Friday, May 27, 2011

Water table and WalMart. I love one, and hate the other.

Yesterday I was sitting there, on my deck, under the umbrella, baby monitor, cell phone, and the tallest plastic cup filled to the brim with ice and diet dr. pepper nearby, all during naptime.

Silence. It was heavenly.

Up on my second floor deck, even though it was hot as balls yesterday (read: 90 degrees), there was a nice little breeze that makes it feel somewhat bearable even in the dead of heat.

I was staring at the cutest little water table that I bought Emeline at WalMart earlier that day. Smiling at the fun we just had. So much so that it had obviously wiped her out. 

I set it up by myself. That may sound pretty pathetic, but I'm one of those people who loathes putting things together. My sister on the other hand? Loves it. My brain just doesn't work like that. I mean, I can do it. But I'd much rather leave it to Declan to do.

But, I did it for my girl.

 A high school friend mailed Eme that hat & bathing suit from Crazy8 for her birthday. Adorable, isn't it?
Then I filled it with water (with multiple trips to the sink, using a pitcher), and she enjoyed herself for a while.  Splashing away like a big kid, and looking at me for that little nod of approval every so often.

It was sweet.

And even Mac joined in on the fun.

Poor girl, gets her thighs from her momma.
Yesterday was just a day full of reminders of how blessed I am. How full life is. 

I was also reminded why I never go to WalMart. [What? You thought this was a sappy post?]

I prefer to drive an extra 15 minutes to go to Target. Truly.

As the guy at the register was swiping my items through the scanner, he came across the 30 Day Shred dvd I was buying. He said something like, "Oohh you're trying to get yourself in shape for summer, eh?" I should have just smiled and nodded. BUT I NEVER LEARN. Apparently.

I'm the queen of saying too much.

So, I go, "Oh, well, sort of--I guess. I mean, I actually started doing that dvd using the free one on the tv since Monday. But I needed this one to continue with the harder levels."

[Him. Totally grilling me up.] "Well, you look good, girl."

And then? All I could do was smile and pretend I DIDN'T HEAR HIM. It was awkward. As I'm standing there with my baby in the cart, buying a big, huge, TOY for her. Such weirdness comes from WalMart. Every single time I go, without fail.

I'm a Target lover. WalMart can suck it. Target never fails me. Ever.


So? On that note...cheers to a beautiful walmart-free holiday weekend...

I feel terrible about all the storms and devastating tornadoes that are sweeping our country. I've seen the pictures, I've watched the news. My heart aches. I'm not trying to ignore it, I'm just not sure what to say or do. If you feel inclined, you can donate via the Red Cross, here


  1. Ok I am loving the cute little chunky baby thigh rolls. WalMart can suck it! My husband and I both hate it. I am actually "banned" by my husband from going there. I swear they just hire who ever turns in an application for there.

  2. Of the whole post what I loved the most, besides cute baby girl of course, is your expresion "I'm the queen of saying too much" girl, I hear you! it has been the worst of my sins as long as I can remember!
    By the way... "You look good Girl" ;)
    honest to god I'd take it as a compliment, would pretend I never heard it, but would take it as an 'hey! hard work pays off'.

  3. Emeline is so sweet! Nothing is better than baby rolls! And you're dead on about Walmart. It must just be a universal Walmart thing because no matter which one you go to, its full of crazies! Have a great holiday weekend!!

  4. such sweet pics!

    I totally agree about not putting things together. It's just not my forte either!

    Walmart kind of creeps me out, too! Target it .2 miles from our hours and Walmart is 1 miles. We go to Target. I figure the 5% off debit card probably saves me the difference in prices!

  5. You will love that water table all year round. They are so useful!

    How funny about Walmart. That place attracts the best of 'em. ;)

  6. So glad you girls had fun with the watertable.

  7. I'm a Target girl myself, but if it's any consolation, we got a water table from Target for Monroe for his 1st birthday and if it's any consolation, they look like they're the same brand, but yours is way cooler! Maybe that was worth the cashier undressing you with his eyes :)

  8. so muuch fun! I love chubby baby thighs!!

  9. She's just as cute as ever! Love the hat. I'll have to check out Crazy8 this weekend. We need one or two for vacay. I'm with you on Wal-Mart too. It's always an event, but it's cheaper, so I just act like I don't see or hear anything when I go. Tunnel vision!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. How fun! Now I may have to go get one. lol. She's ADORABLE in that big hat!
    And you know we're a Target household, but even if Brad didn't work for them, I'd still only shop there. Every time I walk into a Walmart, I tell Brad how much I hate being there. Target makes you happy and feels like a treat to be shopping there. Walmart makes you afraid to touch anything or look at anyone for too long. You might catch something serious. :)

    (I'm sure not ALL Walmarts are like that. I've seen some nicer ones, but it's only a matter of time before those get overrun with crazies too)

  11. ps. Walmart is not always cheaper, especially in groceries. It's a myth, depending on what you buy. Target also has exclusive coupons online that you can use. And yes, get the Red Card. It's like having a coupon everytime you shop.

  12. So that actually sounds like a great wal mart trip, compared to all the reasons I hate wal mart. I am a target girl, all the way.

    We need a water table too :)

  13. I feel the exact same way about Wal-Mart! Everytime I go there I regret it. I was considering going there tonight to stock up for our BBQ tomorrow but I'll take your post as a sign from God that I should avoid Wal-Mart at all cost and just head to Target and hope they have good enough bargains on buns and hot dogs.

    Cute water table pictures. I am thinking of buying the 22 month old twins I nanny for a water table for their birthday.

  14. I hate Walmart too . . .avoid it at all costs in fact! LOVE the baber's legs in her cute little suit. Parker LOVES his little water table too . . such a great invention, he just keeps trying to climb in it - it will happen soon I am sure and he'll be bathing it it ;)

  15. I'm a Target lover too, we just got a water table at Target because it was on sale for $27! I also just bought the Jilliam Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD so I'm hoping to start doing it next week. Hope it works well for you!

  16. I can't stand WalMart on SO many levels.

  17. Funny how everyone always has negative comments about Walmart, but you NEVER hear about truckloads of products being sent to areas of devastation from Target. And, at Christmas time, you don't ever see the Salvation Army bell being rung outside of Target. Walmart steps up for communities and Target does not. The Sam's Club in Joplin, MO is open to everyone - no membership required.

    So, the next time you say you HATE Walmart, think about who is always first to help after a tornado|flood, or who allows a Little League team to sell baked goods at the door to raise money for their program, or who gives thousands of dollars through their Foundation. I can tell you it isn't Target.

  18. @HogChick

    I think that's all valuable information to know. And kudos to walmart for that. I was under the impression that Target did the same, but maybe not.

    None of that still negates how I feel about my general experiences with walmart, though. And this is my area to be able to write what my personal opinions are.

  19. Ever since I figured out that my sister gets some kinda cheap thrill from putting stuff together, I've always let her do it. She's put beds, bookshelves, shower rods, all kinds of stuff together for me. I will admit though, I'm getting pretty good at it myself. And I completely concur...Target is way less shady than Walmart. Even if there's a Target and Walmart right next to each's just better.

  20. @HogChick - Actually, you're right. Target doesn't give thousands of dollars back to their communities - they give millions. In fact, Target pledged to give $1 billion to education by the end of 2015, and as of now, they are on track. Additionally, since 1946, Target has given 5% of its income through community grants and programs - that equals more than $3 million EACH WEEK.

    And regarding the tornado victims, Target just gave $150,000 to support tornado and flood relief efforts in Joplin, and they also just gave $50,000 for Minnesota tornado relief.

    Just sayin ... Target is the bomb, and lacks creepers to boot!

  21. Maybe the Walmart's in Canada are different, but other than the fact that a lot of their stuff is lower quality (I guess a trade off for lower prices), ours are pretty clean and the staff is courteous. I haven't been to one that's weirded me out.
    We don't have targets though (yet!) to compare it too, and I did really like it when in the states. I can get why people like them more than Walmart in the US!

  22. omygosh, her thighs are just SO nom'able! and are those JELLY sandals? I die. too cute for words..

    i actually live 40 minutes from a Target and only 5 minutes from a Walmart. I have to say, I don't mind the Walmart out here! although, when i do get around to walking into a Target (only twice since C was born) it's always a nice treat.. Haha!

    Totes take that creeper's comment as flattery!! i'd be thrilled, albeit a tad skeeved out, if a stranger said that to me! LOL

    Have a great holiday weekend, girl!

  23. Wow, what a debate. I also LOVE me some Target because Walmart has the worst customer service (at least the ones by me) and I prefer the quality and style of Target products.

  24. I'm right with you on the hatred of WalMart. I can count on one hand how many times I've had a pleasant experience there. Not my cup of tea!

    BG got my thighs too. These poor girls... They better rock them now while their cellulite is still cute!!

  25. I am also a Target girl, but I think getting hit on is good!!

  26. I prefer Target too. It's cleaner and more organized and such. Plus, you don't have as as much waiting and such in the checkouts. But seriously? Who chooses the stores they shop at based on their portfolio? And when I donate, I'm more inclined to do so on the causes and organizations that are close to my heart, not someone ringing an annoying bell at each entrance or a bunch of kids hasseling me as I come and go. So FOR that reason, I also pick Target over Walmart! I have to go to Walmart more often than Target but I heart Target. Walmart is just necessary sometimes because it's 1 mile from me.

  27. Ha, that's hilarious. I am a Target lover as well but will go to Wal-Mart on occasion for certain things. We have nicknamed all of the nearby ones appropriately depending on their location - there's the "ghetto" one, the "redneck" one, the "upscale" one, etc., etc. You get the idea.

    P.S. Why do readers feel the need to comment negatively on your own personal opinions expressed in your PERSONAL blog? Still don't get it.

    P.P.S. Have you thought about making/selling button letter frames on your etsy site?

  28. Amen, sister. Today alone, I had a lovely convo w/ a bagger at Target, talking about nesting and pregnancy and, well, she was a nice, older woman, and I enjoyed.

    Last time I went to Wal-Mart, I got accosted by several stock boys (you know..the looks, the hoots, the mm-hmms) and some bagger blew smoke all over my as I left.

    It's worth the slight price increase on some things to go to Target. I'm assured of that.

  29. Totally agree with you!

    That is about the only thing I hate about living in Oklahoma! They don't have the best grocery stores, so I HAVE to go to Walmart for groceries. I dread it EVERY time.

    We have a SuperTarget that I love so much, but it's on a toll road and costs $1.50 each way. I can't justify it every time, but I did splurge and get my groceries there yesterday (and nine million other awesome Target things!) and it was delightful. I wish the regular Targets had all the groceries I needed!

    On another note, Emeline's thighs are too die for! :)

  30. Emeline is so dang cute! I completely agree about Walmart- we have stopped going all together, we pay more for groceries just so we can avoid walmart.

    I'm new to your blog and I love it :)

  31. Emeline's swimsuit is just too cute!

  32. Love that Crazy8 store! They closed all of the ones close to me. :( Probably a good thing for our budget. I love her floppy hat too! My nephew got a very similar table for his birthday. Currently we have sand in it since it hasn't stayed above 75 in the PNW.

    Oh, the lovely Wal Schmart. I'm thankful for the abundance of great grocery stores, Fred Meyer and Costco that make it possible for me to avoid both places. Mostly because Wal Mart isn't at all convenient & takes forever to get in & out of and because I am WAY too tempted to buy extras at Target. However, they're building a new Wally World in our 'hood so I may take advantage of the first few years before it gets trashy. Since we don't have kids, I really only *need* to go to Target once a month or so...

    For the record (and rude peeps!), if we all actually conciously supported companies that we approved 100% of their practices, we probably wouldn't have anywhere to shop or brands to buy! I suppose we all have to pick our battles.

    PS I like that you actually respond to neg feedback in an adult manner! :o)