Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Fragments

It is gorgeous here today. Like, it will be sunny and warm. But the weather? Is a little butthead. And do you know why? It's taunting us with this lovely weather today, but next week, I saw SNOW FLURRIES on my weather app. SNOW. Again.

Forgive me while I go pass out. I AM SO OVER WINTER.

So, today? I will bask in this deliciously warm weather by doing a little spring cleaning with my windows open. Yep, I know. I'm a girl who knows how to celebrate right.


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Here's some of her pretties:

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I took Emeline to the park yesterday. It felt clearly very odd to be there, in short sleeves, with snow on the ground, still.  But, a ton of moms were there with their kiddies. You could just see the relief on their faces to be out, in the fresh air, running free, swinging, sliding down slides, anything. 

It was adorable.

My girl thoroughly enjoyed being outside, and swinging. 

While hanging out by the swingset I started to make casual conversation with the other moms. Honestly? Part of me is still kind of shocked that I can totally mom-speak like the best of 'em. I'm a mom. Wow. You'd think that by this point in time it'd have sunk in, right? Wrong. Sometimes I still pinch myself that she is mine. No lie. 

But, anyway, they were nice. Totally nice. In fact, one mom told me that while watching Eme on the swings, she quickly sent a text to her husband asking for a tube-tie-reversal surgery. She has two boys, but she said after seeing Em, she suddenly decided she NEEDS a girl. Like, now. 


So looking forward to more park days, and outside, sunshine'y days ahead.


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Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Your sweet girl definitely makes me want one! And I can only imagine the restraint I would need to keep from buying all kinds of adorable baby girl items on etsy...

  2. wonder what that husband said ha ha!!

    She looks so big in the picture of her in the stroller.

    Glad you are enjoying some time outside!

  3. Is Eme wearing those little socks with the rubber grippers that I always see at Target? Do you like 'em?

    I never meet moms at the park. Like, ever. I'm jealous!

  4. It's in the 70's here too. And I heard on the radio yesterday that snow is possible again next week. I cried a little.

  5. She looks so big in that swing! Like she is way older than her 9 months! Such a cutie too! I can't wait until the weather get nicer here once again, so we could go out! I hate being indoors by myself for so long, too.

  6. We got out and enjoyed the beautiful weather here in Missouri as well! It was a gorgeous day here, and we are getting ready to enjoy another one! I'm with you, I am over snow as well!

    I really enjoy your blog! You're a great writer and its super cute! How did you get so many followers! I would just love to make it to 25! Haha! :)

  7. I am with you on the whole "I'm a Mom" thing! It just came so natural to me but sometimes I have to remind myself that she is mine, not someone elses lol! Sometimes when she is asleep I go in to make sure she is still there and it wasn't all a dream :)

  8. I so want it to be spring but I know we'll get another cold snap so I'm totally withholding my excitement about the warm weather.

  9. She is such a doll! I love all the clippies you're putting in her hair recently.

  10. she's so presh. katie, i feel like she's grown leaps and bounds in just a few weeks! MAKE IT STOP!!! lol. But really though- love her! (makes my ovaries hurt a little bit for some pink tulle and headbands, too...)