Monday, June 27, 2011

Sandy toes, again.

Well, we're here. Obviously. And while it's only been about a day and a half of being at the beach, it feels like it's been packed full of a lot of things--mainly, relaxing. Bike rides, pool time, family, baby-cuddling, watching the ocean from our deck, reading magazines, naps, ice cream...

Or, you know--walks on the beach. AKA: posing like an idiot.
What can I say? The beach makes me happy.

And then the obligatory writing-your-kids-name-in-the-sand-pic.

And the cheek-smoochie smooch. I do love this man, it's true.

Or the wanna be artsty beach pictures.

Lots and lots of lovin'.

You should really consider yourselves lucky this is all I shared today. In only a day and a half, I have taken the craziest amount of photos, and the week has barely begun. 


Switching gears LIKE WHOA. **insert tire screeching here**

Tomorrow I'm going to have up a post you don't want to miss. A friend of mine is giving you all the chance to get in ordering some fantastic products, with free shipping, and I'm kind of obsessed with their stuff ::cough::MaryKay::cough::. 

So be sure to come by and see what that's all about. 


Until then, a sweet chubby baby face to look at. :)


  1. Just what I needed on this Monday morning...
    1) SKIIINNNYYYY (per my usual comments on your pics as of late, but make me want to get to the gym asap. HOT!)
    2) Nothing better than fam pictures...makes me smile. Lots of loving going on, clearly...soak it all in, girlfriend!
    3) Emeline is the perfect little beach babe!

  2. I am so jealous of everyone who is at the beach! Your photo's look great, and so do you!

  3. I'm quite jealous of all your beach time!! Hope y'all enjoy the week relaxing!

  4. Great pics! Looks like you're having a wonderful time! And? Again, you look AMAZING!!! I leave for the ocean in 3're making it hard for me to be patient!!! Have fun girl!

  5. so where are ya this time?! looks fab. have fun :) enjoy some sand/sun for moi!

  6. The beach always makes me super happy too! Enjoy!

  7. You look amazing! And your little family is to die for, especially Emeline's new little teeth, to die for! Y'all have fun!

  8. Your pics are gorgeous as always! Thanks for sharing!

  9. awww thanks for sharing a lil peek into your trip with us

  10. Dude the beach twice in one summer?? So cool and yet so not fair!

  11. it looks like yall are off to a great fun time at the beach!

  12. Hello, looking super thin and pretty and happy is NOT helping me seethe with jealousy any less. Just sayin'.

    Glad you are having a good time though, really. :)