Monday, January 31, 2011

Cozy on up. A giveaway!

At my baby shower I was given the most beautiful handmade hooded towel, embroidered with Emeline's name by my sweet sis-in-love, Kesh.

I pretty much fell in love with the towel immediately. Hello? It was personalized. AND? It is HUGE! Not to mention, adorably cute (with little birdies on the hood) and cuddly too.

after bathtime a few months ago
At first I thought I wouldn't be able to use it for a while--but I quickly learned that those stupid little baby towels suck, and aren't nearly as cuddly and soft, or soak up the wetness nearly as well. We broke out the KidKovers towel when she was a few weeks old, and it's a nighttime staple in our bath routine now.
The best part? She can use this towel for a VERY LONG TIME. As in, until college. Okay, slightly kidding--but, the adult sized towel literally gives it years and years and usage. Which equals awesome. I WILL be buying one of these for every one of my children, in fact, I'm pretty sure I'll be buying Emeline one to use "just" for the beach/pool, etc. How nice to keep her all sorts of cozy after getting out of a chilly pool?

Oh, not to mention--I bought my nephews some for Christmas since I was *that* in love. Here's my nephew sporting it as a "cape" (which is also fun, too) on Christmas Eve.
The sweet creator of these gorgeous, customizable hooded towels, Emily, has graciously offered to give one of her hooded towels (of your choice), with an embroidered name on the back, to YOU, my dear friends. She has both a beautiful website ( and also sells on etsy here.

Wanna Enter? 

There are few ways to get extra entries & each one must be entered as it's own comment.

1. Be a follower of Loves of Life, and tell me why you love me. Kidding, kind of.

2. Go to Emily's website & tell me which towel you like best & who it'd be for.

3. Tweet about the giveaway linking to my post & @katelovesoflife and link to this post.

***NEW**** 4. Earn 2 extra entries if you BLOG about it linking to this post, and leaving the link in the comments section! 


Giveaway will end this Thursday (Feb. 4) at 10pm. Winner will be posted Friday!

*giveaway closed*