Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The big Elephant in the room. Er. Among women.

Why is the "m" word such a hush-hush thing in the mom-world, when roughly 1 in 4 women go through it?

I'll never fully understand that.

Fact: Miscarriage sucks. It is, and was one of the most difficult things I've had to go through in my lifetime. Honest to God.  Continue to the rest of the post.


  1. Love the post, it's right on! I felt all those same feelings and I think most woman do when they have a miscarriage. I hope I can get brave enough to write about mine on my blog, why should be so afraid?

  2. I thought I'd leave you a comment over here instead of at the Poop Whisperer, oh, that name is great! Anyway, your words are so true and the way you write them touches people, really. I had, and still have each one of those feelings after the stillbirth of our son. It is important to talk about these feelings. Thanks for posting that!

  3. I heart you. Thank you for this post. *muah*

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  5. wonderful post -- thank you for sharing

    (and WTF is up with the comment above mine!??)

  6. i know how you feel hun. i've been there recently before Christmas. Now i'm scare for my next pregnant. I went up to 11 weeks :-(. I couldn't describe the feeling how much it hurt...

    thank you for shared this post, it show me that it is not just me thinking that every time i see pregnant ladies, it come up in my mind to remind me and wishing i has a baby in my arm...

    You got a gorgeous girl, bless you