Thursday, January 27, 2011

Back to back snow days.

Yesterday we did a whole lot of nothing around here. Okay, okay...not exactly nothing.

But, we were car-stranded. Whenever the weather gets bad, the husband takes my car to work, so we hang out at home all day. 

Honestly, I don't mind staying at home, especially when its snowy. And snowy? That's an understatement. We've got a LOT of snow out there. I refuse to put my baby girl in the car unless I absolutely have to when the weather is total crapola. 

So, we did a lot of playing.

[She looks like such a big stinkin' kid. How did this happen?]

And she made a whole lot of her squishy face:

[seriously-she does this non-stop, fact, I kind of wish she'd stop doing it. ha. Ohhh wellll.]

In between her naptime, Momma made more headbands and finally got the Etsy Shop up and running again.

I even created new designs.

You can go take a better look at things over here.

Oh, and something new I'm doing (well, sort of new....)--if you have an outfit you'd like me to match with a hairpiece, just email me the photo. I'll gladly make a custom piece for you. I've been doing this a bunch lately too, and it's tons of fun. or Convo me on Etsy.


Well, here's to another snow day. For me, not for the mister. He's currently out there shoveling his little behind off in order to get to work. Nice, huh? We're definitely well over 20" out there. Again, the meteorologists were way off. They said maybe 12"....and yea....the storm was much worse.

Here's to another day of creating/writing/baby-playing, etc....



  1. Have to say, that squishy face is incredibly adorable!

  2. That squishy face is toooooo cute!!!!!!! HA! :)

  3. The squishy face seriously makes me laugh out loud! So funny!

  4. Seriously, she is way too cute. I loved the video you tweeted of her face the other day!

  5. Yeah, that face made me laugh out loud too! SO CUTE. Makes me want to eat her squished up nose. Is that weird?

  6. OMG. Cassidy made that same EXACT face. Forever. It was so cute, but she did it in pictures too. She'd smile and squish up her face. It was hilarious.

  7. OMG that squishy face is too cute for words!

  8. I can't even imagine 20" of snow. Incredible.

  9. Oh, the scrunchy face! Too cute.

  10. Okay I thought she looked like Declan for a long while but in these pics I'm starting to think she is looking more and more like you! Can't even imagine how much she'll have changed 6 months from now!

    What does everyone say - does she look like you or Declan?

  11. If it's a girl, I'm totes sending you photos of all my new little girly outfits so I can get matching headbands:)! EEEKKK!!

    Also, I kind of love that squishy face of your girls:)