Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Fragments...FRIDAY?!

How did this week go by so fast? No really, how? Just me? Holy time-sucker-that-is-my-life.

So, I have this back issue. It's reoccurring, but it's way worse since after having a baby. Basically, every few weeks or so my lower back literally goes out. I'm like an old person, I realize this. It's NOT cool though, and especially not cool when your baby weighs 18 1/2 lbs and needs to be toted around often. 

I've gone to chiropractors in my lifetime. They all say the same thing. They give me a booklet of dumb exercises to do, and it really doesn't help. Honestly? I think my "core" is all sorts of weak (especially after everything being all loose and stretched out from having a kid inside), and it makes those muscles suck at doing their job. But really? I'm sure there is more I could do. Iinstead it gives me an excuse to sit on my butt every few weeks and whine about my back while the husband does all the nightly duties. Hey, there's always a silver lining.

The last two weeks have been off the chain with "baby milestones" and all that bee-ess. [I must say, I do not look at those milestone charts (here's lookin' at you, Linds! ha). I just don't.I don't want to compare my kid to anyone else. So, honestly? I don't really have any clue what's on target, what she's behind in, what's ahead, or WHATEVER THAT MEANS. Because, who cares. They eventually get it, right?] Anyway. 

These last two weeks, though, I swear Emeline has been doing something new and fun everyday. Declan gets home from work and before he can even take his jacket off I'm shoving my iPhone in his face showing him videos of the latest thing she did. Yup. That mom. I am.

So...its been crawling, clapping, pulling up on things (omg. THE STEPS. All.the.time.), and now? Wet, slobbery, open-mouth kisses. Be still my heart. Be still.

This is just all too much. Too fast. Slow down, life. 

I am willing to bet it is physically impossible to get out of Target without spending less than $75. JUST TRY. I bet you can't.

I mean, groceries, cute adult clothing, baby clothes/diapers/gear for cheap (that add up like whoa), and every household necessity you ever needed under one roof. Really. Completely impossible. 

Weekends are back around here. Remember when I mentioned how my husband had been working insane amounts of hours and overtime on weekends and such because of the busy season? Well, they're still busy--but, hallelujah he get's to spend some Saturday's with us now. 

May not seem like a big deal, but it totally is to me. Makes me warm and fuzzy and happy just knowing he gets to spend that whole day with us. It's the little things.

So, on that note--here's to hoping fabulous weekends are in order for all.


  1. I love the age that Emeline is at...their so much fun and learning new things ALL the time!!!

  2. Ugh, Jason has been working every weekend too! Come on accounting, wrap it up! It's totes a big deal when they are home!

  3. Katie, try YOGA for your back. Lifesaver. I am without kids, but have had major problems due to kidney stones, and have recently been obsessed with it. Also, there is a new book out called "Poser, My Life in 23 Yoga Poses," and it is written by Claire Dederer-a woman who started yoga because of her bad back from carrying her little one. It's actually pretty funny:o)

  4. The kisses are Peter's back has been killing him this week too, and I'm begging him to just go to the doctor. He went to the chiro once, but it just started hurting again a few days later. Hope you feel better soon, but enjoy your downtime while you get to sulk a little:)

  5. hehe KP has that same "daddy's deer" onesie! LOVE it!

  6. I always joke to the target cashier when she says that will be 101.75.. and I look at her like... say whaaa... "I only came in here for two things".

  7. I love those wet open-mouth kisses. They are truly the best.

    Also, I TOTALLY hear you on the weekend thing. I hate when J works crazy overtime, or doesn't get home until after Lizzy is in bed (like last night). Boo.

  8. I have similar lower-back problems & the doctors have told me the same thing. I started getting them after I quit dancing & playing softball after high school, and they've told me I need to do exercise to strengthen the muscles. But I'm right there with you - I always end up laying on the couch instead!

  9. Sorry about your back! What with yelling at neighbors and having a bad back, I'd say your well on your way to being old. lol jk, jk.

    Seriously, Noah weighed 28 lbs at 9 months. And he didn't crawl until 11 months. I feel your pain.
    I'm like you. I have no idea what's on target for Noah. I refuse to bother, because like you said, why get all freaked by comparing when they eventually figure it out anyway? I'm pretty sure I'll know if there's something to worry about. And if I am? THEN I'll check it out. Until then? I'm enjoying every little milestone I can. :)
    Have a great weekend!!

  10. Baby girls, squeeee. Again, this is why I hope we have a boy first so that I don't go broke.

    And I am sad to have to disagree that this week went by soooooo sloooooooooooow. :( I'm sure you remember weeks like that when you were exhausted and teaching.

  11. Hope your back is on the mend soon! And you can totally be that mom to your husband - showing him the things his daughter did - I think it's amazing you record them so he can see - that makes you a great mom in my book!

    And does that onesie say "Daddy's little deer" because that's too cute!

  12. I hope your back is feeling better soon! Mine seems to go out every couple of months ever since I had Jaxon too! Sucks!

  13. I have the SAME back issue as you.. ughh. I thought it flared up after carrying around the carseat day after day, but then last night while I was leaning into her crib my back was KILLING!!! sooo, it's sucks, I know! And I feel really old when I can't move or stand and sometimes sit.
    Heating pads & Yoga DO help! But not always.

    Go Eme!

  14. the snow bunny pictures are ADORABLE! love those.

    have you ever tried yoga for your back? i have no clue if it would help but i took a yoga class in college and i actually noticed a difference in the strengthening of my core. just a thought. :)