Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Lists.

-Snow. SNOW. It's April 1st. It's springtime. Why does the weather think this kind of evil trickery is okay? 'Cuz really? It's not. Not even a little bit.

-Did you notice on my sidebar the Flickr badge? Well, if you click it, it'll take you to my photos which I now keep there. Well, I'm starting to, anyway. So, you know, if you want some baby eye-candy, then feel free to check out my pictures there whenever. 

-I swear that the people at Weight Watchers need to hire me. I mean, honestly. The number of you guys who have told me you've signed up after reading my posts about it is crazy. In a good way. The least WW could do is give me a little perk and waive my monthly fee, right? Right? Not to mention, the sheer amount of emails & tweets with questions about things related to WW is out of this world. 

Really, it could be a full time job to stay on top of it all. Anyway. My point in all that is, hello Weight Watchers, it's me, Katie. Do you hear me? Throw me a bone.  (I'm kidding. Sort of.) 

For the record, I am extremely happy so many of you have joined the program and hopefully you are having/will have a lot of success with it. 

-I made some new headbands yesterday and they're worth taking a look. You can head over to my Etsy Shop if you want to see more pretties.

-My sis-in-love, Lyryn (Declan's sister) is starting a series on her blog on Monday that you won't want to miss. A few years back, her and her husband had a really rough time in their relationship, and God has really done a huge work in their lives since. They will be tag-teaming on the posts where they'll talk about some of the darkest points in their relationship, and then the journey of reconciliation God took them on. If you or anyone you know has dealt with adultery, then this is definitely something you'll want to read.


We're on for Saturday Morning Scene tomorrow, mmk? See you there.

Happy Friday!


  1. :) Love the joke! I am loving your headbands. I think I will make some today too (but mine never turn out as good as yours!). We don't have snow but it was 25* this morning, and yea I'm pretty much sick of it too!

  2. ha ha love how you didnt even let us wonder a little about you being pregnant.. you put april fools right away! maybe you really are ;)!

    Love love love all your new work.. gosh if only a i had a money tree set aside for only headbands and clothes for the girls ...

    I am excited for Lyryn blog series!!

  3. Oh THAT'S who that is! lol. I immediately fell in love with her and her blog after she commented the other day on my blog. SO excited to hear her story and how much God has done for them. I love a good love story. :)

    And those headbands are so cute. Please still be in business in 4-5 years when I hopefully have a girl.

  4. Love the headbands! Going to check out your etsy shop now!
    Happy Friday!

  5. mmm I love that last headband (far right). I'm so happy I didnt get snow! I would have cried.

  6. Weight Watchers should TOTALLY make you a rep! I feel the same way about Insanity, lol!

  7. Snow? That's crazy! Love those headbands!
    Happy weekend!

  8. Are you April Fools-ing about the snow?!?! That is nuts!!

    LOVE the new headbands...I'm gonna need to get Liv some!!

  9. SUCH a cute new blog design! :)

    And, I may as well already be signed up for WW after baby is born. I really appreciated your encouraging words on my blog yesterday!

  10. Snow is April?!?! Move to Texas Momma!!! :P

    Flickr? I JUST made an acct and posted on FB for my friends to follow/contact me on there on Monday....NO ONE did!!! 0_0 I guess the Flickr evolution has not his small town Texas yet. Haha!!!

    Have a great wknd Momma!!!

  11. You could apply at WW to be a leader at the meetings. I bet you'd be great. Those new headbands are adorable.