Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pics & Housekeeping

{Um, how could I not love them?}

{Today is our last day of this torture device.}

{Pure baby goodness, right here.}

Just some reminders of things (or shameless plugs-whatever...):

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-Use code LOVESOFLIFE20OFF at Hope Loves Cards

-I am still doing a little blog design on the side, so check out my page, and feel free to email me. I'm super quick. You'll love me, promise. 

-My Etsy shop is up and ticking right along. And omigah, look at this little beauty in my headband? It's available in the shop right now, too.

Now, hopefully you didn't die of the cuteness. :)

happy wednesday!


  1. I'm absolutely no judge of photography, but with that being said, I swear your photog-skills get better by the week. Love the one of E, looking down at her.

  2. Emeline is just soooo precious. Seriously. Kills me!

  3. Your lil one is just too cute!!! So glad she's feeling better and won't have to do breathing treatments anymore!

    I agree with Erica too, your pictures always look amazing! What kind of camera do you use?

  4. You mean that babe is for sale in your shop?!?

  5. Your daughter is such a cutie pa tutie! Glad to see she is almost done with this breathing treatments.

  6. O my goodness Emeline is getting sooo big

  7. I am proof that you are the best blog designer EVAH.

  8. Your photos are so good! What kind of camera do you have?