Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This is what I'm capable of today.

I'm not sure I could form a sentence today to save my life. Oh, look. I sort of just did?

Either way, consider this a brain dump, err, explosion. Whichever.


-All of your comments yesterday about Emeline were sweet as can be. Thank you. You make a momma's heart happy. 

-This morning I was awaken at 7am by a strong pounding (knocking?) on the door. It was Best Buy delivering our dryer. I can't even tell you how happy I am to have a dryer we don't have to run three or more times to get DRY clothes. Such a novelty. We're hoping it'll save on our electric costs because drying each load multiple times is A.) a time sucker and B.) an energy waster. 

Either way, I shoved the husband downstairs to deal with the delivery because there is no way my hot-mess-lookin'-morning-self was going down there to do it. You'll be happy to know it's currently drying it's first load. We're all about testing out the new goods.

-My newest fun thing to mess around with on my phone is the Instagram app. Anyone else have it? My username is LovesofLife. I have no idea if other phones (other than iPhones) have this app, but it takes such fun photos. See? I love it.

-My sister emailed a bunch of her close friends/family last night to share an article on Lent she found. You know, it's funny--I grew up in always very contemporary-like Churches so Lent wasn't something I was very familiar with. But, I just can't seem to find any harm in giving up something you really enjoy doing, or something that sucks up your time to spend more time praying, or reading uplifting things, or heck, spending time with people. 

So, after reading this article, I decided to join my sister and we both deactivated our Facebook accounts. I don't say this to be all braggy-brag, because, as pathetic as it sounds, giving up Facebook (aka: timesucker101) is going to be pretty hard for me. I mean, where will I upload the new pictures I take of my baybee?! Waahhh. But, more or less, you can help keep me accountable, too.

I'm determined to finish reading my book, One Thousand Gifts, during this time. I'm not a big reader--but I'm gonna buckle down and do it.

-Okay, and here's a shameless plug because I haven't done one in a long, long time. There are a few new items up in my shop, so take a look.


Happy Wednesday!


  1. So how will you promote your business?!?! Or just take a break from that for awhile.

    Love the app. I have a few friends on twitter who use that app!

    Going to check out your shop now.. might need an easter headband or two!

  2. Love that app! I don't think droids have it though :( I've searched and it says "no matches" booo

  3. Sorry to see you go on Facebook, but completely understand the reason.

    I love that white headband. :)

  4. I am seriously impressed with someone trying to give up Facebook for Lent. Think of all the time you'll save! More cuddles with E, right?

  5. What sweet photos. Good luck giving up Facebook, I dont know if I could do it :)

  6. I want to know allllll about your new dryer. I currently have to dry things at least 2-3 times.....that's 3 hours of drying per load. OMG!!! I hate it. Tell me about your new one so I can put together a sales pitch for my hubby.

  7. Giving up fb won't be easy (if your anything like me) but it will be worth it.
    can't wait to get my iphone this weekend!

  8. I have been having fun with instagram, too. Since I just have the 3gs (no flash - boooo) it's hard to take decent phone pics ... I find instagram helps make them look decentish even if they are crappo.

  9. All your pictures are great (as usual) but the one in the lower right hand corner? Wow....

  10. ooh may i please add you on instagram? i am going to anyway... haha.

    Also, how could I possibly place a special order for twin flower headbands?

  11. Ironically, I grew up in a contemporary Lutheran church (not many of those, I don't think... at least at the time). Anyway, we did Lent, Ash Wednesday, all that. You can totally do it. I have a friend that gave FB up last year, and it was so productive for her. Good luck!

  12. Sister gave up her FB for lent as well! (We are Catholic...we give up things every year) This year, for me? SODAS and FAST FOOD!!!! Gah!!! I NEED too!!! 0_0 So let us see how it goes!

    Awww...kinda sad you will not be on FB for 40 days...gosh. I need to see Eme's pics SOMEWHERE!!! LoL!

    ...and the Instagram app is awesome!!! Don't have an I-phone but have an I-pod touch! I shall try it!!! :D

  13. Hooray for a new dryer! Good luck with not using Facebook! I admire your dedication. ;) And, of course...loving Instagram as well.

  14. We observe Lent in the Lutheran church, but giving something up is not a requirement. Still, I often do decide to give something up because I think it helps me personally to be intentional about my faith, and to have a better understanding of sacrifice.