Friday, December 31, 2010

From our (sickly) house to yours.

 Remember this, last year?

...well sadly this little sickie will be ringing in the New Year with her old folks-who will lean over the crib quietly to kiss her at midnight. That is, if we aren't in bed by then.

I don't make resolutions. Never did. But, there are some things I have up my sleeve this year. No pressure. Just things.

Happy New Year, kids. Stay safe.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Maybe the best yet.

We've been battling with some major lack of sleep around here with a very sick little girl.

The lack of sleep has sucked every little creative particle of my brain out the last few days and I'm on "Just Function, Katie" mode. Which basically means, I stay in my pj's all day, clean up endless amounts of snot, catch puke with my bare hands, and wake up a billion times a night to comfort a coughing/can'tbreathe/ear-infectioned cute snot face. 

The last few days I've seen a million (exaggerate, much?) "Year in Review" type posts. Not gonna hate on them. Okay, maybe I will. I honestly don't care for them that much because if I'm a reader of your blog, I've seen the photos already, I know what's happened. But, then I realize--just like I do, you write for yourself. 

This is your journal. You can write whatever the heck you want. If it helps you remember, recap, feel grateful, remember the heartache, happy times---do it.

I also realized, man--this year has been good to me. Good to my family. 

We started this year off with only the ultrasound prediction of a little girl being my belly. Pink rocked our socks off. a!little!girl! I moaned and groaned through my last few months of teaching while looking and feeling whale-like. I honestly didn't realize how exhausting teaching 900 little kids a week, while traveling from building to building daily, and growing a human could be on your body. I didn't stop, and I will always give major props to women who do it. 

And then on Mothers day, I labored. But she decided to come just 2 hours and 40 minutes past Mothers day and my moms birthday. She wanted her own day and I can't really blame her. I had an awesome labor/birth experience and was in amazement of what my (our) bodies are capable of. I was honored to have my sweet hubby by my side and some of the most beautiful women in my life supporting me.

We made the decision that I would take the year off to be a full time mom. It's been nothing short of myfavoritejobEVER and I have to ensure (somehow) that I can do this gig forever. I love it that much.

I became a mini momtrepeneur with the start of my Etsy shop. Over 130 sales (thanks to lots of you), and a busy me working during my kids naptime led to a little fun and a small income. I fully expected it to flop, but it didn't. I'm totally grateful for that.

We joined a Church we finally love and feel called too. We've made new friendships, gained new mentors. Added new family members. My husband got a much deserved promotion. My sister and best friend, got engaged

I never really realized the joy and fullness this year was going to bring. Truly. My heart has enlarged by about 50 times. 

2010 has been good to us. So, good.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Things I should know by now.

I should know that if I use Emeline's spare outfit in the diaper bag, and forget to replace it...something bad WILL happen. You know Murphy's law? Yea. That. It's totally true.

At Church on Sunday, we had an explosive one. Like, the dreaded up-the-back kind. I frantically started going through the diaper bag and then realized there were NO spare outfits. What kind of mom am I? Hon-est-ly. So, I remained calm.

You'd have been so impressed, though. Declan and I were such a good team--no one in our little house Church even had any idea about the horror that was her diaper. Let me tell you how glad I was that she had a onesie underneath her leggings and tunic-style top, because it made a sacrifice for us that day. It's little life was short. But? It served it's purpose. To save us from humiliation. It's home now is at the dump, poor little pink worn-only-once onesie. It wasn't even worth trying to save. Trust me.


I should know that when I get the bright idea to play the Wii with my husband---no matter how good it sounds at the time, it's always a bad idea. Always.

I am a poor sport. And? I'm really not that good despite all my trash talk my best efforts. My husband, however is really good at all things like that. So, it puts me in a grouchy/goofy/weird/irritable mood, and the mixture of it is, well, interesting. 

But, yea. I really should learn my lesson and when the urge strikes up to play (every once in a blue moon), I should just quit while I'm ahead and still sane.


I should know that when I start something new, I can sometimes become slightly obsessive. At least for a little while. Like my new Lightroom obsession? Even though I suck at it (hey, it's still new to me) and professional photographers would probably look at my edits and be like, "Ohmygosh it's SO amateur", I don't even care. Because I'm learning. You have to mess up to get decent someday, right?

So, I may or may not have stayed in my pj's all day yesterday and spent every naptime huddled over my computer, or playing with my camera, or pretending to be a good photographer just because.

Although I'm a teeny, tiny bit proud of myself for finally realizing how to get a decent macro type shot while using my camera in full manual.

[Psss....this first picture is my most favorite Christmas gift ever this year. Declan did good, didn't he?]

And you should know it's unlikely to get away from this place without seeing a few photos of this girl.

Happy Wednesday! 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Editing and such.

So, the hubby got me Lightroom editing software for Christmas. I'm having a little fun playing around--so I decided I'd participate in the Paper Camera's editing link-up.

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

 Before Edit:

After Edit: In Lightroom I used a preset called Color Creative-Aged Photo. It was too bright, so from there I adjusted the exposure, upped the blacks and contrast a bit. I also did a little noise reduction.

A little overdone, maybe--but kind of a a fun, wintery look. Voila!

Just a hunch

I've been so out of it. In a Christmas haze of sorts. 

You know what I mean?

When you forget time. You're just so busy running from holiday gathering to gathering, stuffing your car full of gifts to give and then packing it back up with the million toys your kid got the gifts you've received. Putting your baby in and out of cute Christmas outfits and pj's in efforts to get the most use out of the items that they can only wear a few times, IF that. Trying to squeeze in a nap here or there so your baby isn't "that" baby. Remembering to feed your dog amidst the chaos celebrations. Singing a few carols here or there. You know.

Was everyone that busy? No? Just me...?

No, really. It was good, though. Very good.

I will admit--adding a kid to the mix this year was different. A good kind of different. More planning for sure. But? More fun, too.

But, pssss---real quick.

Boy, how things change in a year, yea? I mean, my hair is so much longer. OH, and there's a really cute baby in my lap too versus IN MY BELLY.

[Our annual Christmas-Eve stocking photo taken by Declan's sister, Lyryn]

Anyway. So, yea. Blessed. Most definitely.

While I'm on a picture kick (wait, when I am I not?), how about this?

[Um, I love them so much--my heart might explode.]

or Eme with her 5 week younger cousin, Ian? 
ohmigoshIknow, CUTE, right?

K. I'm done with photos now.

Needless to say. This year? Was great. This Christmas? So fun. 

I think that it might just keep getting better. But, that's just my hunch.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Silent Sunday: Our Christmas in Photos

Eme's first Christmas was perfect. 

On Thursday night we started with a trip to Hershey Park's CandyLane. 'Twas cold but SO much fun. You can see by Emeline's expressions that she had a good time. Yea?

Christmas Eve morning we had our little family time. presents.

We had a good time soaking up the memories with our baby. So what if she was more interested in the paper than the gifts? Was still special in every way.

Christmas Eve we headed to my in-laws and had a great time too. I have no photos from this time since Declan's sister is a photographer--I leave that part up to her :) I'll get some eventually from her.

Early the next morning, we headed to my parents, in PJ's---and had a crazy, fun time. There were six kids, 3 dogs, and lots of adults trying to stay sane amongst the madness. But, of course, in a happy-"It's Christmas!" type of way. Was good. So, good.

But---the most special part of the day was when this happened. And? We felt so lucky to be a part of it and get to witness it:

My sister, Susan and her fiance, Gerald----ENGAGED! 

Thank the Lord, I was gonna burst. I've known all week and I tell my sister everything. But? This was so special that of course I kept it from her. She was surprised, and so so so very happy. So are we.

Hoping your Christmas was pretty awesome, too.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Because they're pretty...

My sister and I's annual Christmas cookie bake-a-ton-and-make-'em-pretty session turned out great this year. Maybe my favorite yet.

Thought I'd share:

[Since I know someone will's Royal Icing. Just like the turkey cookies. To get the really pretty mixed look like on the snowflakes, we used toothpicks :)]

Merry Christmas---let the festivities begin. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The story of last night.

[I lied. I'm back. This is too funny not to share. Err...well, "funny" is relative, right?]


So, last night my sister came over for our annual Christmas cookie-bake. 

When she came in the door (arms full of groceries), I was down there switching the laundry [Gasp. I know.], and Miss EmeKay was watching peacefully.

She saw her Aunt Susie and got really excited. So, naturally, Susan got on the ground with her and started trying to coax her to crawl towards her. 

We were totally, and utterly ENGROSSED in this situation:
[and yea. We.are.crazy. We sound like insane-o's. I was behind the camera. She was the one yelling, "get on your knees!"---we'll hold the crude jokes, ok?]

I know. So close, right?

It's cute, none the less.

But while we were completely and utterly acting like idiots into the almost-crawling situation, my dog decided to get into some shenanigans.

We turn around to go up the steps to the kitchen, when we see it.

A half eaten stick of butter.

LITERALLY, right behind us (like, a foot behind us) he got into the bags of groceries, and managed to eat 2oz of butter including the wrapper.

My dog is 12lbs. That is a heckofalot of lard for one tiny pup.

We joked while making cookies as we kept catching Mac off in the corner acting delusional on a fat-high. He was acting all sorts of lethargic, and a little hazy at best. We even joked a little that "oh we'll probably wake up to diarrhea in the middle of the night."

[Hardy-har-har. Right?] NOT.

Fast forward to 4am this morning. I was getting a little hot in bed and decided to fling the covers off me and put my leg outside the covers. But then, I felt something. Oh my flipping gosh. I FELT SOMETHING. 

And then? I started smacking my husband to "OH MY GOSH GET UP!!! I THINK MAC POOPED IN OUR BED AND I JUST STEPPED IN ITTTT!"

He was all "huh?" and turned on the lights. And then the classic murder-scene/scary-scene music in movies became our real life. 

Flicking on the lights at 4am because of dog poop is NOT my idea of fun. I'd rather be up with a baby any day. Honest. But Eme? She was sleeping peacefully in her crib.

After I hopped (yes, I hopped) to the bathroom & stuck my foot in the sink to wash off the dog crap--we began stripping the bed at fourflippin'AM, doing laundry, getting cleaned up, etc.

I assure you, we were NOT laughing, then. In fact, more like muttering curse words.


The little hopping/almost crawl/she's so close video was worth it. I think. But, good Lord. Butter & dogs? Do.not.mix.

Take it from me.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hello, Goodbye, and Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas week and I'm feelin' it. The Christmas spirit, that is.


Gifts are wrapped. I've done the last minute running around. Even the dog? He is looking snazzy and groomed to Christmas perfection. We've found ways to give to friends and family who need a little extra this year.

And I'm excited, man. So excited. I get my husband home for 4.5 days. It might not seem like much---but it's heaven. 

I can picture it now. The fresh brewed coffee in the morning. Breakfast. Enjoying the squeals and smiles of our little girl---together. Yes, please.

We'll be seeing so much family over the holidays. But the nice thing is? All our family lives within 15 minutes. No crazy traveling, and I love it that way.

We'll be spending Christmas Eve morning as a little family exchanging gifts. Just us. We'll make a big!huge! deal out of everything and pretend that Emeline knows what the heck is going on, even when all she REALLY cares about is crinkling the wrapping paper. But we'll have a heck of a time documenting the fun.

We'll spend Christmas Eve with Declan's family. Having a beautiful candlelit hungarian meal prepared by his dad (Sidenote: Dec's dad is from Hungary. Did you know that? He's a grand cook. End sidenote.), singing carols, reading the Christmas story, coaxing the kids to smile for the annual Christmas stocking picture, and then present giving/receiving.

We'll crawl into bed for a few hours and then wakeup like giddy (err..groggy) kids. Snuggle our girl, and then pack up and head to my family's.

We'll spend the entire day of Christmas in our pj's (the three granddaughters all have matching pjs. cuteness.), sprawled out all over my parents living room by the fireplace.

We eat cinnamon buns. Sip coffee. And very slowly go through the 23912809 gifts under the tree. We don't rush, because we have nowhere else to be. We are not one of those families that tears into the gifts. It's a slow thing. An enjoyed time.

At some point we decide (in our pj's, still) to make Christmas dinner....or lunch. Together, we help my mom prepare our feast. It's kind of an 'eat, drink and be merry' type of day. At some point, we'll even blow out the candles on a "Happy Birthday Jesus" cake for the kiddies. 

I love Christmas. 

I'm so glad to finally be feeling it a bit more.

So? With that said...

I'm off

To, you know....decorate cookies, finish the wrapping, enjoy the last of the twinkly lights, go on some holiday excursions, and document every.stinkin.second of my girls' first Christmas.

I may pop in here or there. I may not. 

But, I do wish you all one pretty fabulous Holiday.


[I wish I could send you all one---but here's a virtual 'From our home to yours...']

Um yea. Her ear sticking out? Adorable, yea? She's like a little elf. MY little Elf.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Bits...and pieces....or crumbs if you will.

How is it a week (and a day) from Christmas? Just....HOW? Someone please explain this to me. And someone please tell time to STOPMOVINGSOFAST. K, thanks? No, in all seriousness...this marks my halfway point at home with my girl. It's totally bittersweet. We've had some sweet, amazing moments being home together....but the bitter part? What.the.heck will I do next year? Sigh. Christmas spirit, Katie. Christmas spirit.

Way to kick off this post in a Debbie-Downer fashion. Eh?

I digress.

Its!Friday!Yay!See?I AM HAPPY!

Last night, I graduated from the 14 week prayer ministry school I've been doing. It was a very challenging time on so many levels, but also a really, really good one. Self-reflection is hard, yo. And it's icky. But? I did it. I've got the certificate to prove it. And? I'm a teensy bit proud of myself for doing it, too.

I fear if I put this on the internet things might change. But, I just have to say it. After SEVEN months of craptacular girl is finally sleeping pretty good. Can I get a big, fat, "AMEN, hallelujah." No, really. It's been so good. I mean, yes---I've got so very used to the waking 2x a night (or more) thing for the past few months that I literally think I could probably do it the rest of my life and function fine. [Hello,] But, really--it's just nice to lay my head and down, and then be shocked as heck when I wake up and realize I got to stay in my comfy bed all night. Woo to the HOO. Nice. It came in the nick of time too---because I was having a big mom-fail moment this week. God just wanted to surprise me that night and give me the blessing of sleep, I think. You know, as a little encouragement. 

While I'm tooting my girls horn. Holy cow--this girl is so very well behaved in public. I hope it lasts. Last night at my graduation service, she was quiet as can be--played around in peoples laps, made eye contact with about as many people as she could get to look at her, flashed them her SUPER CHEESY grin (this isn't her normal smile...its the extra, over, and above REALLYCHEESY smile. Its ridiculously funny, and cute), and was quiet as can be. I mean, at home? She's all "da-da-da (insert HIGHpitchedsqueal!), Na-na-na (insert really cute giggle), Da-da-da."  But when we're out? So quiet. So attentive. Like, really? I was proud of her. I just wanna give her a big squeeze for being so ridiculously easy sometimes.

I tried to get the cheesy grin for you. It's a cross between these two--only even cheesier.

And today? A week before all the food fest holiday fun begins, I'm feeling extra chubby. I hate fat days. You know what they make me do? They make me want to go shopping to find clothes I feel good in. Which is detrimental to my wallet. Also, do you know what the mall looks like a week before Christmas? My closet better throw me a bone, fast.


Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just because....

....I'm out of words recently.

Yes. That's a baby do-rag. No, really. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I declare it PJ day.

The other day it was pouring down rain.

I mean, beat-on-your-windows pouring down rain. 

The little lady had woken me up around 5am--she was hungry after sleeping for a good 8-9 hours. As I fed her, I listened to the pelting rain on the windows.

As I sat in the chair & nursed, I reached over and maneuvered the blinds a little to get a peak of the monsoon rain storm that was going on. 

It was baddddd. Like, I-never-wanna-leave-the-house bad.

Those used to be the days that sucked so very bad when leaving for work. Not to mention the fact that I traveled between two school buildings. Getting soaking wet (hair, pant legs, shoes, etc) in the middle of the day was never my cup 'o tea either. In fact? I dreaded it.

Those were the days I just wished that I could close my eyes and make it Saturday. Ya know? 

But this time--it was different. I heard the rain...I checked out the insane outdoor scene, but I didn't shudder inside. In fact, I got to put my girl back down for a few more hours of sleep....and I?

It rocked.

I slipped into bed and that good feeling came over me. You know what I mean? I could hear the torrential baby was fast asleep....and I didn't have to leave my house.

It was the same feeling I used to get after calling in for a sick day, and then getting to slip back into my covers and snooze away the sickies.

YOU KNOW that feeling, don't you?

I can't express enough how much I love this stay-at-home-mom role. Not because on a rainy day I get to go back to bed (as that's not typically the case, unless, of course my baby agrees!)---

BUT? On days like that I do get to declare it "Stay-in-your-PJ's & don't-go-anywhere-Day!"

And it rocks.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An ice box, peas, and every effort to get into the Christmas Spirit.

Can I give a big "hallelujah-amen" shout out to my heated mattress pad right now? Because ohmigosh, it is so very needed these days.

First of all, it's beyond freezing cold out. Luckily, there hasn't been much snow---but the wind chill? Holy gosh, it's enough to have all the elderly packin' their bags and heading to Florida. 

And let me just say, WHAT were we thinking when we built this house? They gave us all these cutesy options to make our house thatmuchbetter(orworse), and when we chose vaulted ceilings in our bedroom--on the THIRD FLOOR of our house? We were clearly delusional. Like, brand new first time homebuyers delusional. "Oh, vaulted ceilings are so pretty! and grand looking! Of course we must have a vaulted ceiling!" 

But no one told us in winter we'd have to wear long-johns to bed, snuggle under 400 blankets, and turn our heated mattress pad on the highest number as to make every effort not to die from frost bite. 

And honestly? If it was just as easy as turning up the heat (it's not), we'd obviously do it. The problem is, if we turn the heat up too high, poor Emeline would literally wake up in a pool of sweat. No kidding. Her room is like an easy bake oven x1000. Poor kiddo.

Therefore, we freeze.

If for any reason it appears I've gone missing, just come check my bedroom--as it's likely I've just turned into a block of ice. 


Peas. Guess who ate peas? Don't look at me. I don't eat peas. [No, really--I don't.] But, my baby? Yep. Last night she was all gobbling up her peas. Which is funny---because only a few days before she was gagging at the mere site of peas. I honestly couldn't blame her. But, I heard that still, small voice in me say "Go ahead momma--try the peas again." I did. And HER MOUTH WAS OPEN LIKE A BABY BIRD. It was so cute. She just wanted more. It was oh so green. Peas. Ew. But my girl? She liked them. Go figure.


My efforts to get in the Christmas spirit yesterday were pretty good. I'd give myself an A for effort, if I had to be all self-critical-like. From the second I woke up, I blasted Christmas music. This surely helped my mood a bit. I addressed all my cards (gasp. I KNOW.), but I've yet to put a stamp on them. It took me almost three hours to address them for multiple reasons. A. I was distracted by other things. B. Yes, I handwrite my addresses versus printing/label system. Ancient. I know. C. I have no "c". Um? okay. Yea.  

But, they're done. Not completely done as they're still sitting all over my counter---but mostly. The hard part is done. 

Then? We went out and did a little bit of Christmas shopping. We only went to Kohls. But, let me just give a little shoutout because I do love me some Kohls. For me? It's like one-stop shopping. It's almost as dangerous on my wallet as Target. 

And then--to top it off?

After we put Emeline to bed, I we wrapped Christmas gifts.  AKA: "The great stiff back of 2010" occurred. Seriously, is there any way to not hunch over on the floor wrapping gifts?? Am I doing something wrong? Because, ohhh my back poor achey back. 


Done now.

See? Christmas Spirit abounds.

[Baby steps...]

Monday, December 13, 2010

A little kick in the butt.

I have to be honest.

I don't know how to write this without sounding like the wicked witch of the west a scrooge.

And, truly? I don't even like what I'm about to type.

I've had a really, really hard time getting in the Christmas spirit this year.

I know. It's crazy, right? Hard to believe considering it's the first Christmas I get to celebrate with a sweet baby girl by my side. I should be in a ridiculously amazing Christmas'ey spirits, all holiday-cheeriness abounds and sleighbells! and hot chocolate! and stocking stuffers! and memories! But. I'm not.

Something was holding me back. Nothing quite felt right this season. I was just off.

I could blame it on the fact my husband is working a gazillion hours and I feel like he's never home [not his fault, just 'tis the season]. I could blame it on the fact that I left about half my shopping to the last minute, thus making me all anxious and not able to enjoy the season fully. OR, I could just be honest.

I really don't know why I'm in a Christmas funk. I just know that I don't like it and want out of it.

At our Church yesterday morning they started passing around a paper with the lyrics to "O come all ye faithful" & "Hark the Herald Angels Sing". I leaned down and whispered to my sister, "Oh, good! Maybe singing Christmas songs will get me in the spirit." 

Oddly kind of did, actually.

Or who knows--maybe it was an epiphany I had while singing. But whatever it was, I'm bound to drop this bad attitude and make it better.

I have to. For me, for her...for us. Really. Heck, for others too. I need to be doing more for other people this holiday season too. It's so easy to be so me, me, me (inward) focused. But dudes...there are people without food. There are beautiful, little, deserving children without a single gift. My heart breaks for those situations.

And so? 


I'm gonna blast the holiday music. 

I'm gonna finally address those cards.

I'm gonna make a list of the final odds-n-ends I need to do/buy.

I'm gonna finish my homemade gifts.

I'm gonna wrap.

And I'm gonna do something for someone else.

This will surely get me in the spirit. 

If you need a dose of "O come all ye faithful" to kick you in the butt too---here ya go. You can thank me later.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Now that Eme is so dang mobile, she doesn't like to stay still for long. Hence, a major lack in the cuddles department.

But last night, she was exhausted because she had a refused to napcrappy nap day. It was pure awesome for me. Riiiight.

Anyway, after dinner Declan snuggled up on the floor with her. Typically, this would last all of five seconds because she's.on.the.go. But last night? 

Sleepy baby+engrossed in Cake Boss+comfy daddy=snuggles. 

After about five minutes, I realized it was lasting---so I grabbed my camera. 


I love them.

It lasted for about twenty minutes when we finally decided to bathe the munchkin and put her to bed.


Friday, December 10, 2010

7 Months Old

*Honestly...the photo taking gets harder each month. The poor owl is face planted--but at least Eme is smiling, eh? You win some you lose some.*

Dear Emeline,

You are 7 months old today. A beautiful, vibrant, happy-go-lucky, 7 month old. Life moves so very fast and we're watching the most beautiful display of it right before our eyes. We love you with every ounce of our being. 

This month has been so much fun. You are just obsessed with your toys lately! You LOVE the jumperoo. You LOVE to play with your puppy. You LOVE going after his dog-bones. In fact, holding up his dog bone is the one sure way to get you to almost-crawl across the room. We joke that one day we'll tell you we coaxed you to crawl with a dog bone. :) Hey, whatever works. You haven't fully mastered a 'real' crawl yet. But you can scootch/army crawl anywhere in the room.

You play with Mac all the time. You hold his bone and he comes and takes it from you. Sometimes you hold on tight and you end up playing tug-o-war. You squeal with delight when he barks and often let out a good belly laugh, too. You think it's so funny when he growls.

You smile from ear to ear and kick your feet in happiness every time Daddy gets home from work. The light in your eyes when you see him is beyond precious. One of my favorite things is to watch you two together. This month, he's been doing a lot of tickling--and has found just the right spots. I love your relationship with your Daddy. Speaking of babble this It's precious.

It's so great now that you can sit up in restaurants in high-chairs, or in the front of shopping carts. You LOVE to see whats going on around you, and stay in the 'know'. You are content the whole time, and let me cruise the aisles of Target, while you take in your surroundings or chew on your Sophie giraffe. You are amazingly happy and I often catch you smiling at passer-by'ers. It's sweet. 

Your hair keeps growing in so nice, and is so very blonde. Your eyes are such a gorgeous blue. You're wearing size 3 diapers, and clothing anywhere from 3-9months. Mostly your pants/jeans are 3-6 months, and anything sized 6 months fits you just perfect. Last week, we had you at the doctor for your cold and they weighed you with all your lots of layers of clothes on and you weighed 17lbs 12oz. 

You're eating a little bit of fruit in the morning and a vegetable in the evening around dinnertime. You nurse throughout the day but much less than before. You take a morning nap and an afternoon nap--and are typically in bed by 8pm. You still get up about once a night. Guess what? Still no teeth. I could have sworn you'd have some by now (and the doctor too)---but nope. I'm okay with that.

My little lady---you are simply the best, most precious gift we could ever ask for. You are sure to make this Christmas so very special for us. You are a blessing and a joy.

Love always,


*Did you see the "She Grows" tab up top? You can click to see her progression pictures and cry with me gasp in awe at how fast babies grow.*

How you looked this month:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

These Days

I take video of Emeline doing what I categorize as 'cute things' basically 2x a day. I know. Classic first time mom syndrome. Afraid to miss a moment, much!?

I can thank my iPhone for the convenience that is the video setting because if I had to lug around even my tiny little flip all the time, I likely wouldn't get as much video as I do with my phone. 'Cuz you know I'm a 'must-have-phone-at-all-times-girl'. I'm slightly OCD about it. 

The funny thing is, I typically don't post videos because what.the.H. is up with my crazed mom voice?! Seriously. Not to mention, in the following footage I don't sound like minnie mouse for once, but I sound like a lumberjack--MAN VOICE thanks to my cold/loss of voice/sore throat.


But I'm not gonna let my self-conciousness keep you from seeing Miss E in live and living color. I know I'm all about seeing a baby in action. Um. Likely because I'm a mom? 

And guess who wore a little clip bow in her hair yesterday because she has enough (sort of) hair to do that?! Sigh. My big girl.

So, by the looks of it--will I have a real crawler soon? Hold me.... 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I can't even call this stream of consciousness, because that would be too nice.

-Yesterday I went to grab my camera and realized my SD card was missing. Not typically a big deal since the card is usually in my reader, sitting in one of two spots. After turning my house upside down literally multiple times yesterday---I got beyond frustrated and gave up. I couldn't find my reader or the card anywhere. I need it. So, what'd I do? I went to Wal-Mart after putting the baby to bed, makeupless, in the frigid cold, and looking like a hobo to purchase new ones. [Doesn't it figure that I ran into a student while looking like a hot mess too?]

And yes, I realize the card and reader will both show up mysteriously since I went out of my way to buy new ones. That's just how these things work. Totally aware.

-Today at lunch is my husbands work Christmas party and I'm allowed to go and bring Eme. Of course, any proud daddy would want to show off their baby, right? So of course, he wants us there. But, the thing that could possibly keep me from going? Its at a country club, and jeans are not permitted. I haven't even worn anything other than jeans in seven months. I've yet to even rummage through my closet to see if I can fit into my pre-baby dress pants. I'm already shuddering at the thought. Ugh. 

-Does anyone else go grocery shopping and then order pizza, even though your fridge is full? Basically--for convenience? How dare you be so wasteful. 'Cuz I don't.....

-I need to pay a little elf to come address all my Christmas cards. Do any little elves read this blog?

-Guess who likes her solids again? Guess who's doing a little less gagging and a lot more eating these days? Guess who even ate little (itty, bitty) pieces of chicken (only) out of the barbeque pizza last night. [Umm pizza....say what? oops...]

-After running to Wal-Mart (which is conveniently by a Dunkin Donuts) in the frigid cold last night, I called Dec up to see if wanted a hot drink from DD. At first, he said no. So, I kind of let his decision be my decision and decided to start to head home. It's not like I really needed it or anything, right? THEN, I get a text....something like, "Well, how about one of those new latte's?

Like a responsible driver I didn't text back, I called instead (I guess talking on the phone isn't all the responsible either...I digress).  Guess what? He'd just seen a commercial for some of their new drinks. It triggered him to want one. Marketing works. 

So anyway, I was still within the shopping center so I went back towards the drive-thru. Declan wanted me to ask the guy over the speaker (the cute man from India, whom I know, because I may or may not have been there at least 4x a week while pregnant) exactly what a "Dunkachino" is. Meanwhile, D is still on the phone with me.

Me: "Is a dunkachino like a cappachino?"

Him: "No no. A dunkachino is a dunkachino."

Me: "Um...okay. But does it taste like a cappachino?"

Him: "Okay. One medium dunkachino!"   [Uh. Okay. Thanks.]

Meanwhile, Declan and I are giggling on the phone like little school girls, because, it was actually funny. At the time. Err. Then, I see on their little sign that they sell a vanilla chai latte. Stupid me decides to ask another question.

Me: "Can your vanilla chai be made into decaf??" (Decaf DOES affect me...hence, the question.)

Him: "No no. Vanilla Chai...DECAF?? No. No."

Me: "Uh. I guess that's a no. I'll take hot chocolate please."

Him: Laughing at me. Over the speaker.

When I got to the window, he was still giggling! No joke. 

-I totally made a video yesterday of recent video clips of Emeline that are so cute. I always like seeing babies on video versus just photos all the time. It makes them seem more real. Yea. If that makes sense. But, I totally am feeling lazy and not like downloading, uploading, etc, etc. Maybe another time?

I have an almost-crawler by the way and

Now, if you'll excuse me while I go rummage through my closet for a pair of dress pants that fit. Oh heaven, help me. It's sure to look like a bomb went off, and might produce tears.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The white stuff

Call me a grump---call me a scrooge, but I hate the white stuff.



Yucky, cold, wet, squishy, snow.

Like every early December I hear lots of delusional comments. "Oh I can't wait for snow!", "I just wish it would snow already!"  Let it be known, I think you're crazzzzy. 

Because? After it snows. Errr, opens the floodgates of snow-heaven on us (like last year), you'll all be wishing you'd shut yo' mouth. 

Because snow gets dirty. After about 10 seconds of it laying all pretty-ful (yes, thats a word in my head) on the ground, the big-arse plow comes through and ruins all the pretty snow anyway, throwing chunks of pavement, dirt and chunks of grass into the perfect white landscape.

Not so pretty anymore.

Not to mention, it's dangerous. I have an irrational fear of driving in snow, OR anyone I love driving in the snow. Like, literally---a sort of panic comes over me. Snow is dangerous, ya'll. Dangerous. I think growing up with a firefighter dad who always had to go out and rescue cars which slid in a ditch, or smashed into 293082390 other cars because they slid on ice set the fear of God in me. 

Declan's workplace is literally NEXT door to our house, but placed in such a way that he has to drive. If there is snow on the ground? I worry the entire 5 seconds time he's on his way to work. Snow=dangerous. [Let it be known that I do think there are people who can drive really well in snow. My dad is one of them, and my husband is another. HOWEVER, its the other idiots on the road I don't trust that much. Ya know?]

When we were younger (aka: not married yet), and he had to drive in snow--we'd be known to have the phones on speaker the entire time because Zomg! IHadToMakeSureHe'sOkay! 

pathetic much?

Not only my paranoia caution when it comes to snow is a big dislike for it--but the cleanup. Aka: shoveling the driveway sucks.

Now, I know--I haven't had to shovel in forever. I had a by last year. You know? That whole baby in the belly thing was an awesome free-pass. But do you know how much ungodly amount of snow we had last year?!? Like, a few feet of snow would fall at a time. My poor husband. This year? Watching my sweet little angel will likely be my excuse not to shovel. You know, I've gotta be the mom. So again....My poor husband.

A few flurries here and there......Beautiful. Love it.

Real.big.snowfall? Hate.

Let's not even get into the fact of the cabin fever. Oh the cabin fever. I have never, ever liked the "stuck inside" feeling. Evvvverrrr. Now with a baby it kind of freaks me out a tad more. Like, what if I run out of diapers? [Cloth dipe momma's are smirking] Or something very important? I don't know. The idea of being stuck inside sounds good for about 24 hours, and after that? A little overwhelming.

And as a teacher? Yea. I wished for snowdays like the best of 'em. In fact, a 2 hour delay was heaven in the form of extra sleep.

But since this year I'm technically not a teacher. I'll be happy with no snow. None at all. Although, that's likely to happen.

Go ahead, just call me the grinch. But, feel free to come back and apologize after you've been dumped on by a billion pounds of snow, and in March you're dying to see the grass again.

The idea of snow sounds all lovely and rainbows and butterflies in early December. But winter is a longggg season.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Confessions and Clarifications


I used to hate my naturally curly hair. Hate. Hate. Hate. I actually thought it was like some sort of curse. Older women used to tell me ALL the time that "people pay big money to have hair like yours". I rolled my eyes. [Which my mom said if I rolled my eyes they'd freeze that way. They didn't mom...for the record. :)] 

Anyway--now I can't get my hair nearly as curly as before. It straightens all too well now. When I try to do the roll out of the shower, throw a little product in it and get beautiful curls look? Its a big fat failure. It's all kinky and weird, and non-curly like. I miss my old hair. So much. I cannot believe I just said that. But I totally do.

To give an idea.

Sometimes, when Eme sleeps a good, long stretch at night (8.5-11 hours), I miss her. Trust me, I love sleep, although it's a rarity (and I won't sleep good again until I'm dead....basically). BUT--I do. I find myself being all "oh I just wanna go snuggle her". Don't think I'm crazy. But yea. Sometimes I miss her during the night.  So sue me.

Neither of us girls get out of our Pj's until after lunchtime, almost everyday. I never really bother to go anywhere until after her first nap anyway---and she's so much cozier napping in her pj's. I figure it's nice of me to do so. Errr. At least I like to think so.

I found myself for 5 seconds this week missing my teaching job just a tiny, little bit. But then? A few moments later Em woke up in a screaming fit of pain (I assume due to teething). I held her, I rocked her, I stroked her head, and she peacefully fell back asleep. Then I started to tear up. If I had to work (and likely have to go back next year)--who will do this for her?? How can I cope with knowing I might not be able to be the one to soothe and comfort her? And my heart breaks a tiny bit. Then I forget about missing my job even in the slightest bit because for me, this is somuchbetter. I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't already scared and worried about the thought of leaving her and that it's likely what I'll have to do next year. The topic gets me all choked up. So let's just move on for the sake of saving me some tears.



I realize when people are only reading text, they put their own spin on pronunciations, etc. But--just to clear this up.

My husbands name? Declan.

Sounded out like: "Deck-Lynn". That's how you say it.

It's not "Dee-Clan"...its not "Deek-Lin"---its Declan. Deck. Lynn. 

Hope that helps.

I'm assuming you all also realize this---but while I'm devoting a whole post to it. 


Like, "Emmie" or "Emmy", or "Emme". 

However, with the spelling of her name, we decided just the first 3 letters of her name was fitting.

Hence, Eme. Short for Emeline. 
[Emeline sounded out like "Emma-Line"] 


So, yea. I love a little clarity in my life. Or yours. Whichever.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Silent Sunday

Why yes, that would be Mac's tongue licking Eme's chin.

Puppy love at it's finest.

Friday, December 3, 2010

And my dumps.

Guess who redid their blog design yet again?


I didn't really like the blacks and reds---those colors are so not me. And then? My brother took those awesome photos of us that I was totally dying to use in my header.

And--- I caved.

Thus the birthing (ha) of another new design.  So much more subtle. So much more me. Loving the colors. Feminine but not over the top. Photos of my little lady? Check!

The last few days---I cannot get my girl to eat more than a few bites of solids. Whats up with that?! She never was a big eater (meaning, she eats little bits not big quantities)--but, she literally looks at me like I have five heads when I give her spoonful of puree'ed carrots. She used to LOVE carrots. Whaaa? Kids are so weird sometimes.

Oh, and the drama. Like, I tried to give her this stage 2 mix. Something kind of gross---so I can't blame her. Maybe a meat/cheese combo, and girl literally will, puke up anything that got down because she is NOT having it. She's started to gag (for drama, I'm telling you) at some of her favorites. Bananas...mangoes....all of it. Seriously...odd. Kids are so darn unpredictable. She used to love them. Oh wellza. We'll keep trying.

I made a mental pact with myself to get housework done (aka: clean whole house) by Tuesday. Well this week, that didn't happen. I have friends coming over tonight, so that blur you see out of the corner of your eye whizzing past you? Yea...her. That's me today.

This morning Emeline woke up about an hour and a half earlier than normal. My girl typically wakes up between 8:30-9:30 and I LOVE that. I cannot even fathom a child who wakes a 5am for the day. I'd die. I'd definitely be dead. Last night I didn't even crawl into my sheets until 12:30am, and then finally fall asleep after 1am. So I love my late riser. But this morning? She did not care one bit that I had a long night and didn't get to sleep till late. The nerve.

I cooked bacon this morning just because.

What is it with bacon? 

Oh, and thanks to Liz who kindly sent me a message telling me my banana bread recipe made awesome muffins. My butt told my hips to thank you.

I've also noticed a little jump in new friends stopping by to read. Care to say hi?


Happy Weekend!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


My free Shutterfly cards sit to the left of me, needing to be addressed and mailed out.

My closet? Looks like four two baskets of clean clothes threw up all over it.

My linens need to be washed.

I have a game-night par-tay here on Friday night, and prep to be done for it.

I have homework for my Thursday night class to be done. Here it is Thursday--not.done.yet.

I have two bathrooms that need cleaned in a major way.

However, all those things I need 'to do' don't seem all that major in the grand scheme of things this week.

You see---I've been playing with my girl.

I swear that having a baby is good for your soul, man. It's good.

And see? I now have a baby who can play. She loves to jump. Good Lord, does that girl like to jump (thank you Jumperoo---or for working arms that can assist her in jumping). She also loves her toys. Anything that squeaks. Makes sound. Crinkles, or rolls across the floor. She loves.

She also loves all Mac's toys and scooches her little self to wherever they are in the room, and makes it her life goal to get them away from her fur bro. It's so dang cute.

She giggles when you smooch your face in by her ears. She giggles when you bring her feet up to your mouth and squeel, "Poo-tinky! Poo-tinky!" (don't.ask.) She grins from ear to ear when you sing the "Do your ears hang low" song (you know? Old school Barney-style).

She full on belly laughs when Mac barks. Which is all too often. She sits there and stares at him wherever he is in the room, and he comes up and lays between her legs and flops upside down.

We play airplane.

She smiles because dude, she's flying high. How fun to be a kid again. And I? Get nailed with drool in the face every.time. But I've been covered with much worse things in my short mommy life. Trust me.

I'm teaching her what a kiss means. I lean over and whisper "kiss", and she pulls her head forward with her cute slobbery open mouth, closes her eyes as if she's waiting for it---and I plant one on her. One day? She'll be giving me the kisses.

We read her peek-a-boo books. She always braces herself when on everysinglepage, I open the flip-up page and in my highpitchedcrazypersonmomvoice I say, "PEEK-A-BOO!"

She says "Da-Da" over and over and over again all day long---and every once in a while, I lock eyes with her and say very seriously, "Ma-ma". She looks back and with her little half snarly smile (which I swear she got from my husband), she'll whisper, "Da-Da" as if to spite me. Such a funny kid.

I have a really content baby. I mean, seriously---she rarely cries. She's happy 97.65% of the day and when she's not? She's either hungry or tired--both of which I can pretty much fix.  [Don't hate me too much--my kid doesn't "sleep through the night" still. Ok? Hey, at least she's awesome during the day. I'll take it.]

I've always enjoyed her. Always. But this last week? Maybe even more so. I just feel like I have a little more balance back in my life by relaxing a bit with my facebook and twitter addictions. I never, ever ignored my kid to do any of the above [nor do I think any other moms who use them do]---but it definitely was a distractor at times for me. I want her to remember me as the mommy who would roll on the floor with her, and wreck my hair in the process--because who the heck cares?! Its just hair. Not the mom who stops and tweets it all.

And seriously? While this sounds really silly---I MISS twitter. I have a group of momma's on there whom I adore. Give me awesome advice. Have my back. And? Are just pretty much hilarious. I'm not gone for good--from either of those sites. But, leaving them completely alone for a little while is definitely giving me some perspective.

Now, if you'll excuse me I have a bouncy little girl to go play with.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Decor. Less or More?

I'm not a decorator, but I do love my decor. My sister and I can spend hours in HomeGoods, antiquing in random shacks, or in Ikea on any given day. 

A few years ago when I finally had my "first" Christmas in my "first" house (aka: this one), I bought Christmas decorations up to my ears. Of course, as most first time homebuyers, we weren't exactly rolling in the dough. So, I resorted to whatever the heck I could find cheap. 

If you asked me then? I would have thought my house looked ahmazingggg and to others? They'd probably say the same thing. The truth was though? It looked like a craft closet full of children's glitter threw up. To put it nicely.

Now, I'm not cutting on sparkly Christmas decor, as my reader is filled to the brim with photos of sparkly-ness (if that was even a word)---but it didn't really quite fit with my house in general. Plus? The sparkly glitter piece everywhere?! That's almost as bad as the pine needles.

This year, I decided to simplify. Don't get me wrong--there are plenty of decorations, as Christmas is pretty much my favorite holiday (although, it's right up there with Thanksgiving thanks to the  stuff-yo'-face-feast beautiful meal with all the trimmings). 

I just decided to stay more true to what I actually love. Simplistic. Rustic. The fun, earthy, "over the hills we go, laughing all the way" type feel. Ya know? Pine cones. Greens. I'm pretty sure not one thing with glitter adorning it made it out of the garage this year.

I'm okay with that. In fact? I really, really like it.

Here's just a tiny, tiny taste---as I don't feel like taking photos of the entire house. Mainly because? That would require really "cleaning" it, which Lord knows I'm a bit behind on. 

It does give you that warm Christmas feel without being too in your face, doesn't it?


And because we all know who is the real star of Christmas around here. Okay--okay, it's Jesus. BUT--for right now? It's my cutie-cuteness. [Although I'm sure baby Jesus was pretty darn cute himself.]

I'm so looking forward to this Christmas with her. 

All the holiday outfits. The headbands. The matching hats. The shoes. The smiles. 

Yea. Love it.

Happy Wednesday!


Thank you, thank you, thank youuuuu from the bottom of my heart for your sweet words yesterday. I feel a lot better today. I know who I am and that's what matters. xo...