Sunday, January 16, 2011

Silent Sunday: Who else?

The clapping queen....


  1. pretty.. the more i see her the prettier she is!

  2. How do figure out which ones to frame?? They're all so cute! You better stop taking pics while you're ahead. You're going to run out of wall space.

  3. She's the cutest... love her outfit!

  4. So beautiful. Olivia had that same phrase on the matching bib. Those pants look so comfy, where did you get them? Do they come in adult size? LOL

  5. You go clapping queen! Gorgeous!!

  6. Would you consider doing a post or series of posts sharing some photography tips? I recently got an SLR camera and would love to take better pictures of my little man!

  7. She looks more and more like you every single day! Those little cheeks, I can't get enough of them! Love that pic of the two of you--it seems to really capture your joy being a mommy! Missed your post today, something just isn't right with the world when you don't have one up! Hope your Monday was fab :)

  8. Adorable!!

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  9. Can I just say thank you for not putting those ginormous flowers on your baby's head? I don't know who started the trend that a flower LARGER than your kid's head is cute but it most definitely is not!

    Dainty little bows are perfect and PROPORTIONAL! :-)