Friday, February 4, 2011

Breathing treatments, giveaway winner & a coupon code.

Well, my momma intuition was at an all time high yesterday, and after a trip to the pediatrician that afternoon, I know why. 

It's not right when your kid is wheezing. It's not right when they're coughing all night long. 

She needs breathing treatments over the next 5 days. I now am a proud owner a big, hunkin' nebulizer. Poor kid is a mess. She also has a wicked ear infection in her one ear. 

The entire appointment though? She was smiling, giggling & CLAPPING for the doctor. The doc called Emeline a "happy wheezer". Happy or not, the kid is still sick. We're gonna reassess Monday and see if it's working and where we will go from there.

It broke my heart a little, I can't lie.


Thanks for all the entries on the giveaway post. Once I went through and counted (it took me like 14 times. Don't judge...), there were 182 entries total.

Mr. told me that #11 won. 

 Congrats to Aly @Analyze This.

For all the runners up, you can use code: LOTSOFLOVE15OFF over at KidKovers Etsy Shop, or you use the same code when ordering from her main website, but you'll have to wait for an adjusted total to pay. Just mention the code upon ordering. [She sells a lot more than just be sure to check her out.] 

Really, I adore her stuff. You know this, but go. Go go go go go. I love supporting other mom'trepeneurs. 


Have a fabulous weekend.


  1. Hope she gets better soon!

    P.S. My daughter has the same pjs, lol.

  2. Awww, poor girl! I feel your pain--we're dealing with the sick baby thing around here too, and it is NO fun.

  3. Poor baby girl, I know its tough... it breaks my heart everytime Emma get sick.

    prayers & hugs

  4. Oh, that breaks my heart! Poor baby girl. I hope she has a quick recovery. At least you have even MORE reasons for lots of baby snuggles :)

  5. Bless her heart! Poor Eme! :( Hope she feels better soon. "Happy wheezer" is the cutest thing I've ever heart. lol.

    (Congrats Aly!)

  6. Hope she feels better and congrats to Aly!

  7. That picture with the mask on her face that you posted on Twitter made my heart brake. I hope that she feels better soon!

  8. Oh I will be praying that Eme feels
    better soon! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  9. Hope she gets to feeling better soon love!

  10. Aww sweet baby! Hope she feels better soon!