Monday, February 28, 2011

Special Auction for a Special Lady

I'm sure by now you've heard of the devastating news of Kellie & James Staat, with the loss of their sweet baby, Maddie last week. 

Kellie's been a long time reader, here. She's such an amazing momma. My heart has been in a lot of pain for them. A lot. And that doesn't even remotely give a glimpse of the way they're feeling. I can't imagine.

Some wonderful people are coming along and wanting to give opportunity to help the Staat's financially. There are lots of ways we can, but one is this auction that starts today at 12pm CST (Monday). There are some of the most adorable handmade items, ever. All proceeds go towards the family.

Eme*Kay Creatives has donated a piece. You can check it out, here and go bid. Or, bid on something else. Whatever you do, let's help out this amazing family in a time of such grief & hurt. Mmk?

Make sure to read all the directions and get to bidding. I'm excited to see how much money can be raised.

Thanks for reaching out to a precious family in such a time of need.



  1. Katie..Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers.

  2. I had never read her blog before but just spent the last hour doing so. what a horrible, heart aching loss :(

  3. OMGoodness. I just read her blog and know exactly how she feels. I spend 2 hours crying for her and Maddie. My baby boy is also in Jesuss' arms and has been for 32 years. I still mourn my baby, Benjamin, and yes it still hurts 32 years later. Easier yes, still hurt, yes always has always will! Prayers prayers and more prayers for your sweet baby girl and your precious family!