Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The verdict: I'll never sleep again

There's some weird mom code to not talk about babies & sleep online, I swear to you. Even I have been guilty of getting ready to type something out, and thinking, 'Yikes, I don't want to jinx it.' Or better yet, be judged if my baby wasn't ::gasp:: sleeping through the night.

Truth be told, with sleeping training and all that, something, SOMETHING will always throw a wrench in our plans and ruin what we've been working on. Always. Without fail.

I'm new'ish at this mom stuff, still, but I think that's just the nature of children. 

You know. You get used to something, for a few days--and then BAM! It all changes.

A tooth starts to break through, or The Worst Cold of 2011 emerges, making your baby unable to sleep comfortably, hence, being up every few hours in the night.

You get it.

I'm starting to come to the realization that its okay. 

I can function semi-properly and heck, even drive somewhat safe on an interrupted night of sleep. Since, well, it's been almost 11 months (excuse me while I faint) since I've had a proper nights sleep.

You see, we'll have a few weeks where sleep is pretty good. Then, the unpredictability thing happens and boom! Ear infection. Ear Infection=Laying Down No-No. They hate to lay down when their ears hurt, hence, lack of sleep. For you, and the baby. Or, this winter, for us? She got some major cough-type-bronchiolitis thing. That was fun. Or not.

Talk about up-every-half-hour-pain.


But really. I've come to the conclusion that I'll sleep when all my kids are teenagers and I have to dump cold water on their face just to kick them out the front door in order to make the bus that day. Because, all teenagers like to sleep in, right?

And once they all get on the bus? Momma's going back to bed. Or so I dream. Whatever.

For instance, last night she was up twice before 1:30am. TWICE.

I swore that she'd just continue that trend well through the night, since the girl is still (iknow,right?) just not 100% on her A-game health-wise. But, she ended up sleeping from 1:45am-7:45am. If you're good at math (or not), that's SIX HOURS.

How insanely pathetic is it that I was happy with six hours of straight sleep from an almost 11 month old? Considering she slept 6 straight hours the day she turned six weeks old, I'm going go ahead and "ding ding ding" in, and say, Pathetic for 500. Sigh.

I'm hoping, praying to get back to the 10-11 hour nights (and you moms of kids who sleep 14 hours a night are pointing & laughing. Take it easy, I hear you.) we'd been having for a while. That'd be nice. BUT, if it doesn't happen for a while? Well, whatever. Because honestly? I still function. And there's always coffee.

But, I do have to say this. If I had a freaking tooth (or two) busting through my precious little gums? I'd want a snuggle from my momma, too. Or if I had a cough that wouldn't quit, I wouldn't want to be summoned to my baby prison crib, either.

Whether it's just a time, or a phase--whatever. What I'm learning is this. Things will forever change. She's a growing human. She'll evolve and adapt, and guess what? So will her sleeping. And that? Is just part of the gig I signed up for when becoming a parent.

I'm okay with that.

Plus, there's always coffee.

And this smiling face all day long.


  1. I hear ya sister! Smith still isn't sleeping well. We average getting out of bed 4-5 times at night to either tuck him back in, sooth him, or feed. And he's 8 months old. It does suck. Hopefully it'll get better soon. For all of us.

  2. I feel the pain and some how us moms just learn to function on little sleep. my body things its weird when I get a full nights sleep and then I am more tired then when she wakes me a few times a night. We where doing really well until a dang nasty cold / fever thing came in to our lives again.

    like you said one day we will sleep!

  3. I'm gonna have to have you on speed dial if/when I ever have children! And seriously, just when I think it's not possible anymore, Eme gets cuter Precious little thing! Thanks for the birthday wishes, sweet girl. Your blog was one of the first ones I EVER read and fell in love with, so glad this crazy blog world crossed our paths :)

  4. You're so smart! :)

    I don't think I've had normal sleep in over 10 years (my son is 11). haha

    But, the evolving and adapting is right on!

    Funny enough the ad at the bottom is a miserable looking pale man with red eyes and bags and it says,"How to stay asleep". hahahahaha

    She's a cutie!

  5. maybe it means that baby #2 will have a better sleep schedule! It really seems like things balance eachother!

  6. I totally know what you mean! And even if she *does* sleep through the night, I'm used to waking up every couple of hours, and so I just don't sleep as deep as I normally would! There have been times where in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, I've said, "Okay, I NEED two hours of good sleep. See you soon!"

  7. I use to chuckle in disbelief when people told me their kid didn't sleep through the night until they were two. I was certain that would never be my kid, you just make them sleep, right? Well we're going on 6 months of not sleeping through the night...except for a small grace period around 2 months, I have no idea what I did right to get her to sleep 10 hours at 8 weeks old...but that unfortunately was just a short phase.

    I'm on a mission to try the second round of sleeping training next week while on Spring Break.

  8. To someone who teters on the edge of whether or not to have kids when I get married I worry about lack of sleep

  9. will not even sleep when they get older. It will always be something. Tons of kids running around the house because your house will be the coolest hang out. Staying awake to make sure you don't hear that front door open. Waiting for them to come in by curfew!

    You will sleep again one day but NOT ANY TIME SOON!


  10. Eme and Kirsten seem to be one in the same when it comes to sleep. I feel the exact same way, we're just starting to really get it down (and get used to sleeping) and then something happens. Travel, sickness, teeth, work change, etc. This sounds terrible, but do you get tired of moms who think that THEY are the reason their babies sleep well? I (and I know you have too) have TRIED and TRIED. We've sleep trained and it works, and then had to re-sleep-train all over again I don't even know how many times in Kirsten's short little life.

    Wow...that turned into a rant quickly, apologies, but thanks for letting me vent in your comment section! :)

  11. I hear ya and totally feel your pain. My oldest slept through the night since she was 4 weeks old. Now with my second who is 4 months old, she doesn't sleep through the night. she's up around 1:30am too. The longest my 4 month old has slept was 6.5 hours.

  12. Katie-
    Just wanted to say HI! I am your newest follower...I found the site The Poop Whisper and FELL IN LOVE!! I love the way you girls write! I also have a 9, almost 10 month old so it is always fun to see kids grow together!!!!

    Just wanted to introduce myself, look forward to following along!!

  13. Thank God for coffee......and cute kids!

  14. I relate way too much with this! My oldest (20 months) has her weeks where she sleeps 13 hours + and then her nights (ahem last night) where she was up several times. Sucks.

    On the other hand, my "angel baby" 8 month old sleeps, for the most part, amazing. But she's been much healthier than my first by far!

    Kids are crazy, adorable, and so is coffee and naps. They are what I live off of! :)

  15. I-HEAR-YA Momma!!!

    Trey is 2yrs and 4mts and there are nights where he STILL will wake up twice!!!

    Jackson (9 months on Friday) was doing SO WELL {By that I mean he would go a 5 hr stretch, that's good, right? Right?}...and all last wk he was waking up EVERY 2 HRS!!!! 0_0 I mean what IS that?!?! Of course, Momma gets up @ least 5 times...BUT I still get thru my day. I have been used to it since Trey was born. Gosh.

    But hey....that's the life of a Momma!!! ...and I would NOT change it for the world!!! One day we shall day.

    Now: facing the early morning w/ my Jacksy...per his request, that is! :) Have a great day Momma!

    PS: Share a pic of this toothy peg, please!!! :)

  16. It really is worth it when during the day (when you're not "mad" about being up in the middle of the night) your little one smiles at you and you know they love you to death : ) or hey, you can also look at it like your little one loves you so much that they want to be with you all night long, too!! (I don't really know what I'm talking about because I'm blessed with two good sleepers.. but I imagine this is how I'd feel! lol)

  17. Hey, girl! I hear ya! My daughter will be two next Friday and I have completely given up on her sleeping through the night! My mom says that I didn't sleep through the night until I was 3, so I'm sure she's my payback. But, like you, I've decided that its going to be okay. Sometimes I catch a nap while she's napping if the night was really bad, but mostly I just persevere through it! Like you, I'll sleep when they are teenagers...hopefully! Hang in there!

  18. O my gosh.. last night, I totes felt like I had a 1 week old the amount of times I got up.. and "back to her 10-11" holy moly what does that feel like? the longest my girl has slept int he past few months is 5 hours straight...

  19. My first born slept through the night at 10 weeks, but 2nd on the other hand didn't sleep through the night til 18 months! lol Every child is different and I still to this day don't have a solid night of sleep. It's not the kids that are waking me up, it's me waking up to check on them. And once they start going out with friends, I'll be up waiting for them to get home. And once they move out, I'll be up late roaming the house wondering what they are doing.
    The joys of being a Mommy! lol

  20. i wish i knew why my 2.5 week old wasn't sleeping and every time he is awake he cries non-stop...this new mom is at her wits end. i CAN"T wait for a 6 hour stretch!! i long for a 6 hour stretch!! heck, i'd take a 4 hour stretch right now!!! please tell me it gets better!!

  21. I haven't slept since 2003.

    And now that I've hit my mid-thirties? I CAN'T sleep even if they all are. My head doesn't hit the pillow until 1am most nights.

    So yeah. It's motherhood. We're all in that boat. With beer.

  22. I remember those looong teething nights. The next day is always tough, but I agree with you. They always seem so much more peaceful in our beds.
    My kids are 3,6,15...even with my 15 y.o. I don't sleep through the night. I think A LOT about him, I worry, I often run through the things we've talked about through the course of the week and see if I can expand on any conversation with him. So, for me, I haven't slept in 15 years. But there is coffee and good books and mini vacations and friends and family and yes those gorgeous, smart kids that pull us through and make it all worth it.
    Your doing a great job and thanks for posting!

  23. It takes a lot to raise a child. Lack of sleep makes it so much harder on the parent and in most cases, for me anyway, it eventually turns into one of us getting sick.
    Take care of yourself and keep the coffee coming.

  24. Ok, so I haven't read all of the comments above, so if I'm repeating some advice, just ignore me. But a helpful tip on the ear infection thing? Put a blanket/pillow underneath her mattress where she normally lays her head at night. It props her up a tad, so that it doesn't hurt as much. At least, that's what worked for me. As for in the middle of the night when she's done her sleep-acrobats and is on the other side? Well, can't help much there. :)

    But yeah. I was so worried about mentioning the weird sleep patterns we've had recently for fear of being judged that he's not in bed at 9pm every night. Whatever. He's my kid and it's our schedule. So there. lol.

    ps. I didn't drink coffee till I had a kid.

  25. Girl I hear you! I've been doing pretty good when it came to night sleep, because she had a schedule when she went to sleep at 11pm. But lately I feel like I'm going to die!!! We started putting her to sleep at 8pm, and the price that we pay for a few hrs of quiet time until we go to sleep, is her waking up a billion times per night. I may very well lose my mind soon. I hope this too shall pass, and that she'll find a routine again that is not so freaking crazy!

  26. Maybe once it has been accepted as your fate, things will be switched up. Maybe. Or maybe "I'll sleep when I'm dead" should just be your new motto.

    As Sam was telling me earlier, sleep is overrated mama, it's for sissies. [kidding]

  27. I needed to read this b/c my darling son who did 7 hours 3 nights in a row and had me thinking "this sleep thing? I have it covered!" has been waking up to nurse twice for the past few nights out of the blue. And I felt guilty for getting upset like "I just need sleep!" because the reality is that somehow I am functioning and actually being social even with those interruptions. And then I remembered that one day I would yearn for the day where he needed/wanted his mom at 2:00am. They are only little for so long.

    I hear you never sleep well again after kids -- I imagine the teen years are wrought with worry over driving/curfew/rides back from athletic events late at night on a bus, etc

  28. oh yes!!!! I have done the same thing! If Noah naps or sleeps well I am scared to jinx it!! And I only thought he was teething before! I am learning that it all does change so fast!! But like you said there is always coffee (in my case sweet tea) and a smiling face :D of a sweet bebe!!!

  29. I'm so scared to go through sleep withdrawal - I don't do very well without a good night's sleep and from this post, it sounds like kids like to be up during the night. As you said, sometimes you just need your momma, and I get it! But looking at that face all day I'm sure makes it worth it. :)

  30. I love that I just read this now at 4am being up basically all night so far. I just posted on facebook asking for help. It's encouraging to know that others are still going through this and discouraging because it looks like there isn't sleep in my future for a very long time...

  31. I was thinking about this the other day. After our crappy crappy nights, I said to my mom how it's strange that it seems the less sleep I get, the more adjusted to sleeplessness I become. We signed up to stop sleeping when we had babies. And yes, it sucks. But hey, so worth it.

  32. I hear ya on this one mama!! Just when I think that I have it ALLLL figured out, BAM....up all night again! ahhh, oh well :)

  33. I feel your pain...not 11 months worth of pain, but 4 months. And I would gladly take 6 straight hours!!! :)