Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Are you ever "ready"?

A long time ago I remember having a conversation with my Dad. It obviously stuck out to me, because, um, I remember it.

He basically said something along the lines of if you always wait till you 'have enough money' to start a family (or get married, etc), you'll never have kids (or get married, etc). You just gotta do it, and adjust your life accordingly. 

Now, obviously thats not the case for everyone. But, there are still good points deep within.

The bottom line is? You will adjust. Your lifestyle will change. It will meld into one that is more conducive to having a baby around. You will find ways to cut costs, make room for baby in a small house, and make life work for you, etc.

It's just how us humans are.


  1. I love reading your blog. I have officially become a follower now instead of just stalking it :).

  2. Hey I'm a new reader and I LOVE reading this because we too are considering a child right now.

  3. My mom has told me the EXACT same thing!!!!