Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mom things.

I'm a mom. Therefore, I sometimes most the time talk about mom things. I'm giving a little pre-warning because if you don't care about this subject because you're still in the glamorous phase of life, you may not want to read.

But in all honesty, being a mom is glamorous in its own sort of way. You know? Like the catching vomit in your bare hands, poop smeared on your leg, type of way. [Scared yet? You should be. Kiddddding. I love being a mom more than anything in the world. Truly. And I'm not even kidding that I just caught gag-puke as I typed this. Holy geez. This is real people.]

Anyway. I went off on a bunny trail. Reign it in Katie, reign it in. 

As a first time mom, I can tell you bluntly and honestly: I do not know everything, or much of anything. I do my best. I know my own child better than anyone else does. But? I don't know "it all" about other people's kids. Or parenting in general. 

So here comes my mini-rant. It can be really irritating when other first time moms act like know-it-alls. I mean, really? It's your first kid. It's my first kid. CLEARLY, neither of us know it all. So, stop acting like it. 

Not to mention the mom-bragging? Holy cow. It's totally worse than I ever could have imagined it being. I mean, I know people brag on their kids, and I'm guilty of it from time to time. But the allthetime bragging? Give me a break.

You might as well say it loud and clear that you think your kid is better than mine. [Clearly, not the case. But sometimes how I feel. Bonus points: My kid wins in the cuteness department. So, there.]

Am I the only one that see's that? The whole know-it-all syndrome going around?  

I digress.

On another note, my girl started eating some real foods (you know, other foods besides the mushiness that is baby food), and it's so cute. She is so intrigued by real food and her face lights up when I give her a bite of something delicious.

But, you know what comes with the real food? [You thought I was gonna make a diaper joke. I'm not.] The god-awful mess that is HER HIGHCHAIR after eating. Ew. Really.

Oh my goodness. This is the rest of my life, people. Cleaning up the bits & millions of tiny pieces of (chicken, turkey, puffs) what fell in her lap, or on the side, or onthefriggin'floor. I mean, the high chair is all sorts of gross after meal times, now. So very gross and oh so messy. Hello, reality.

Kids are messy.

And? Eme's been sick since last week. She's getting better everyday little by little (it takes babies so long to kick these nasty colds/ear infections, etc), but I'm ready for it to be over. She's still not sleeping great. I'm tired of running into walls in the middle of the night trying to get to her room because I'm that delusional. 

I used to keep track of how many times she woke up. But, I stopped doing that just so I'd be slightly less irritated. [Thats right, sometimes moms get irritated with their cute little, precious babies. I know. GASP.] 

We'll pray the sleeping fairies dump a whole load of sleep dust on these parts. mmmK?


Thanks for your sweet comments on yesterday's post about our new little play 'area/corner'. You're too kind.


Happy Tuesday...


  1. I'm not a mom. Well, I'm a mom in the making (if you know what I mean). Although technically, since I am pregnant, I do consider myself a mom. However, I haven't bought a single thing for baby yet. So, as a thing I've seen work in person to keep crumbs, food, whatever off the floor is a bib similar to this:

    My niece and sister-in-law only use this "trough like" bib. I'm sure you can find them other places... and maybe you already have one. But... I thought I'd throw out the idea. :) :)

    By the way, who ever is mom bragging against you... I totally agree you win in the cute department!!

  2. Tell me about the highchair and the floor! My son is 16 months old and I have to sweep after every meal. And we've hit the stage where I find food "hiding" in his diaper! We just got a hand held Dirt Devil to clean the high chair in a better (and quicker) way. It is fun to watch them find their favorite foods though!

    (btw...first time commenter. I love your blog, girl!)

  3. You win for most eloquent and peaceful rant. And again, you've taken words right out of my mouth... er...head.

  4. Seriously I dislike greatly competitive moms. My 7 month old loves to grab things and he'll grab the jar a shake gets messy :]

  5. I'll be the first to admit I don't know everything. That said, sometimes I give advice or talk about things I've encountered in an effort to be supportive or help someone avoid troubles I've faced etc. I try really hard not to be condescending or appear to think I know-it-all and I try not to force my beliefs on others, but I don't just not say anything because I'm a rookie. Also, if this 2nd pregnancy of mine is any indication, every mom is a rookie everytime because every kid is so different.

  6. Is it really "mom-bragging?" Or is it simply an incredibly excited first-time mommy singing the praises of her baby? I mean, if a mommy is all "my baby is the best roller-over out there.." or "my kid eats her puffs better than yours," then yeah- that's a bit bonkers... I look at it more like... "mom-etition." like when mommies become so consumed with comparing their babe to others (sleep, eat, milestones, etc). I think Kodi said it best.. Every baby is different! It's always a learning curve and celebrate the highs!! It helps balance out all the crazy lows that come with newborns.

    And if E is the cutest girl.. then C is cutest boy :P does that make me a crazy momma? Happy Tuesday, Momma!

  7. I most definitely appreciate support, and also give advice when it's asked of me. But I don't always appreciate the know-it-all syndrome that some people have in regards to "all" babies, when they only know THEIR baby :)

    And I agree. Every baby is different. But, there is some serious mom-etition out there and its generally irritating.

    [I don't typically write back to people in my comments, but felt these should be addressed for anyone coming back to read later. :) ]

  8. Ugh. This kid is still in my womb, and I know exactly what you mean.

    I get freakin' pissed when people act like, just because we're choosing something different than they did for their pregnancy/delivery/infant/child/toddler/teenager, that we're wrong. Like their way is the only way, and how dare we question them by choosing our own path for our children?

    I literally am afraid to blog about my birth plan or my baby plans for the first year of Baby's life, because I can already feel the hateful emails of "What? Why are you doing that? But I did it this way!"

    People are so willing to offer "their expert opinion and method" without us even asking for it, aren't they?

    Yeah, because they're all-knowing. Sheesh.

    Heck, none of us are experts. As long as we do what's best for our kids, and our kids are living and breathing and thriving (and there are a bazillion different ways to get that), then people can shove off with their know-it-all advice!

    Here, here, girlfriend! I totally get your frustration!

  9. I agree with some of the earlier commenter... I believe that as first time moms we dont realize how easy parenting words fly out before even thinking did that sounds like bragging or just mom chatter... it also doesnt help that alot of moms dont get much adult talk... so you get out of practice.

    We have not gotten to the "real food" stage yet... not even to the solids... but I can imagine im in for a real treat when it comes to the crumbs, and food mess.

    are you still BFing or is she on all solids now?

  10. Amen. Just because something works for you (or you like to think it does) doesn't mean it's going to work for another mom.

    And if someone doesn't ask for your advice, then don't give it.

    Because sometimes mamas just need to vent without being told what they are doing wrong.

    The end.

  11. Very true, what Gina said about unsolicited advice. I guess I have probably been guilty of it, but like I said, I'm only trying to help. It's definitely something I should work on. And, I do know what you mean, Katie. I have heard from countless people how "bad" it is that I had a c-section with my first child, as an example. Only my husband and I can know how scary it was to have to make a one minute decision on what to do when our baby's life was in danger. It is frustrating when your parenting choices are questioned or debated without you asking for advice.

  12. wait i thought my girl was the cutest ha ha ha only kidding and seriously avin is in the stage of throwing or dropping everything off her chair.. ugh can't stand it and she crumbles everything up!

  13. I'm not a mom... yet. But I can say that know-it-all people in general have always drove me batty so I can imagine know-it-all mom's can be just that much worse.

    and as far as food everywhere? my OCD husband is going to freaking flip when he realizes just how messy kids are! haha

  14. know-it-alls of ALL kids are uber annoying. i bet the mom kind is the WORST.

  15. Wanna know what's even MORE annoying?? Know-it-all nannies! The kind that have never had a kid of their own, but seem to think they know everything about ALL children... and breastfeeding and sleeping schedules and birth. Um, yeah. Super annoying.

  16. Ugh, I can hear it now... I will try to be prepared and just smile and bite my tongue when the know-it-all mommies go off on a tangent. :)

    I hope the little lady feels better soon! Poor E! :(

  17. It's even more fun when they start school and sports. All the 'my kid got all a's and starred in the school play and is so good at wee football that he's already in talks with the NFL!' parents. Whose entire lives are a shining tribute to Their Child's Greatness. Yeah. Your brainiac is over in the corner picking his nose, supermom.

  18. I'm not a Mom, but I pray everyday that I become one someday! When I initially started to blog, I thought I would just read single, or newly married girls blogs. But no. Half of the blogs I follow are Mom bloggers. Some of them are the "my kid is better than yours", but then you also get the kind that are honest, tell funny stories, share their the good, the bad and the ugly.

    Reading an honest blog, like yours excites me and frightens me about motherhood in the future.

    So keep discussing or venting about Mom things!

    And btw, your photos of E are precious! She is very photogenic!

  19. I'm a new-er mom too! My daughter is 21 months and I can feel the terrible two's slowly creeping up on us! AHH! But, even though I'm 21 months in, I still don't know everything, and I don't think I ever will! I even think those people with 6 kids under 6 who do think they know everything, secretly know that they don't! ;) Hang in there! I'm sure you are doing a fantastic job! :)

  20. This right here is what scares me the most - only because I don't know that I'll be successful in keeping my mouth shut.

    "Your brainiac is over in the corner picking his nose, supermom." TOTALLY something I would say - out loud. On a playdate. And then I'd never get invited back and my kid will have no friends because her mother is a loud-mouth! :-)

    You know what my goal is? Keep the kid alive. That's it. Everything else will be figured out as we go, because if my kid turns out to be anything like me, she WILL have her own thoughts on things and we will all have no choice but to fall in line after her.

    But seriously - catching puke? I'm so not prepared for this. ;-)

  21. All I can say is that I always enjoy reading your posts. They are always down to earth and just plain real. I love your enthusiasm that you put into life & your blog.

    Sometimes it's difficult to see the good on a bad, bad day. You are so very talented at that!!

  22. It is ridiculous how messy babies can make their highchairs!!! It's one of my least favorite things to clean up. I feel like it gets dirty 20 mintues later.

  23. Why are people so quick to judge? Urgh! You know what is best for you, your child and your family! Delicately said, of course! :)

  24. I found the first sentences of this post to be a little offensive. Not everyone who isn't a mom is in a "glamorous phase of life." There are so many women out there who would give anything to have a baby and wouldn't consider their lives glamorous...