Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bam! Randomness about Eme & another vacation.

Look how she can change faces in one second. Such a goof. She is such a silly, filled with personality little girl. 

So much so that after our walk the other day (where I actually had her out "walking" some), she came in, and laid down on the steps all dramatic-like this. I loved it. Died laughing. Then grabbed my camera because Declan wasn't home to see.

I like to think she's a momma girl. But, she's kind of a very-even momma's & daddy's girl. Honestly? I cannot tell that she prefers one of us over the other, at all. I think I like it that way. We've yet to deal with any of the attachment stuff. She doesn't even notice when we leave the house, well, she waves & blow kisses and kind of says, 'Get the heck out of here', because she wants to play with her Mom-Mom or Aunt Susie, both of whom she loves tons (and are her typical sitters in time of need).

Her and Mac are just insanely cute together. The two of them are tight, yo. I often wonder if there is some secret pact they have together. It really seems like they watch each other's back. It's almost creepy.

He gets about half her meals or so it seems. I look over and always catch her hand feeding him sneakily off the edge of the highchair. Even if I lock him out of the kitchen with a baby gate? She still throws half her food on the floor, in which he ends up getting the benefit of. Honestly? It's a hard battle to fight. Just sayin'.

Just yesterday I caught Mac & Eme sharing a snack in the living room. It was the corner of a little cardboard book that her Auntie Gina just sent. Apparently, books make good snacks, too. Sigh.

And we love to torture (in a fun, playful way) Mac, too. 

Cute huh?

Did I forget to mention I'm leaving for the beach again this weekend? This time, with my family. I'll be gone all next week but I'll likely be posting some. And by some, I mean littering photos of baby-kini'ed cuteness all over. If you're annoyed I'm going on another vacation, and would rather skip? I don't blame you. I hate the kind of people who get to go on two vacations in one summer. Somehow, that ended up being me for the first time in my life. Oh well. 

So we're going kicking and screaming (hehe), to our beachfront place this weekend, which means? I have a LOT of laundry, packing, and the likes to do around here. So I may not be around for the next few days.

And on that note...

Happy Thursday!


  1. Heehee her little giggle! Soooo freaking cute! I just wrote this morning about our issue with Cooper throwing his food on the floor. Argh. It's annoying. Have fun on vacation!!!

  2. Ethan and our dog are BFF's too. The dog may eat more baby treats then real treats these days.

  3. Henry and Harper are BFF with Tbird! We love it! :)

    We are going to the beach this weekend too! Here's to--some sand between our toes!

  4. Your lucky your little stinker isnt dealing with any attachment issues... mine just hit the stranger danger phase... and wont stay with anyone.. esp not in the church nursery .. great!

  5. to cute, love all the pics. have fun at the beach

    Also I nominated you for an award on my blog

  6. SO jealous of your beach vacations!! We're going twice this year too, but our trips don't happen until Sept-Oct when it's not so hot. Until then, we're hangin' in the pool.
    Those pics of Eme are SO cute. That dramatic one cracks me up. She's such a cutie. You should frame the one of her and Mac. That one is too sweet.

  7. I hate you for your beach vacations.

    That is all.

  8. Have an amazing time on your second vaca! Jealous over here ;) And the photos of Eme and Mac make me long for the days when we can finally get a dog. Not that we couldn't right'll just be better if we wait until we have a yard to let s/he run around.

  9. love her and her little giggle!

    agree with jess though... hate you for your vacations. sigh...

  10. LOVE that face! She's a cutie!

    Have fun at the beach! I'll try not to be TOO jealous while I'm sitting here at home... again. ;)