Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Renewed again.

I don't know what it is, maybe the sickness? The winter? All the snow?

But I've not been quite myself. 

The winter has been kicking my butt. Our butts. Like most people, we've been dealing with sickness out the whazoo, being cooped up in our house for days on ends, and quite literally, feeling a bit trapped inside.

While I am a self-proclamined 'homebody' and most definitely prefer a few good days "in" a week...I'm over it. So over this weather. Being stuck inside. Feeling in a funk of sorts.

This week has brought a little bit of relief around here. The sun has been shining. The weather is still in the 40's, but its amazing how that feels quite warm compared to our almost-tundra-like days. It's all about perspective, right?

I've just felt more me again. 

I'm opening the blinds more and soaking up the sun. Getting out of my yoga pants & going out. Being more spontaneous. Or at least, trying.

For instance, yesterday I had zero plans to do anything, go anywhere, nada...nothing...zilch.

I honestly had planned on staying in my comfies all day, relaxing with my little girl. 

But, something about this age of my daughter, though? I'm obsessed with. Holy, goodness. Nine months is a caaaUUte phase. Honestly, I'd like to bottle it up forever and ever and ever and ever. It's that good. 

I came across a coupon for our local in-mall photo studio (aka: the picture peeps), and on a friggin whim, called them, scheduled an appointment for fast forward one hour, and that was that.

I didn't even let my brain process it. Not even at all. Hardly a tiny bit. If I thought about it for too long I would have came up with umpteen excuses as to why not go.

I hadn't even planned her headbands or outfits for days like I'd normally do. 

You know what?

It didn't matter. It was so fun. It was empty. The place was dead. Everyone was in a valentines-day-after-coma, I do believe. 

I sat back, let the photographer work her little professional magic, and I? I did nothing. I smiled in amazement that the little beauty sitting on that studio backdrop was mine. My heart kind of leapt every time she giggled, smiled, made her squishy face or clapped at the photographer. 

Something about watching from the sidelines was really nice this time. Really, really nice. 

I felt kind of renewed again. Getting out. Being spontaneous. Watching my girl eat up the camera for someone else other than her momma. Was so good.

And so what if I got suckered into a little bit more than the coupon? I mean, if this is the closest thing I can get to bottling up this age, then heck, so be it.


  1. LOVE! These are adorable, and the spring-y outfit is really making me look forward to warmer weather!

  2. love them :) love that you did it in a limb and I love her outfit!

  3. I am dying over the pure cuteness in these pics!

  4. She looks so cute! Love the pictures!

  5. just adorabe kater. Did you buy all those prints? The cd? You sure have a beauty on your hands.

  6. This girl DEFINITELY belongs on the cover of a Baby Magazine!!!!

    She is such a true beauty!!! :D

  7. Seriously she is so darn adorable. I mean really she is. Just sayin'

  8. O my goodness... what a cutie patootie!!!!!!! I love the photos...

  9. How could you NOT buy them all? They are fantastic!!

  10. Aww! I love all of them! Especially the one in the center. She is simply adorable! :)

  11. She is absolutely A.DOR.ABLE!!! I am so glad you are enjoying every minute of her and this goes by so fast.

  12. Wow she is one of the most photogenic babies I've ever seen. Great photos!

  13. Those are some great pictures. In ten years you'll be so happy you ended up with more than what you went in for. :)

  14. SO CUTE! I'm pretty sure 9 months was one of my favorite phases too. Still enough tiny baby left to squish, but plenty of "big kid" personality to make it fun. :)

  15. Those seriously turned out so great! She sure does know how to work a camera!