Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mommish things. Chime in.

Sorry about the lack of posting yesterday (if you even noticed). I think it's been, maybe...umm....over a year since I've missed posting on a Monday. I know. Crazy, huh? 

I had every intention to post. I started a really in depth post about the sleep-training we've got going on over here. It's long, but nothing about it was flowing right. Sometimes I type and it just doesn't come out the way I intended it to. I get frustrated, and I'll shut my browser, take a breather, and go back to it. Other times, it just never feels right to finish it, so I don't.

That was me yesterday. No promises if you'll ever hear about all that, at all. Who knows.

But, I won't leave you completely hanging. The basic gist is this: My kid is starting to sleep better. I am feeling so much better getting some proper sleep. Thank you to a lot of mommy-friends who gave me great advice and tips over the last few months. My heavy eye-lids thank you.

On that whole motherhood note, I mentioned last week I started writing over at The Poop Whisperer. It's a nice outlet for me to have to post about any and all mom-related things.

I'm working on a post that's kind of in depth about breastfeeding. Kind of like a 'what I'd tell new moms' type thing.

But I was curious YOUR thoughts and ideas about topics or perspectives you'd be interested in hearing me write about. You know, from the first time mom.  Like, "ohmygosh how did my kid get old enough to pull up on/stand up things and wahhhh where did my baby go??" I'm an expert in that.

Okay, not exactly, but still.

Last night, I asked Declan for inspiration about what to write...and his response? " about... like... how to dress your kid or something?"  

Can we say NOT helpful at all? 

He tried.
[Insert crappy cell pic of cute baby in skinny jeans.]

You know me, I'll pretty much share about anything most things. 

So--go ahead. Lay it on me. Anything? Anything? 


  1. Once (and if) I ever have kids, I know who I'm coming to for advice :) Oh, and absolutely in l-o-v-e with those baby skinny jeans. Precious.

  2. Im excited to hear the breastfeeding post... did you see my post today about my first time mom start to breastfeeding?

  3. I'm glad you're doing a breastfeeding post! BTW, why does Blogger flag breastfeeding as misspelled? Anywho, I nursed forEVAH, but I feel like it's been an eternity - not really, only a couple years - and I know there are a million questions on the topic. Can't wait to read your take :-)

  4. How do we get on a real nap schedule? Rather than these quick little catnaps all day long..which lead tona cranky baby come evening!

  5. I think Decster might be on to something. I've seen some peeps who seem as though they do not know how to dress a baby.

  6. It may be a crappy cell photo, but the subject is fabulous. You can totally tell she LOVES her skinny jeans.

    Could she be cuter? I can't wait until Livie starts sitting up and moving around so she looks cute in her clothes too. Right now she's still a tad blobbish.

    (And Ps. I've totes got a sleep post coming later this week. Lol. Great minds, again. I'll email you...)

  7. It seems as though Eczema is a major battle for many moms. Not necessarily tied to an allergy, but just fighting it in general. Not for sure if you have dealt with that (we sure have!) but that could be a topic. I know I freaked and felt like a bad mom when I noticed Connor's back! Of course I took a picture of it.. that is what we do, right? Document everything :)

    Daily schedules are always changing and always a hot topic.

    Maybe how you have functioned with a baby that doesn't sleep through the night, even at 8 months? I was lucky with Connor but I know that if he got up several times as I worked through the week, I may need to be checked into the psych ward.

    This may be a personal subject, but if you are going to have to go back to work next year, are you preparing yourself now for it and if so, how?

  8. Oh, and have you fallen for baby gear gimic "must haves" and they failed or have you just stuck with the basics of baby gear? What in your household is a necessity and what could you have saved your money on? New moms love these posts!

  9. Haha last one, I promise..

    Do you stick with food recommendations (such as food recommended for crawlers, sitters, etc.) or do you just go with insticts as far as what EM wants and give to her whatever you deem is necessary.

    Happy Tuesday!

  10. Woot! Love all these suggestions! Momma of 2 here...but my boys are totally different mostly because of the fact that Jackson is completely nursed right now and Trey was formula fed.

    Ooh..a question about nursing. Is it possible to your baby to become TOO attached to you if you nurse??? This really seems like the case w/ Jackson! He has to be on my hip 24/7!!! If and when I put him on the floor, jumperoo, high chair, it only lasts 5-10min TOPS!!! *sigh* I REALLY want him to become mobile!!! No lie, no joke...I want that baby booty to crawl, cruise, walk...ANYTHING to get him from point A to point B!!! Okay....done ranting.

    Ooh, what about your take on television. I know Eme is only 8 months old, but there are babies who are always put in front of the TV. Trey did not start watching TV until he was over a year, mostly because he was never interested. Jackson does not watch TV. it a totally different story. I blare it in the truck, and I am constantly singing!!! :)

    Okay...those are mine! :D

  11. I'd love to hear your take on teething discomfort. My little man is starting to teethe at the ripe old age of 2-1/2 months!

  12. You could do a crafty post too! Like "how to make a cute guard for your baby's crib so it won't look like the dog chewed it up"... but with a better title. :)

    ps. if you do a food one, let me know, and I'll send you some of my fav homemade baby food concoctions that Noah loved.

  13. I'm not a mommy yet, but am in the very beginning process of coming to terms with the fact that I actually may want kids after years of thinking I wouldn't. I would be intersted to know about what thoughts are explored when thinking about having kids (how you know you are "ready").

  14. Katie, I'm so glad you brought this up because I've been thinking about this very thing as it relates to the Poop Whisperer.

    (Which, btw, is a HILARIOUS name, lol.)

    As you know, I'm trying to take a much "greener" path than a lot of moms usually choose. So if I see a post about something like disposable diapers, I'm outtie. It just doesn't interest me.

    That said, it would be great to have someone who contributes that's green/crunchy-mama friendly! I'd love to occasionally read about babywearing, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, etc. And if finding someone like that is hard to come by, maybe after our baby is born, I could help contribute to posts like that.

    Just a thought. Great site though, looking forward to more posts!

  15. i just love you! my kids are past the baby stage, but i am trying to think of things that 'i' would have LOVED to have learned or gotten some advice on ...

    - how to keep friendships alive when you stay home with the baby

    - what to say when people ask "are you STILL nursing that baby?" (especially when the baby isn't even ONE. come ON people!)

    - how to remain "you" when you're a mom 24-7. like how to keep your identity and continue your talents and fun stuff.

    - baby-spacing? there's so many opinions on this and i love hearing everyone's thoughts. i have four kids in less than 5 years - no twins, 1 miscarriage between #1 and #2. some people think i'm nuts and some people think it's great.

    hmmmm ... i will keep thinking!

    ~ jannet

  16. Um.. share any advice you got on the sleep deprivation thing. That's the thing I'll need help with the most when this baby comes.

    I'm glad you're writing about breast feeding because I don't know which way I'd like to go.

    I saw someone mentioned daily schedules. I'd like to hear some about that - like if you have her on a napping schedule and such.

  17. Babies who sleep well end up on Santa's nice list. That's what I told Becca. Gotta dangle that carrot in front of their noses. :)

  18. I've love your blog and have been a lurker for a while. I'm looking forward to your breastfeeding post! I have a post coming up about breast pumping...oh the joys of momhood.

  19. I would love to hear your advice on breastfeeding AND how Eme is doing sleep wise. I am having a really hard time with B sleeping AT ALL at night and it's really starting to wear on me.