Monday, March 7, 2011

To whom it may concern.

Dear Husband,

Do you know just how awesome it was to have you home this weekend? I don't want to be all sappy-like, but it made for a really good Saturday O' Errand-running/shopping/etc with our little family. Those times fill up my love-tank like whoa. So, thanks. I realize if you could you'd have every weekend off work. But, maybe it makes me appreciate them more? 

Either way, thanks. We love you tons.

Your girls

PS: none of the following events would have been as fun without you.


Dear salesman in Best Buy,

I didn't particularly like it when you called my daughter a "flirt" because she smiled & waved at you. She smiles at everyone. I laughed it off though, and moved on.

But at the end of the sale, when you went and made that old-dirty-man remark to her, like "you better stop looking at me that way, pretty lady, or people will start rumors about us" bullshizz I wanted to smack you. It wasn't funny, and? It was kind of distasteful. You took it too far.

It almost voided the sale. No, really.

Protective don't ever talk about my girl that way Momma-Bear


Dear Server at The Restaurant Of Choice this weekend,

Lingering awkwardly around our table was kinda weird, not gonna lie. I've waited tables before, I know the drill. Be nice, a little friendly chit-chat is okay, but trying to talk our ear off about your hot sports car? No good.

I could honestly care less about your Thunderbird that's "dying for a spin". I'd rather talk about my kids poop to be perfectly honest.

Oh, and when you come in to check on our table mid-smoke-break, and bring a huge puff of cigarette smoke with you? It literally makes me want to vomit. 

Take note.

A paying, would kind of like to enjoy my meal in peace customer.


Dear Starbucks,

It's a shame, really. I avoid you--often. We simply cannot justify that amount of money spent on coffee. But, thanks to my friend Gina we had a gift card. So we splurged, per-say. 

But you royally messed up Declan's order. He ended up with a hot chai when the man hates tea. And guess where we ended up stopping five minutes later?

Dunkin Donuts.

Starbucks Fail.

At least you got my order right


Happy Monday!


  1. The Best Buy dude? Ew. WTF are people thinking?

  2. I can totally picture the best buy dude. He DID tke it to far. That's a bit creepy!

  3. Best Buy dude totally took it too far. Pervy creep.

  4. Ohh the husband being home for the weekend. I fantasize about the day when that will happen for us. Thank goodness the high school basketball season is almost done. Then Jon will at least be home Friday evenings.

    Glad you had a fun weekend!!

  5. I can't stand when servers "ruin" the meal by over talking, or interrupting good conversation, or just being weird in general. Eck.

  6. i love your random letters! they always make me laugh! well, except for the skeevy sales guy :(

  7. Creepo perv at best buy. Ick. And? What is with us and getting the weirdest servers ever?!?! Did this one try to snatch your baby away?

  8. Oh creeper!

    The smoking server that brings back cigarette smoke gags me too!

    My husband works weird days and hours too, so I totally am with you on the appreciation for the times when we're all together!
    Happy Monday!

  9. So hate smokers. All of them. I wish we could send them all somewhere to be smelly smoking assholes and leave my clean air alone

  10. Starbucks will always make you a fresh drink if you complain! I do it all the time because it's shocking to me how difficult those workers find it to press the correct buttons.

    Best buy guy sounds like a real creeper I totally would not have handled that as well as you did. I'd probably have said "Wave goodbye to the creepy old man" or something even more obnoxious.

    Sorry, I'm tired today :)
    /end snarky comments

  11. Ok best buy dude is a creep! and I freaking hate when people take smoke breaks and then come back to work smelling all nasty.. seriously I know i don't smoke but that smell is HORRID!

  12. Ewww! I'm totally skeeved by Best Buy man. ICK!

  13. ew best buy man, yuck. Sorry about Starbucks order, i hate when i get in the car and my iced chai latte is too strong, and i can't finish it :(

  14. some men have no understanding of limits... i work in the car business, so i get my fair share of them!

    mmmm, starbucks. i gave it up a month or so ago. then last night i found an old gift card. it has 43 cents on it. pretty sure that does not justify a trip to starbucks... sigh

  15. Totally GROSS Best Buy dude! >:(

    I <3 that you loved the wknd of family time!!! Those are just amazing!!! Even when you gotta run errands...being together always makes it much more special! I know I have been enjoying mine!

    Have a great wk Momma! :D

  16. Ew. The letter to the salesman gives me the willies. Weird.

  17. I would have slapped the Best Buy guy. Gross. Uncalled for. Yuck!!!!

  18. Ohhh, poor Dec. It makes me madder for him since it was on the card I gifted you and you two deserve perfect coffee. Or tea. Or whatevs.

    And don't get me started on that salesman. Just, ew.