Monday, February 14, 2011


So, since it's you know, it's Valentines Day and all I'm pretty sure that means there is some mandatory lovey-dovey post required.

Meh. I feel indifferent.

Although I do appreciate Valentines Day and am most definitely not a hater. February 14th isn't just a commercialized holiday to us. Nine years ago today, a very young Declan asked a very young version of myself to be his girlfriend. 

Yep. We're that couple. With a dating anniversary on Valentines Day. It's funny though, it wasn't meant to be all cute like that. It just so happened. In fact, it wasn't even a sweet, romantic (teenage) thing. It was all, "come on and just be my girlfriend already", since we were acting like we were together, with no official title anyway. 

Anyway. The rest was (obviously) history.

Here we are. 

And while I thought I was in absolute, insane, over-the-top love then? I laugh at my teenage self a little bit now. Because, grows. It molds, and changes, and becomes a different, stronger, more meaningful kind of love with each passing year. 

It really, really does.

Not only that, but this year we both got to feel the kind of love that only comes from being a parent. 

And holy-good-Lord that's a BIG kind of love that I never, ever, ever could before fathom. Even remotely. Even if I tried.


I am feeling all sorts of mushy, gushy, lovey-like. Nine years of being a couple to celebrate. Nine months of feeling the tangible love of our baby girl. Of being a family. 

So, I guess I did it. Oozed the love-factor all over this post. 

Oh well. Out of the heart the mouth types speaks, right?

Happy Valentines Days, beautiful friends.

[onesie made by my sister]


  1. The idea that love grows and changes is a bit overwhelming for an almost married girl. I can't quite take in the fact that I could possibly love my fiance more. However, seeing how different our relationship is from where we started, I can't imagine how amazed I'll be at love's capacity 1, 5, 10+ years from now. Simply awesome.

    I love that you two got together on Valentines day. So cute!

    Have a love filled day!

  2. awww 9 is such a special number this year! love this post, love you, love declan, love eme-kay... gosh so much love around here.

    happy v-day sissy!

  3. Could you do me a favor and move to my state? I just want to squeeze her cute little cheeks. :)

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. So sweet and a BEAUTIFUL post!!!! :)

  5. great post... she is adorable.. I love the E onsie

  6. I am totally in full mushy mode today! Beautiful post :)

  7. So sweet! Happy Valentines Day!!

  8. Today is also my and my boyfriend's anniversary! We are celebrating 2 years! :o)

  9. 9 years! Wow! Such a beautiful post...and little girl, too, of course. :)

  10. Aww - that is a lot of love! What a neat holiday for the three of you. :)

  11. i love this!!! happy happy day for your adorable family =)

  12. Oh my gosh, she is SOOOOO CUTE! And I swear...she keeps getting CUTER. How does she do that?!?

  13. these pics are SO beautiful! and i need to get sue to whip me up some onsies!!