Friday, April 1, 2011

She likes me, she really likes me.

Today was another one of those day's that confirmed it. Internet friends? Are totally real.

I don't expect everyone to understand that. I don't. But, I can attest.

It's like a blind date, but not quite. You know the person very well, but, only because of the internet (in this case, twitter & some blogging). Yet now? You're breaking that weird boundary-that-is-a-computer-screen and meeting each other face to face.

That was my day today.

One of my beautiful friends, Liz (and her husband & sweet daughter) were in the area, and when she realized how close she would be to me--she sent me a little, "hey what are you and Eme up to Friday?" message. And I got excited and a little giddy knowing what she was likely going to ask me, so I replied with, "Absolutely Nothing!". And then? It was on.

We were totally going to meet each other in a few days. Eek!

When it came? The Calm-cool-and-collected, Katie? Thrown out the window. Completely.

I was pretty nervous. In fact, I had the nervous jitters going on. I noticed that as I was holding the menu at one point, my.hand.was.shaking. Um, nervous much? And this wasn't my first time having a meet-up either. 

Luckily for me? My kid is pretty cute and acted as a great buffer to my more than awkward ways. And? I also brought gifts for her daughter, Sammy (who's birthday they were celebrating), and a little something for her mama, too.

I figured, hey, if all goes to poop, at least I brought gifts, right? Right.

But, really. It went pretty great. The food was delicious. The conversation was good. And I love her every bit as much, if not more after actually meeting her in the flesh today. She's not only an amazing mom, but she's kind, and oh so skinny, and so naturally pretty, too. Not to mention, her husband was exactly as I expected. Genuine, and sweet, casual at conversation & great at entertaining an almost 11 month old. He's an old pro, it seemed.

Besides, after meeting me, Liz said I'm pretty. And anyone who says that is an instant friend in my book. Kidding. Sort of.

Overall? Today was great. 

I love that this big huge internet, as overwhelming as it can be, can zero in and make actual friendships.

So cool. 

This was our her genius idea of telling our other Twitter BFF's.
We kept it a secret all week long, then tweeted the pictures above. 

See you tomorrow to link up!


  1. How fun!!!!! I love Bloggy Meet-Ups!!

    This whole internet friend thing is definitely different, but definitely real, lol.

    If you're ever in Central Florida, look me up!!

  2. I am SO asking you on a second date. :)


  3. Ken wanted his own comment:

    Im relieved to know that you are not some "psycho axe weilding Internet freak" and you have a totally adorable kid. It was nice to meet you!

  4. Precious. I love that you guys got together! You are both skinny and beautiful. And I wish I could have been there with two fabulous moms! Gonna teach me things when I want kids? Please? Pretty please?

  5. And when we other bff's meet? The awesomeness will increase exponentially.

    The day that happens will be the best day ever.

  6. Jess is right. When that day comes ... it will HAVE to me made into a worldwide holiday. "International Twitter BFF Day" ... mkay?

  7. Fun!!! I have yet to meak ANY of my blogger friends IRL...I'm a wee bit jealous :)

  8. FUN! I have yet to do a meet up with other bloggers but I'm hoping I can do that in the future. Meeting someone whom you know through the computer might seem odd but I think it would be fun.