Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So excited, new endeavors, Ch-check it out.

I'm all sorts of excited today about this announcement of sorts.

My friend, Jess from Dude and Sweeties (mom of 3 and 1 baking in the oven) had this genius idea to create a contributor-based blog for MOMS, with advice/tips/tricks, etc from MOMS

It's pretty rad. The cool thing is, she's my go-to-momma for advice as it is. Love her.

Well, here's the exciting thing for ME.

I was asked to be a contributor to that blog. Meaning, I get to write over there as much as I want 1-2x a week about all things baby/breastfeeding/ohmigahFIRSTtimeMOM'ish under the sun. 

Awesome, right?

It's brand new. It's going to be big, dang it. 


Tweet about it.

Tell your friends.

There are a few hilarious writers and moms or not, you will surely to be entertained.

I'll likely be over there writing even by the end of this week. Squeee!


[I'll read your comments over there, today...mmmk?]


  1. When I get closer to that stage in my life, I will totally check that out! It's a great idea.

  2. say what?!?! This is so AWESOME!!!!! This is great! Yay!!!! I'm going to go over and read now!!!!