Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The 'ole iPhone dump

Yesterday was awesome. It was so amazing that I totally woke up this morning feeling as if it was Monday. Yesterday completely & totally felt like a weekend-day, it was just that fun. 

It is rare my weekdays are jam packed with that much. And? I loved it.

Yep. Such a Valentines Day sap, I am. Go ahead. Hate on me. I love me some v-day.

Anyway. A quick walk-through in iPhone pics, shall we?


The day started off with a surprise from Declan. He took the morning off work, got the baby ready, woke me up to the lure of coffee & a pancake breakfast. He had a card for each of his girls all ready, not to mention two pretty bouquets for each of us. 

Breakfast at home with my favorite people? Is seriously like heaven on earth for me. I'm pretty simple to please.

Then, he headed into work for the day. I got Eme down for a nap & my sister came over to start baking cookies for our men. 

We just did the prep work for the baking, then we headed out for a sister-valentines-lunch with our sister-in-law, Kesh and our nieces. Was delicious & fun, but clearly we tired someone out.

While the lady above napped, my sister and I went into cookie-decorating-extravaganza.

While cookie-decorating madness ensued, an amazing delivery came. My KidKovers summer-towel for Emeline. I absolutely love it. Here are her two pretties hanging up in her room.

Then? I had "get-ready-for-datenight-madness". My parents were awesome enough to give us a few hours out while they came over and watched the baby. But, I had a little something up my sleeve for them, too. 

Heck, it's their Valentines Day, too, right?

I made them a pretty fab meal, and set the table like this. From what I heard? They enjoyed it immensely.

Score for me.

[I consider it a way to keep my favorite babysitters happy :)]


Shockingly enough, there are zero photos to document our fabulous date. Which, goes to show I guess just how fabulous it was, right? I was too busy gazing lovingly in my husband's eyes to even think about touching my phone. 

That, or we were just simply enjoying adult talk other than our normal "wave to da-da", "did you go poops?", "don't feed Mac-a-boy!", etc etc. 

It's good. So good to reconnect. But? The best gift of all was the gift of sleep. Our girl decided to sleep for 12 straight hours. And while I realize other babies do this all the time? Ours does not. Ever. So, it was quite a treat. Mommy & Daddy thank you, sweet girl.


Happy Tuesday!


  1. Seriously where can I find a man like Declan?! So thoughtful.
    I wants one.

  2. In the midst of our meal Saturday night, Adam said, "I can go home and eat chicken and hear a baby cry for free." Needless to say, our dinner wasn't very quiet due to the screaming child next to us.

  3. This post is just pure sweetness!!! What a wonderful day!!!! :)

  4. the cookies are gorgeous! i bet they tasted delicious too. so glad to hear you had a wonderful date night. you are so thoughtful to create a delicious meal for your parents!

  5. Your husband sounds like such a great guy, you both seem very happy together. Happy belated V Day, glad you had such a great day.

  6. you are like daughter of the year for that dinner. very nice thought!

    i can't think of a better present than 12 hours of sleep..

  7. Love it! What did you make for your parents? And also ... do you drink ice water with your breakfast? For some reason (I HAVE NO IDEA WHY) that seems really weird to me? ... ha I'm a crazy face. Glad you had a good vday!

  8. OK, I know it wasn't the point of this post, but all I have to say is...


  9. That's so smart to make dinner for you babysitters! :) What a way to keep them happy. Sounds like a great day!

  10. sooooo that icing looks like all kinds of yummy, would you pretty please post a recipe?
    xo laura

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