 favorite things to do.

Take walks.

I feel very connected and close to God when I'm soaking in moments....taking a few minutes to just relax...stop thinking about my to-do's...and take spur-of-the-moment trips to a nearby park, to which you discover the most glorious walking trails known to man.

My heaven on earth.

My sidekick was more then willing to enjoy this outdoor hour with me yesterday.

She is such a joy. I'm so thankful God gave her to me.

'Cuz really...just look at that face:

And you know what I realized? My baby has never touched grass.

Until yesterday.

So, I laid her down on her diaper pad (because I didn't have a blanket with me-improvise? check!), and she put her hands in the grass instantly.

She was fascinated by the texture. She patted the grass over and over and grabbed handful's of it--and shockingly, didn't even bring it to her mouth.

She loved it.

And I just sat there, with my butt in the grass in front of her...taking photos of the moment my babe first discovered God's green earth.

...and I'm really glad I did.

She was happy as a clam, as you can see.

I'm pretty sure she enjoys walks and outdoor time as much her momma--because she doesn't make a peep the entire time we walk, and her little eyes just look around and soak in the beautiful calmness of our surroundings.

This girl just lights up my life. So much so, that I'll show you an un-showered, makeup-less me since my little lovie is by my side.

She is my favorite company, after all.

And remember when I talked about my September goals...?

To spend more time taking walks...and documenting the beautiful things I see?

Welp, I did just that, too.

Getting back to where I feel most "me"....

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

To-Do List, Oh No You Didn't.

I've mentioned multiple times that I am not the type-A personality. I am not a lover of to-do lists. I am, by no means into "routines", and no two days are ever the same in my world.

Usually, this system, or lack-thereof is perfect for me.

It works.

But lately?


Maybe it's mommy-brain. Maybe it's just me. But, lately--I'm feeling like my mind is rearin' a million miles a minute thinking of all the things I have to do. How to pack it all into one day. Figuring out when and how, and OH crap! I forgot to do x, y or z.

It's kind of chaotic

It's kind of stressing me out.


It's making me feel a little irritable (and my husband can attest to that).

I was considering writing a blasted To-Do list.

But, I hate them. I do. I know there are some of you who could not live life without your technicolored sticky notes and to-do lists. But me? Typically...I don't like them. I don't need them. It's not me. Not my style, per-say.

As of lately....I feel like I need it, though.

Between my custom Etsy orders, the almost-flat tire my car is sporting and the appointment I need to book, the specific fabric I need to buy, the sewing machine that needs to be fixed, the kid that needs to be fed, and fed, and fed, shipping out my orders, grocery shopping, cooking dinner and de-thawing the meat, the meetings for Church, homework for the class I'm taking, changing diapers, pumping the ladies, putting away laundry, emailing so and so, meeting people for lunch or playdates......

my brain feels mucky.

It feels all if all of the "to-do's" were shaken up and spit out, looking like this:

aldkfjaer903849038439024ajaklfjaksldfjaidfj23094u329[joi2j4kj23klrjklfj20934un 3*(E(Eureinre88u9iu9u3irj3ieojrk9038429889(9-(((*@*#(ndkad*!*#)(# @(#I 2@#()@ i49304u3(#)*@#njaflkjakdjf#($u mnvkdjafj*@#*@#)@U)!

So, last night...while I was feeding da baybeh...I used my good old iPhone notes section, and wrote a little ::gasp:: To-Do list. made me feel a little better.

Seeing it written out makes me at least feel like I won't forget what needs to be done now.

So, all you to-do-listers can be proud.

I joined the club.

Well, for the time being, anyway.


Happy Tuesday!

Thank you for all the wonderful comments on yesterday's blog post. I, too thought that story was amazing which is why I chose to share it with all of you. Thanks for being amazing, thanks for being you.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The man in the red helmet

Did I ever tell you all that my dad is a firefighter?

Yea, he is. Since he was about 16 years old, in fact. I won't spread his age around on the internet, butttt...he's been doing it a long, long time.

In my eyes, he's pretty much the smartest guy ever when it comes to all things firefighting-related. He not only runs a very successful company completely built around it, but, serves as a Fire Chief at his local department directing from the outside now, and using his expertise to make sure things go smoothly on the inside. Because of his business and his leadership, he's pretty known in the area among the fire departments all around.

Well, last week in the city I live in there was a rippin' apartment fire. I mean, it was bad. I believe it all started from a cigarette (those friggin' cigarettes...people! stop!smoking!). It was one of those apartment complexes that have the open stairways about 3 stories high that then lead to different apartment was a nice, newer complex.

The fire got crazy, fast. Many of my dad's friends (and guys who I know) were in there fighting it trying to save the people who lived there. Since my dad's department didn't respond to that call, he sat up and listened on his radio to what was going on instead.

Stairwells were collapsing 3 stories down (cement.steps.people!), and it was providing an extremely scary As soon as my dad heard on the scanner radio that firefighters were getting injured, burned and had broken bones, he got dressed (middle of the night), and went directly to the hospital to be a familiar face as they got there.

Luckily, not one of the residents who lived there got injured, as all the firefighters sacrificed their own safety to get them out. From what I heard, about 80-100 people were out of homes because of the fire.

But the firefighters? Many of them were injured. The majority of them are very good friends to my pops.

One friend severely burned both of his hands because he had to remove his gloves to get his hands out of a pile of debris so large he could have gotten stuck. Another friend broke both legs because he had to jump a story + down to save himself. Another friend burned his eyelids...the list goes on and on.

After my dad spent some time with his friends a few days ago, and heard their stories in more depth there was one common denominator.

All of them could recall the fact that they were inches away from near death situations. One foot from one guy, all 3 floors came crashing down. Had he have been inches over, he would have been killed. The stories went on and on.

In comparing stories and talking about what happened that early morning, turns out, they all kept saying "Well, this man in the red helmet helped me...", and "There was this man in the red fire helmet who I saw while in the fire....", "The guy in the red helmet was with me, but he wasn't wearing an air-pack..."

No one in any of the fire departments wears a red helmet.

Every one of those firemen had their lives spared....saved...just inches away from death experiences, yet they were alive to tell their stories of survival.

But, each and every one of them remember this firefighter, in a red helmet, who was present in their time of need.

I don't know about any of you...but that story sends chills down my spine.

Because, I believe in Angels. I do.

I believe that Angels can take on human form to be there in our time of need...and God can send them to protect us, to move us inches away from a scene that could be harmful.

That man in the red helmet? He was an angel.

He never did come "out" of the fire. He didn't need to.

God is capable of supernatural things. And Biblically? One of an angel's "job description" is to deliver and protect people in harms way.

I don't know about you guys...but I find that so amazingly cool, and that multiple guys had their lives saved while saving others.


Happy Monday!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sometimes, it's innate.

I know people have 43 million opinions on babies and how to raise them, "train" them, and live life with them.

I get it. You have to have your own 'way' to make it. Your own way of living the best life you can with a little sidekick or two (or three, or four).

But, I cannot tell you how many people, whom I know personally that told me that babies should work around your schedule...after all, they are YOUR babies. They are even a bit demanding about it, and are all, "They should not cramp your lifestyle...blah blah".

I mean, hello?! But how does your lifestyle not change with a kid?

Maybe I'm crazy, and that's quite possible.

But, I just don't get it.

I've had people tell me to just bring the pack-n-play and still have late nights out with friends, and just bring your miserable kid along and force them to sleep anywhere because YOU ARE THE PARENT and blah blah, and your kid should blend with YOUR!lifestyle! for pete's sake.

But forgive me if I ruffle any feathers for saying this...

While pre-baby I was totally on board with "yea! I will still live a normal rockstar life with a baby!"....... it just hasn't happened.


Because I cannot CHANGE the personality that my child has.

I cannot help the fact that like clockwork at 7:45pm , EVERY single night, she is miserably exhausted, ready for a bath, and craving to be in her own environment.

I, personally don't believe that is something I could have trained. "Now Emeline, you are NOT ALLOWED to be miserable and tired while mommy and daddy are hanging out with friends, you hear?" Um yea. Doesn't work that way. At least for us.

What I've come to realize are, babies each have their own personality. I think a lot of mommies of two can tell you that. Two kids can be polar opposites of one another, but both still be your flesh and blood.

My kid?

She just so happens to be so much easier to manage when she's home in her own environment around break-down time.

But that's just me.

All kids are different. God made us all uniquely different, didn't He? Why do we expect babies to fit into one mold?

So while having my sweet daughter may mean a tiny bit of sacrifice here and there, and for the time-being, may cramp my rockstar lifestyle (totally kidding, we are such homebodies anyway...and love it), it is totally worth it and I still love it.

All this to say that I've found you just cannot blanket wittle babies under one statement, or theory...since it "worked" for you. Or whatever.

They are all so uniquely different.

And NOTHING....I repeat, nothing is wrong with you as a parent when your kid gets fussy every.single.night at the exact same time. [I'm just typing this out so I can start to believe it, myself...ha...]


Have a Happy Friday! Ohhh Friday, how I love thee.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My form of writers block

I have a problem.

All my inspiration for writing comes to me in the middle of the night.


Like, right after I feed my little girl and tuck her back into her crib...I crawl back into my bed, and bam! It hits me. 1902182 things I want to write about.

My mind goes crazy. Crazy! I cannot get it to stop.

So, in efforts to get my brain to shut down again and go to sleep before my darling daughter wakes up for the 394083 time that night (okay, normally 2x), I whip out my iPhone, and in the notes section I write down a tiny blurb about what I want to write about.

My sis-in-love, Kesh, who is a mommy of two told me that writing down your thoughts is one of the best ways to get your brain to let you fall asleep when dealing with mommy insomnia issues. Because, you can't let yourself fall asleep for fear you'll forget whatever it is you're thinking about., right?

The problem is? At freakin' 2am....4am...whenever I write down said blog ideas that keep my brain forever churning, they really are not that good of ideas, at all. But for some reason? My lazy brain at that hour of the morning has me convinced its awesome.

I don't know what the heck I'm thinking about, or making myself believe is some bright!idea!, but it's totally not that interesting, at all.

So, for per my iPhone Notes app, I could tell you about:

-Our incredibly new, annoying and LOUD neighbors that moved in on a 2!Year!LEASE! [Good, Lord, help me!] I could tell you about how sad I am that my other neighbors had to move to DC due to a job situation, and their baby girl who was born the SAME day, in the SAME hospital as Emeline, who was bound to be her BFF also had to leave. And how we never, ever, ever heard them EVER in the 2 years we've lived here. And suddenly? New neighbors move in, and POOF! Loudness! Not cool. [We own an end unit of a townhome, and share one wall with said neighbors...]

-I could tell you about last night when in my dream, my husband pointed to a jar and said, "Look, a bug!", and in real life, I JUMPED UP OUT OF BED, threw the covers off me, started to yell at my sleeping husband (who never woke up) and only THEN did I realize it was a dream. Bugs freak me out, yo.

-I could tell you about the random bursts of energy that are hitting me at 10pm at night, having me scrubbing out cabinets, organizing, re-arranging rooms, etc. I could tell you how it feels shockingly similar to nesting. I could also tell you to NOT get any ideas. We are not ready for another kid and NO I am not pregnant.

-I could tell you about my first post-baby experience at my gynecologist the other day. But, I think I should spare you the details. You can thank me now.

-I could tell you about our new solid-foods journey and how it's going smashingly well, but somehow, it's still not meaning more sleep. I'm at a loss, but also at a place where I'm kind of done with advice about it. I've taken advice, but now I'm just going to read a book and try to implement one thing. Mom fail.

So, now that I've told you about the things swirling around in my brain at 3am that I feel will make awesomely, hilarious posts...

I give up.

They are not that funny and/or amusing.

...and I'm spent.

Happy Wednesday.

PS: have you heard of the crazy blogomania giveaway event going on today? If you have time, check it out.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Whince in pain with me

So, apparently...

legwarmers make my daughter feel a bit sassy...

....and give her a wee bit of an attitude it seems....

I know... it's hard to believe this sweet face is capable of such sass.

But it's true.

And yesterday...she proved that she was her mothers daughter. All sassy, and saucy and a little attitude'ish rolled into one.

I don't want to go into details, but...let's just say it involves the fact that teething and gnawing on things has begun...

and it involves breastfeeding.

When like to BITE.DOWN.HARD on things.



[insert whincing now]

It was not cool.

In fact, it put me in a bad mood. Because, not only once did it happen, not twice, but three freaking times.

Dude, how dare she treat me like a teether?

Sweet Jesus, have mercy.

So now, you may be thinking WHY oh why is this a blog post?

The answer is, Because.

I want to remember this.

You know? For the freakin baby book.

On my knees, begging God to let the Sophie Teether get here soon,

This in no way means I am stopping breastfeeding, fyi. I know lots of people, family included who still breastfed their children when they developed a tooth, etc. It's possible. They can learn not to bite with a gentle flick of the cheek so they get the correlation. However, you do have to endure a few, uhh...bites here and there. So I hear.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Minutes

Did you all notice my new header? My husband is fabulous. [If you're reading in Google Reader, get outta there and come check it out...]

I'm seriously loving staying home. I had multiple people tell me I'd be "bored" staying home with a baby, but I am anything but that. I adore it. I really, really do. I'm made for this. Now I just have to figure out a way to stay home forever.

The finale of Big Brother is this week (and yes I watch that garbage)...and while I found this season fairly boring, I'm still hoping either Hayden or Lane wins. [Even though it appears that Lane comes from money...] Enzo just simply does not deserve it. He did nothing.all.season.

I feel like I LIVE at the fabric store lately. That's good news, though--because, it means I'm making headbands and getting orders, I guess. The employees are starting to recognize me and Emeline.

Speaking of the little Miss...we started her at a new pediatrician this week. Long story short, we used to have her at our family doctor but I needed more then that (as a new mom). I was really pleased with the new doc, and he told me multiple times at her checkup that she has a great temperment and is a really good baby. She smiled and giggled through the entire appointment until we got to the dreaded 4 month shots. She did some crying, and then quickly passed out from exhaustion.

It was confirmed by the doctor....she IS teething. Ouch. It hurts to say that out loud. Thank God we have a Sophie teether on the way.

We were given the go-ahead to start the solid's journey. We have started her on some pribiotics rice cereal here and there. I haven't been super consistent with it yet, but we've tried it about 3 or 4 times. She makes the craziest faces ever, and it's amusing to say the least. Last night, though-she did much better with it, and some of it (I believe) was actually swallowed. Hah...

I am officially a football season has begun. Declan will be enjoying this season with his mini-cheerleader by his side. He will be doing everything in his power to have this little girl appreciate the sport more then her momma. Go for it.

Oh, and we're officially obsessed with leg warmers. Seriously...for around the house lounging and such? It MAKES so.much.sense! No pants to remove for diaper changes? Why thank you. How convenient. And freakin' cute. We love.


Happy Monday...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Silent Sunday's: Custom, custom.

So, I haven't done too much business-type talking about my Etsy shop on here. But, it's open and in full swing.

One thing I've been doing a lot of recently are custom orders.

Lately, with the start of football season and such--I've gotten a lot of requests to make cute headbands in your teams colors. I love doing orders by request. Makes me happy.

So, if you're looking for something cute to match a certain outfit...for a family photoshoot, or to cheer on your home-team. Let me know. I'd love to create something for you.

Some of my recent custom creations:

[This little diddy was made up for a sweet little baby girl to wear in her family's upcoming photoshoot]

[This little pretty is to reflect Auburn University's colors...]

[This is for the University of Georgia....bulldog's, yo.]

[This is a matching older sister/younger sister set for Halloween and for everyday use...headbands for the baybee and barrette's for the older sister.]

[This is gonna be worn to cheer on Penn State University AND the Yankee's...]

[These cute clippies are in honor of the University of Michigan]

[..and this chic little black number is to dress up the business-casual look]

Email or convo me on Etsy for custom orders.
All custom work will have a $1.50 extra fee... (b/c often it requires lots more time, brain power, and trips to the fabric store ;) )...but still very affordable.

...and CUSTOM! gah! cool, huh?

Oh, and did I tell you we're offering custom prints now too---with whatever slogan or saying you'd like with an image of your choice. It's a fun way to personalize your home and creative space.

[Recent Order:]

Friday, September 10, 2010

4 Months Old

Dear Emeline,

You are 4 months old today, sweet girl.

You are growing so big, and I can hardly remember you as a tiny little newborn anymore. With each day brings so many new things! You truly are a joy to me and your Daddy's life. We are in awe of the little lady you're becoming, and we love the sweet spirit that you have.

This month, you're on a roll. Literally! You roll everywhere. Belly to back, back to belly, all around the house. You graduated from your playmat, because now that you can roll, you really have no interest to lay there and play with dangling toys. You're much too "mature" for that kind of nonsense this month. ;)

You really like the Baby Einstein DVD's and God Made Animals movie. It keeps your attention and you giggle and coo through it.

You take two naps a day. One in the morning about an hour after you get up for about 45min-hour, then another around noon-3pm or so. Sometimes a little cat-nap gets squeezed in there around 5pm. You usually are very ready for bed by 8-8:30pm and get a bath just before then. Bathtime with Daddy still remains your favorite part of the day. You've been sleeping good some nights (7-9 hour stretches), and other nights you only go 4 hours. You like to keep it interesting...that's for sure.

You're very much still in size 2 diapers, and they're even a bit big on you. You wear mostly 0-3 month clothing but a few 3-6 month things are starting to fit, but are swimming on you. We're finding out that we're in this "in between" phase of clothing.

You are 14lbs 6oz, and 24 3/4" long.

You are a drooly-mess all day long. Most people say "oh she's teething"...and it may be the beginning phases, but there are no teeth showing yet.

You're the chattiest girl I know. You talk ALL DAY LONG. It's cute...and exhausting ;) You talk to strangers in the store, you talk to no one, you talk to your SQUEAL louder then any baby ever (and it can even be ear-shrilling). But, I love you so much and all that crazy personality you have. Wonder where you got that from?

Your favorite song is "Head, Shoulders, Knee's and Toes" and it will ALWAYS....ALWAYS put a smile on your face. You also love "Jesus Loves Me" (sung Mom-Mom's version), and love to give slobbery, wet kisses.

Baby're only 4 months old and we're just so proud of you, the little person you are, and the beautiful, kind, caring girl you're going to become.

We love you to the moon and back.

Love forever and always,

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for my baby...who is 4 months old tomorrow.

I'm seriously thankful for the way she makes me smile...for her goofy faces...for her sweet personality....

I'm thankful that she let's her momma take 293083 pictures of her, and for the most part, takes it like a champ....

...and I'm thankful she hasn't yet really figured out how to pull out her headbands.


I'm thankful that knowing her has taught me to love in a whole new open up my heart in a way I didn't know how....

I'm thankful that she taught me to be her momma...

I'm so thankful...and in love.