Friday, May 20, 2011

Can you stand more pictures? Oh well.

I woke up this morning thinking it was Thursday, all prepared to do a pretty picture Thankful Thursday post. But? It's friday. Insert debbie downer womp womp here.

I'm fairly certain that losing track of days is one of the side effects of vacation, yea? Anyway.

I have a million pictures I want to share now, and no creative way to do it. So, it's going to be a photo-vomit post. Except, not vomit, because that's gross and these are anything but. 

family pool photo? why not.

Cousin beach picture, and family feet in the sand.
My friend Lindsay sent this suit & hat for Eme. I die of cuteness.
mommas girl, and everyone heading to the beach for pictures
my gorgeous sister-in-laws and I
Her little arm move? That's because she's in mid-dance move. No, really.

It's been a beautiful week. The weather got better and better, the time together was great, seeing my husband and sweet girl interact all day long, grand. I've really, really enjoyed my week.

Have a happy Friday, friends.

Come back tomorrow for Saturday Morning Scene. I'll be on the road, but I'll have the post scheduled and ready to link up.


  1. what sweet pictures, as always! im thinking you should post a video of Eme's sweet dance moves immedaitely upon arrival home... Safe travels, tomorrow B family!

  2. OMG, what amazing pictures! What do you use to edit?

    So glad the weather got better for you guys!!

  3. I love your shades!! So cute! And the editing on all the photos - wonderful! Same ? as Jenni, what program do you use to edit?

    Enjoy the last day at the beach! Be safe driving home!

  4. What great pictures. And you are right...that suit and hat is so adorable on her!

  5. Love, LOVE, love those pictures!!

    Have a great weekend...and I'll be sure to link up with SMS! :)

    Safe travels!

  6. Katie, Have a safe trip home. I miss you all so much. Mac has been such a good boy. You would be so proud! Can't wait to sneak a hug from some of my favorite girls! Love, Mom Mom

  7. I love the photo you captioned 'Momma's Girl'. It says so much, I think you should put this in your daughters room!

  8. You look great!!! So skinny! :) Also, I love that you can see your tattoo for you first baby with Eme's chunky little baby feet next to it. So precious!

  9. I hope to have a daughter one day to put in cute suits because there is nothing more adorable than a bikini baby! I, like others, am wondering what you edit with. Also what do you shoot with (and what setting)? Hope you had a great time and drive home safe!

  10. So cute! And I'm loving the little foot tattoo. Justine said it was for your first baby....why do I not remember this. Huh. I suppose it's possible you didn't post about it. :)

    PS That fact that it's Friday and not Thursday is definitly NOT a bad thing! At least not for those of us not on vacation! Safe travels home!

  11. That picture of Eme and Dec is oozing with cuteness. So much so that I think my heart just stopped because it couldn't handle it. OMG.

    But? COME HOME NOW PLEASE. I'm bored and I missed you. Wahhhh

  12. love all the pictures.. love the family pool photo and the picture of E and D :) Glad you are having a great time!

  13. Great pictures and it gets me even more excited for my beach vacay next month!

  14. Because of you, I might start editing photos! I love the look. And that picture of dec/eme? so cute. I love father/daughter relationships.