Friday, February 25, 2011

A billion things you didn't need to know

I sleep with a fleece blanket. I love fleece blankets and in fact, my house has many-a-throw blankets laying around. But the big blue one? That one stays in bed with me.

I like it curled up all around me, and specifically tucked up around my stomach. I'm a side sleeper. Well, a slide sleeper or a belly sleeper (when not pregnant, since sleeping on your belly with a baby inside is kind of difficult). On rare occasion I'll wake up on my back and wonder how the heck that happened, since I don't prefer back-sleeping at all.

I have a small birth mark on my left upper cheek, a little under my eye.  In fact, my mom has a matching one, too. My momma used to always refer to it as a "beauty mark", which made me feel all sorts of pretty & special, and unique and such.

That is, until I went to school and one douchebag kid one day decided to make it a huge deal & began the barrage of taunting and teasing. He called it a pimple. Obviously, to my sixth-grade-self this was the end of the world, so I asked to get it removed.

So that's what we did. It's mostly gone, but you can still see it if you look hard enough. It doesn't bother me even remotely at all, now. I do, however want to throat punch the kid who was such a little jerk to me about it. I remember him vividly, and I'm half tempted to type his name here just so it shows up in a google search. I'm too mature for that. ::cough:: Shawn ::cough:: [He's lucky I left out his last name.] Kids are so mean, sometimes.

I never needed white noise to sleep with until I married Declan. He sleeps with a fan. Hence, we are now both fan-sleepers. Guess what? Emeline? She now sleeps with a fan, too.

There is construction going on across the street from our house on the final set of townhouses and I'm beyond grateful for that tornado-of-a-fan in her room now, though, because without it? We'd have a baby up at the crack of dawn when construction begins and ZERO naps.

I suck a cleaning tubs & tiles. In fact, I have no idea what even works well and how to properly clean them. I'm ashamed and embarrassed to admit that I've probably never given our shower tiles a proper cleaning. So, feel free to leave all your shower/tile/cleaning tips in the comments section below. Please & thank you.

I really, highly dislike brushing my teeth. I do brush them, though (so no worries). In fact, I have great teeth. In good shape and all. But, I don't LIKE to brush my teeth. I think it's boring, and I don't enjoy the whole process, spit, rinse, thing. I just don't. 

On the teeth topic, I've never had braces. Most of my siblings have had them, so did my husband. My teeth came in freakishly straight and praisethelord no braces were ever needed.

Could you imagine me being teased for braces and a birth mark? Gah. Could've been worse.

And along those lines, I also dread washing my face at night. Honestly? Blech. I have to pull back my hair, and blahblahblah. Don't like it. The most ideal situation for me would be to just take a nightly shower & wash my face that way. I've recently started taking to using those makeup-wipe things, but they've not left my skin too nice, so I'm not sure how I feel about them.

Don't get me started on showers.

Or, the after-shower-getting-ready-thing. Yea, that. I hate that, too.

I'm not brand loyal on almost anything. In fact, it almost shocks me when people are only because those types of things just don't matter to me, nor do they cross my mind. I'm brand loyal on diapers & wipes...and so far? That's about it. I could care less about what type of bread, toilet paper, or paper towels we buy. That kind of stuff just doesn't phase me. I realize this is kind of odd.

I suck at coupon'ing. I've told you this before. But yesterday? When I heard about Target's Mossimo women's brand jeans being clearanced for 4.98, and paired with this coupon* equaled out to be FREE jeans, I could not resist.

I went to Target with baby in tow, and left with FOUR pair of jeans for free. It felt like I was robbing them, but it was totally legit and it gave me that post-coupon'ing-high. I may have got bitten by the coupon-bug. We'll see if it lasts.

And now that I gave you best deal on (free) jeans ever, go-run, and get your jeans. You can thank me later.

Happy Weekend!

*If the coupon doesn't go directly to the women's denim coupon, just search for the womens denim $5 off coupon--it's there!*


  1. YOu crack me up! I hate brushing my teeth too! Such a pain!

  2. Omg I am the same way with my shower! Thank goodness I'm not alone! I will be stalking these comments for tips! I've thought about hiring a cleaning lady just to get a clean shower! Sweet deal on the jeans! I think I may just stop at Target (like I really needed an excuse).

  3. I hate brushing my teeth, too. Maybe because my mom was a dental hygienist and she would always smell our breath, toothbrush, etc. to make sure we brushed?!?

    I haven't had braces, either. Just LOTS of cavities. Skittles and Starbursts are just too good.

    I am a fan sleeper, Adam is not. Box fan on 3? Yes, please! It may just be the demise of our marriage.

  4. Hey Katie! Do you know how long the coupon for the target jeans is good for? I looked at the site you listed and I cant find the coupon at all :(
    Please let me know, thanks!

  5. That is too funny! As far as the shower/tile cleaning thing! I have found that Bar Keeper's Friend (which caleans LOTS of stuff like magic) work exceptionally well! I use it with a small brush in the bathrooms!

  6. Ok solving your bathroom cleaning dilemma! Go get zepp no scrub bathroom/tile cleaner. It's the only no scrub that is actually NO scrub. Changed my life.

  7. I hate washing my face at night, but I do because I hate the results of not doing it even more. :)

    Showering is okay, but I hate the after-the-shower part. I blame my long curly hair.... it's a pain. And this time of year, I have to run a space heater in the bathroom because I really can't stand getting out of a hot shower to a coolish room.

  8. I hate getting ready after the shower, too. I also have no idea how to really clean a shower. And I was so bummed when I didn't have time to get my jeans yesterday. Hopefully I can get that coupon high this weekend!

  9. I am so jealous of your jeans score--I wish the Mossimo brand were long enough for me!

    Also, someone gave us a full sized fleece blanket as a baby gift...I've totally jacked it. I sleep with it at night!

  10. I love reading your blog! You're a very fun writer! I am the same way, I sleep with the fan on--since I was a baby I guess {that's what my mother says} Thanks for the coupon! I'm DEFINITELY going to run to target...right about NOW! Happy weekend!

  11. Declan did well at converting you to sleeping with a fan. SUCH A B@!!@ thing!!!! Jesse still hates the fan, but deals with it. My kids.... They will have fan's too. We can all thank my wonderful mother for this. ;)

  12. I'm the same way about cleaning the shower and getting ready. I use Shaklee's Basic-G in my kills germs and is all natural and is the best cleaner I've ever tried.

  13. My shower cleaning tip: Make Dec do it :) ... For some reason, that job is one that Evan always does. I DETEST cleaning the shower and when I do? It just doesn't even look clean. So it's better for him to do it.

  14. I love my hair freshly washed and blown out. LOVE. But getting to that point? Is exhausting. I dread it. Really. It takes forever to wash, rinse, condition, rinse, towel dry, comb, use product, finger blow dry, brush blow dry, use product. OMG. I'm lucky if I do that once a week lately. I've become the air-dried ponytail queen. Such is the life of a mom, eh? :)

  15. Haha, I totally hate the whole shower/get ready/wash your face/brush your teeth process, as well. It's just so annoying and takes up waaaay too much time! ;)

  16. The best tip for cleaning your shower. Hire a cleaning lady ;) That's what I did.

    But no, for real. Simple green/comet works wonders. Then I get one of those scrubbing brushes with a handle looks like a broom sort of
    ( found at lowes or home depot) and scrub the bottoms, and the tiles.

    Once a week ( our cleaning lady comes twice a month) I do a wipe down with with method shower cleaner, just to sanitize and freshen up. It smells so good!

  17. Hi! I'm a fellow blogger visiting from life{sweet}life. Just thought I'd say hello! I adore your often have me laughing out loud :)

    Emeline is just precious!!!!

  18. Oh I HATE the getting ready too! Girl, you will get the coupon bug with deals like that! :) That site you shared is new to me and I'm excited!

    I'm diaper and wipe loyal too and maybe a few other things, but not everything.

    And I, too, have that birth/beauty mark on my left upper cheek pretty close to under my eye. :) It's a little bit raised and light brown.


  19. I hate the routine at night too! The worst is when you're laying in bed and you haven't brushed/washed/etc and debating on it you're going to or not. Aarrgh!

  20. I hate taking showers, brushing my teeth, and washing my face. It's a wonder I'm ever clean. My parents put a radio in the shower when I was younger just to keep me in there longer. That's so gross. I swear I don't smell like a sewer.

  21. I feel you on the washing your face at night thing. Blech. By the time I can actually get in bed, I don't wanna take the time to pull my hair back, wash my face, etc. BUT the acne gods have punished me for this. So now I have to force myself to do it so that I don't look like a 13yr old in my wedding photos.

    Also- "Barkeeper's Friend" is great for scrubbing tubs. We had to use it in the college dorm I stayed in. It was the only way we could pass room check.

  22. Haha, you have me laughing over here! I TOTALLY agree about the whole shower/post-shower getting ready stuff. I hate ittttt.

  23. I freaking HATE showers! My husband LOVES them and takes a couple a day. I always tease him about it, for obvious reasons! I prefer night showers too because I am NOT a morning person what-so-ever but my hair just doesn't ever lay right after I sleep. So, the next day is an automatic pony day, which is fine most of the time.

    Thanks for this list, made me chuckle!