Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My subconscious is odd.

I woke up at 3am (and 1am and 5am--but that's another story) with a sick little girl.

I'm so over winter sickness by the way. SO over it.

But anyway, I woke up at 3am and found myself scratching my head after realizing the dream I just had. It was so wild and weird, I decided to write it down in the trusty notes section of the 'ole iphone.

In one, tiny short (probably in reality was a few minutes, aren't our dreams SUPER quick but feel long, or something??) dream there was a LOT jam packed into it.

First, I remember showing up to my in-laws house because an ambulance was called for my father-in-law. They thought there was something wrong with his heart, but it turned out everything was a-ok with him. 

The weirdest part was, my mother-in-law went to pick him up to transport him to another bed, and he had NO lower half. As in, he was just an upper body. His body stopped right under his belly button. Is that even possible? 

What on earth makes my subconscious dream these things?

On top of that, somehow in.their.yard (yea-the way dreams link together are totally odd) there was a big group of very racially & culturally diverse people all laying out and enjoying the sunshine. Suddenly, a very heated argument started taking place involving bits and pieces of racist comments. 

I was infuriated, to say the least, because that's an area I feel very strongly about, and I try to surround myself with diverse people. Of course, I stood up to the jerks who were being total ignorant douchebags.

Somehow, after that the scene became a local farmers market that was conveniently placed inside our YMCA. No kidding, right? Our pastors wife, who adores Emeline had her and was toting her around for me so I could freely shop. 

After some time went by, I saw her and she didn't have my baby anymore. So I asked her who she got passed off too (the 'pass the baby' game isn't unusual), and she said, "Oh, I just put her in the YMCA babysitting."

In my dream I could FEEL my face turned as white as a ghost. She kind of looked at me like, "Oh, that wasn't okay?", and I remember saying through almost-tear-filled eyes something about being a first time  mom and no I'm not okay with that, while racing back inside to try and find my daughter.

Totally weird. Not to mention, the emotions were crazy and felt SO real. I remember them, vividly.

I started looking in multiple locations for the babysitting area. I kept seeing babies, but not my baby. Finally, I was directed to the correct babysitting room, and found Emeline peacefully playing.

I remember thinking she was probably hungry. So I perched myself up in a corner (of bleachers? Omg. I sound like I was on something.), popped my boob out, and started feeding her, and not really caring about who was around me. 

To my left, I see a grandma-type figure. She says to me, "Sweetie, you should really nurse her"---and I looked and felt confused, when she elaborated to "put my baby up to me closer, with more skin to skin contact".  Who was this woman and why was she telling me how to feed my kid?

At this moment, I remember hearing some crying. It was Emeline over the monitor needing her momma. In real life.

When I had a second to process this dream--it was enough to make me feel like I'd been on some sort of drug, and I assure you, I am not. Not even tylenol. Not cold medicine. Nothing.

Do you ever get these crazy hodge-podged dreams? 

They're enough to leave me scratching my head and pondering for days. 


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  1. They say that those dreams are ways of your subconscious to work out issues. They always get me worked up after a crazy one like that.

  2. I wake up so boggled and confused about my dreams SO often. Dreams are really so crazy.

  3. I always google key words out of my dreams to try to interpret them. I find they really do connect and start to make sense!

  4. They say you dream more and crazier when you're PREGNANT!! :) Just throwing it out there....

  5. I agree with Bethany-that TOTALLY sounds like a preggy dream. :0 Just sayin'

  6. Ha! Do I know about dreams!!! I have them (I kid you not) every single night!!! I always remember bits and pieces and used to share them w/ my bestie in HS...but now I just keep them to myslef, b/c Hubbi is not that quite interested! LoL!!!

    A crazy dream that happened last wk, involved me driving my truck to town, leaving and there was flooding of murky, brown water on the roads...and me trying to keep the boys baby nail clippers and a positive pregnancy test ABOVE water!!! Yup...weird!!! 0_0 LoL!

  7. I always get dreams that make me feel super anxious for a little while after I wake up. Especially when i can't remember why I'm feeling so anxious!!!

  8. my dreams are always super crazy and weird like that!! and fun fact...i read somewhere that you can't dream of faces you've never seen...

  9. Ha! Seriously, the stuff our minds come up with while asleep is CRAZY!!!!

  10. My dreams are insane, and I used to remember them, but now that I'm beyond exhausted when I fall into bed, I never remember them!

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