Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weight Watchers Vlog, Part Two. On Dining Out & Snacks.

Hey chickies. My sister & I are back with another video where we chat your ear off about ways to dine-out and snack while on Weight Watchers. 

Those are two areas where we've gotten a lot of questions. 

So, go ahead and watch, and if you have questions, feel free to leave them. If you're not on WW, and just feel like seeing us in living color, be my guest. Emeline even makes a guest appearance. [AKA: She begins shrieking with glee to the point where I'm left no choice but to hold her on camera.]

Some other great Snack Ideas:

-Fruit, fruit, fruit! It's free. Enjoy it.
-Veggies. It's also free, so chomp away on carrot & celery sticks. 
[If you need some ranch, use it, but be sure to measure & count points.]
-Laughing cow cheese wedge with whole wheat ritz crackers or reduced fat triscuits. 
-100 Calorie Packs
-String Cheese
-Natural unsweetened Applesauce. Free points. So delicious.
-Yogurt [Dannon Lite & Fit 6oz is only 2 points.]
-Real Fruit Strips
-Need some chocolate? A (one) reeses cup is 2 points. I believe a hershey kiss is 1. 


If you have any good low in point go-to snacks, or dining-out tips, feel free to share too.

(Check out my sisters blog, too for some of her snack tips!)


  1. Again, great vlog ladies. Super thanks for the Red Robin advise. I'm heading there for dinner and had NO idea you could get the regular burgers in petite size. Awesome!

    Also, if you like soups, I know the Light Progresso soups are WW endorsed and have the points values on the can. They're pretty filling.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. Thanks ladies! That was really helpful!
    I started ww on monday and I've been discouraged all week about how hard this is going to be. Thanks so much for the tips and the great website info. keep these videos coming!

    And eme is the star for sure!

  3. great vlog ladies! I'm so going to use that website!

  4. I love your vlogs!

    I tried WW in January and then didn't stick with it. So now I am doing hCG, which is so much harder than WW ever thought about being, but has given me faster results.

    Thanks for the tips and advice. Once I come off hCG in May, I am going to do WW to maintain my new weight loss!!

  5. Oh! That website is a great site! I used that before... they have everything on there.

  6. This is great! I know I'm not doing WW nut the tips are helpful & I always feel motivated when I read/hear about your successes!

  7. You two are so cute!! I love the Eme appearance, too, lol.

    Thanks for the tips! I've been using that website since you emailed it to me. It's a lifesaver :)

    I'm still new (and a bit slow losing), but I've found that focusing on finding low points PROTEIN has been key. After 3 weeks of barely losing anything, I upped my protein and dropped almost 2 lbs in a week.

  8. Love the vlog! They are great. I also especially love the WW posts because after all, y'all are the ones that sold me! I've been going a week and 2 days and am already down over 3 pounds. I am LOVING WW!

    I am curious about the mentioned banana controversy because that's been a major go to food for zero points and it's filling.

    I do the fruit strips, cheese sticks, banana, and other fruits and find that I love to have a hardboiled egg for breakfast. Protein and it keeps hunger away!

  9. Good advice! For ice cream, the skinny cow cups are SO good too...I recommend the strawberry cheesecake :)

  10. I'm not doing weight watchers, but I love the vlogs! Emeline cracks me up when she sees her self :)

    Oh, and I had no idea about the petite burgers at Red Robin. It definitely makes me feel better about eating there if I were to get one of those!

  11. Thanks for the tips! I'm trying a diet change yet again and I am a huge snacker. I found a nut mix that I love and it's delicious but it is 250 calories, yikes! I would rather snack than eat a meal for sure.

  12. Great tips. I'm not on WW but I do find that the planning ahead for restaurants is REALLY important. Often, I will look up my restaurant before I go, pick a GOOD choice, tell Evan what I'm going to get and tell him to NOT let me change my mind and order something disgusting instead. It helps because in the moment? I suck and I will order the worst thing on the menu everytime.

  13. you girls are so cute. i love 'sister' relationships.

  14. Loved the vlog. I just signed up for WW online yesterday and am really excited to get started. I'm having a bit of a hard time because I have to avoid dairy so that really restricts me on meals/snacks :( But a little tip that really helped me last time I did WW was if I had ice cream/dessert, I would put it in a super small bowl and eat it with a baby spoon...tricked my mind into thinking I had a big portion! Your mind only registers the first 2 bites of something as pleasurable so try to remember that when you're eating something...variety is good :)

  15. I am loving these tips. I used to be a huge snacker, but I'm working on it. Now I'll eat a banana or grab some strawberries or frozen grapes. Or some popsicles are zero points and I love those.I'm still struggling with eating out, but I'm slowly figuring it out. I guess that will take more time.

  16. Love it! My go-to snacks are apple slices, unsweetened applesauce, any fruit, and I used to eat string cheese but I recently cut 90% of the dairy I was eating out of my diet.
    I also like celery sticks and Edy's fruit popsicles - they are only 25 calories and so delicious!

  17. Okay so this has nothing to do with you post haha sorry; however, i am literally 200 texts over this month and couldn't send you one with this specific request. I have an idea/request for one of your vlogs. Since summer's a coming and I love to braid my hair as much as the next girl, can you show us how you french braid yours? lol or just me- either way ;) I do mine but it seems to lay much flatter against my head and I like the way yours usually turns out. Okay, that's it. Thanks Katie!

  18. These are great tips even if you're not on WW (me). Lord knows my eating habits could use a kick in the ass, but...well...I'm just comfortable. But maybe I could work in a few things at a time, here and there.

    Loved it. Love you girls. But honestly? Loved Eme's reaction when she saw herself the best. Dear God I love that kid.

  19. I smiled the entire time you were holding Eme. She's such a cutie pie :)

    And the tips? Amazing. Making me inch closer and closer to signing up! Keep 'em coming!

  20. Love the vlog! Just wanted to let you know the WW brand string cheese is only 1 point! It's my favorite snack.

  21. Loved watching this even though I'm not on WW. Definitely some good tips so thanks for sharing. And Emeline is just too cute in this video! :)

  22. Awesome tips! Thanks for the snack ideas. :)