Friday, March 11, 2011

Forget it.

I had a post for today, but honestly? It all seems extremely petty & trivial after seeing the devastation some of our world is in today. My heart is feeling all sorts of sad.

So, forget the post.

I just want to give you a little reminder to link up tomorrow for Saturday Morning Scene.


1. Take a picture of your Saturday Morning Scene. [Are you having an elaborate breakfast? Cuddling in bed with the kiddos? Watching cartoons? Maybe you're out and & about shopping, at a diner, at a yardsale, etc. Phone photos are okay, too. Get creative.]

2. Post & Link up. So come and grab the button from below.

That's it, we'll pop around and see what's going on with everyone. I find the way everyone spends their Saturday mornings really fun. :)

Now that I'm giving you warning, you have no excuse not to come back. See you, then.


Saturday Morning Scene


  1. I'm with you on this too.
    Its hard to think other stuff with all the horrible saddness happening around the world today.

  2. I'm ready this time! :)

  3. love your new blog design! supah cute!

  4. Love the new blog - and your Saturday link up idea!