Monday, June 20, 2011

Just try.

The most random thoughts pop into my head while driving. Always.

I'm sure this happens to most people. Because, really what can you be distracted with when driving other than the radio, kid in the backseat, stupid driver to your left, oh, and traffic laws, other than your thoughts? Anyway.

I was leaving the Target shopping center, passing all sorts of stores and such, thinking about the variety of things, products, and shops that are allovertheplace, and how every one of them? Started with a simple idea. Just an idea. That any joe schmo had. A regular 'ole person like you and me.

Do you have a lot of ideas?

Between my dreamer of a husband and I, we have loads of them. All the time. But, him more than me. 

Some are simple ones, grand ones, probably-never-gonna-happen ones. 

Everything starts with an idea. Look around. That sport you love to watch? Someones idea. That favorite restaurant you eat at? Someone's idea. Favorite-most-used baby product? An idea.

But they are ideas that are followed by an action. You know how your mom used to always say, "You never know till you try!" She's right. And it's true.

There are things I look back on in life and wish I had done, or tried. For example, as a kid, I was much too shy to try out for sports, or be part of teams and events (especially for school). Did I have the talent? Probably. I'm sure I could have learned. But instead, I let fear get to me. I didn't put any action into it. I didn't try.

I lived a lot of my adult life a bit on the chubby side. Just, because. Trying to lose weight seemed too hard, apparently. So? I just didn't. And who suffered? Me.

I have ideas about things, just like you do, probably. And sometimes I don't put them into action, or even talk about them out loud. Ever. 

However, slowly but surely I'm taking more step-out's in my life. Too bad it took me this long. And we'll see where it leads. Or doesn't lead. But, like my mom always said, you never know till you try.

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Psssst: Emeline's 1st birthday party is featured over on Tip Junkie today. I was shocked & surprised---and excited. Go check it out!


  1. that fear of not being good enough to try out for sport teams? totally me too. I regret that I never just tried.

  2. You're so right. I've thought about this before, too. Mostly when I pass some kind of store/business that seems totally weird and I think "WHO ever thought of that?" But someone did. And someone made it fly.

  3. I also wish and pray for more confidence in my ideas. I'm so glad you're getting outside of your comfort zone and that it's working for you! I'm hoping to do the same thing...because what's the worst that can happen? It not work out? Then we will go on with life like we are now. :)

  4. I'm excited to hear what your ideas are...are you going to share? :) It's nice to read this too, my husband is a HUGE dreamer, and he has encouraged me to pursue some of my dreams that I may not have. I still have lots in my head that make me happy to dream/think about too.

  5. Your ideas are always amazing and from what I've seen around these parts, as soon as you take action on an idea, you have incredible results! You're mad creative, lady!

    And in case you were wondering, I have two thinking places - the shower (half of my lesson plans are invented during my morning shower) and on my childhood swingset!

  6. The fear of failure has kept me from so much it's not even funny! Thanks for the encouragement.

  7. Fear is a good thing, sometimes, but fear of failing isn't.... Your mom sounds a lot like my mom! I always got the "you'll never know until you try". And She was/is so right! How could you possibly know you would fail if you haven't attempted it?? You go girl, you can do whatever you put your mind to!

  8. Love this. And just thought you should know, I keep seeing your birthday party pics for Eme randomly popping up on Pinterest. Obviously, your ideas are awesome. :)

  9. very true and to the point! Encouraging!!!!

  10. This is why I am pursuing Photography (w. a capital "P!" Lol;o) Nice post<3