Monday, January 10, 2011

8 Months Old & funny photo outtakes

[Why oh why did I think this was a good idea? Oh yea. Because when I started this she was a baby-blob who didn't move. Now? She doesn't care to sit still for two seconds to fulfill my ridiculous picture habits. Le sigh. Such is life. More outtakes at the end.]

Dear Emeline,

What a busy little girl you are at 8 months old. We love it. I think this past month has been been one for the books. You're such a happy kid. I think most moms feel like they have to say that about their baby, but you really are. I thank God everyday that you don't cry or whine almost at all. It makes my life so much simpler, and keeps us all sorts of happy around here. 

So, with that said--you're so pleasant to be around, it's true--but you still do not sleep through the night. Nope. Not even close. I often feel like since you're so easy during the day, I shouldn't really complain about the night wakings. You can't win in every department, right? :)

You got pretty sick this month. You had an ear infection, fever, and a nasty cold that lingered for a few weeks. This also really affected the sleep arena and has been a battle ever since.

You are on the go, kid. You get wherever you want. You are capable of "real" crawling, but you'd rather army crawl. I'm pretty sure you think you're faster that way, and maybe a teeny, tiny bit stubborn, too. You like to get up on all four's, rock back and forth, and can go back into sitting position on your own now, too. You've also started to pull up on things, and hold on with one hand. Life's about to get way more complicated around here, I predict.

This month, you have mastered clapping. In fact, one day you started clapping out of the blue (well, after mommy & daddy tried teaching you but to no avail) in the shoe aisle of Babies R us. Your little fists were mainly closed but you were doing a somewhat clapping-type thing.

I thought maybe it was a little blip--maybe, an accident? But that was not the case. The next morning you woke up and deemed yourself the clapping queen. You, quite literally, clap ALL.the.TIME now. I wish I was kidding. But? We totally caught you clapping at 3am the other morning. You've also mastered doing it with your hands wide open and they make a little smacking noise now, too. You already love music, so adding the clapping was only natural, it seemed. :)

Alright. So, some stats.

Two weeks ago at your doctors appointment, with all your clothes and diaper on you weighed 18lbs 6oz, and I have no idea your height but we'll find out next month.

You have tiny feet. Size 2's are still too big on you, but that's what we're putting you in. 

You must be petite--because you can still fit in 3-6 month clothes, including most of your jeans and onesies. However, 6 month clothing fits you best. Theres are a few pieces of clothing that are 6-9 months that fit pretty well. Basically? You're a wide-range in clothes, m'dear.

You're *so* into your solids. Not really the baby food solids....but table foods. You are loving trying new things. You liked ritz crackers, chicken, noodles, oatmeal, yogurt, and all flavors of puffs. You'll eat some baby food, but not in large amounts. You will sit happily in your highchair for long periods of time feeding yourself bits and pieces of food. It's really fun now that you can feed yourself--but the mess is a whole 'nother story.

You have NO teeth. None. Nada.

I swore that a tooth would be breaking through here soon, and especially with the way you've been sleeping. But, nothing yet. 

Overall, sweet love--you're a joy. A happy, charming, and witty little girl that your daddy and I can't get enough of. We love you so very much. 

You rock our socks off. Or yours. You hate socks. 




[Outtakes from the "monthly photo" shoot. Total. Utter. FAIL.]
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  1. I love the outtakes! Love it when people include those because they are hilarious! That picture is only going to get harder to take, I bet!

    She's so cute, though! And wow, she really seems to resemble you!

  2. love seeing the outtakes.. she is a moving little lady :) Hope she starts sleeping through the night soon just as much as I hope mine does too ugh sleep would be nice!

  3. She's so beautiful! Love the outtakes!

  4. She is just so gorgeous, I can't get over it. I love the little white wrap sweater, lol.

    She is a petite little thing! My pseudo-niece is 26 months and mostly fits into 18 months clothes. She fits into some 24/2Ts, but it's touch and go. She's perfectly healthy..... just tiny, lol.

    The outtakes are so funny!

  5. The outtakes are too funny! Taking your monthly picture will get more and more "fun" as she gets more mobile. My guess is you won't be able to keep her in the chair by 16 months! :)

  6. I love the outtakes. My baby girl is almost a month old, and she got a sock monkey for Christmas. I loved what you did with the Owl, so I am hoping to duplicate the look with the monkey. At least I will try to have fun taking pictures with the monkey anyway.

  7. shes so cute! i love the pictures! we have the same dog..toy dog i mean i love the "i looovveee youu" haha is it sad i know all the songs ?

  8. haha the pictures from the chair outtakes cracks me up! she is SO cute!

  9. She is so cute!
    I LOVE that owl from Pottery Barn! Every time I see it in the catalog it makes me wish I had a girl so I could buy it! Boys are great but girl "stuff" is so much cuter! :)

  10. She is so cute!
    I LOVE that owl from Pottery Barn! Every time I see it in the catalog it makes me wish I had a girl so I could buy it! Boys are great but girl "stuff" is so much cuter! :)

  11. Ahhh! The outtakes are my favorite.. she's so on the move! watch out Momma! And Mac!!!

    PS. Can we be Twitter friends? I have no idea what I'm doing. Sigh.

  12. Those outtakes are too funny! I love that sweater she's wearing in the last picture. Very pretty. How long does it stay white like that? :)
    Not only did the cold probably give her sleep issues, but now she's discovered a new trick! I've heard that babies will sometimes wake up and start practicing their newest thing. Cute, but not very convenient. lol.

  13. Those outtakes made me giggle out loud. I needed that today sweetie thank you so much!
    Whoooo hooo for clapping baby girl! You rock!

  14. love hearing the update! Are you still BFing? DId she ever eat "baby food" or just went to real solids?

  15. Love me some outtakes.

    And the last "real" picture melted me a little. Oh, she's just too cute.

  16. The outtakes are the best! She's getting so big!

  17. what a big girl she's getting to be! I love the outtakes, TOO funny {and cute}

  18. I adore this post.
    I hope I'm able to be this honest, patient and loving when it's my time to be a mother.
    I love your "mommy style" and love that you're so open to sharing her with us.
    And her being totes adorable doesn't hurt a thing!

  19. she is so stinkin adorable!! can't get enough of those blue blue BLUE eyes!!!