Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tv & kiddies...just some thoughts.

Yikes. Touchy topic ahead.

In college I remember doing a debate on Television & Children in my child psych class. I happened to be 'put' on the side that had to debate why television was a negative thing for kids.

I thought, yes, I got the easy side, because of course, any person without children would be all "oh yea, tv is horrible for your kids!"

And you know what? TV in mass quantities? Probably IS horrible for your kid. As is the key to most things in life: Moderation.

But this is yet again, another of those mom topics that you either agree with, or you don't. You're either really passionate about, or you're not. One of those things that can cause The Great Divide among moms. Pathetic as it may be.

See, as a teacher--I've totally seen the kid who's cracked out on video-games. It's really, truly a sad thing. It's the same kid who tends to have some focus issues. And DUH, of course they have focus issues. In one of my grad classes we talked about how going from fast-pace-high-intensitiy video games/tv/movies, and then to the classroom, doing math problems on the chalkboard is the equivalent of going from 60mph to ZERO for a kid.

They've basically programmed their brains to need high!intensity! at all times.

So, going into motherhood I took an "in moderation" standpoint. I mean, let's face it. I like television. I like movies. My husband and I get excited to cuddle on the couch at night after the babe's in bed and watch our favorite shows. I never, ever, once thought that she'd never watch tv or movies, in fact, the occasional movie can be a lifesaver sometimes.

My 10 month old watches TV. Well, if you consider "watching" as crawling around the room, playing with toys, and taking occasional glances at the TV here and there, then yes. She's watching it.

Is she watching a lot? No way. In fact, the TV is off most of the day. Some mornings, though? We just cuddle on the couch and watch God Made Animals, Veggie Tales, Mickey Mouse, or Word World.

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  1. Sometimes we let Dora babysit & I'm ok with that! If it means I can make dinner or throw in a load of laundry I'm for it! But, like you said, in moderation.

  2. My friend Im staying with this week in Austin lets her 7 month old watch ick Jr all day haha

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  4. I'd just like to say, I love that you used the term "cracked out".

    And, well, I agree with pretty much everything you said.

    What is God Made Animals? *Googles it*

  5. We let Caleb watch TV....his favs are during dinner, wheel of fortune and jeopardy. Me thinks it's all the colors and movement.

    But you are so right, moderation is key -- in anything we do in life.

  6. My mom has actually done research on this, ever since the Baby Einstein things became popular and she would see babies glued to the tv for the whole half hour. Apparently there's been a correlation between these shows and kids' distractions and abilities to focus, ADD, etc. It's all interesting. I'm not sure how I feel about it: it can help for my friends to get things done real quick, but then you read this stuff?

  7. I love love loved this post! ;)