Friday, June 24, 2011

Sigh. Throw a wrench in it.

I need to post today. A parenting vent of sorts.

At the very last minute I decided Mac needed to be groomed before we left. I just have this weird thing where I want him to be in tip-top shape, all nicely cut when we go away. He's being taken care of by Declan's sister, and he'll be out in a wooded area. Ticks freak me out, therefore I don't want him shaggy.

Make sense?

So our normal groomer didn't have an appointment until after the 4th of July. FAIL. That won't work, we leave tomorrow.

I called another local groomer who was recommended by my other sister-in-law. It took her a few days to call me back. She has a little, teeny shop--and it's just her. I get it.

But when she called, you could TELL she was really working with me to try and make it work, but she seemed obviously booked.

She finally budged and said, "Okay, I can fit him in Friday at 10am". Without really thinking much about it, I jumped at the chance.

I thought about it a bit. If Emeline sleeps till her normal lately 8:30/'ll work perfect with naptime. I can drop him off, come home, put her down. Voila. Easy.

Fast forward to this morning, where she woke up at SEVEN THIRTY AM. Basically ruining all the groomer plans. I beg and plead with Declan to take Mac, but he really doesn't have the leisure to up and leave work to do that (I just like to pretend he does), and this is the day before he leaves for vacation for a week. Hence, he's crazy busy.

She'll be ready for a nap here at 9am. BUT I HAVE TO HOLD HER UP UNTIL 10:15AM.


I love my child, but her morning nap?? You don't mess with. She needs it. She begs for it. The afternoon nap? Can be messed with. But not her sacred morning nap.

Yet, here I am, 8:23am, she's happily sitting next to me eating her blueberries and cheerios, with an hour and a half to go until we even leave to take Mac. My bets are she'll be crawling up the steps in about 25 minutes, rubbing her eyes saying, "Nigh nigh". 

We have a playdate with a friend at noon, so I need her to nap after 10, so putting her down before? Not an option either.

All this to say, how come kids always KNOW when you have something planned? And then mess it up by waking up an entire hour early? 


Another one of life's parenting mysteries I suppose.


  1. Does she sleep in the car? If I had to go somewhere when my child was tired, he'd fall asleep in the car. I'd have to wake him up when we got where we were going, but since you're only dropping the dog off, it shouldn't take too long and she'll be back in the car, sleeping. Could you possibly drop Mac off early?

  2. This exact thing happens to us EVERY time we plan something. Every.single.time. Cooper will have the same sleeping pattern for weeks, and then the ONE day we have something planned, he sleeps in, or gets up even earlier than normal. Just so he can say "oh no, you just THOUGHT you had this figured out"

  3. I feel ya! I'm trying to get E on a morning routine and she normally wakes up about 7:30 and things have been going really well. Until this morning when she decided that she wanted to wake up at 5:30. Not a fan of the early wake-up call!

  4. O they totally know.. and they do it on purpose.. just like they have radar and know the second your head hits the pillow for the night.. then and only then does the pain from a new errupting tooth bother them enough to start screaming.. im sure of it

  5. They definitely know! Isabelle will go down EVERY morning at the exact same time, until I plan something. Then suddenly she's miss spontaneous and has better ideas and napping goes out the window! Dogs seem to be the same way, so it sounds like you're in a double whammy to me:) Have fun on your vacation next week mama!

  6. Yep. Never fails. I don't understand it.

  7. I hope it works out! Maybe she'll conk out in the car?

  8. LOL! LB likes to ruin plans too! She'll stay up late and wake up several times at night just so I'm exhausted for said plans. It's a dirty rotten game.
    Hopefully things will work out for you!

  9. I am the same way, i like to make sure my dog is groomed before we leave for somewhere. Our groomer books too much in advance! Of course i remember to call that far in advance if we have nowhere to be! But if i REALLY need him groomed b/c of a trip or something, they're booked! You mean this kind of stuff will be even worse when i have kids?!?!? ;)

  10. Yep, mine do it on a Thursday night knowing i have work in the morning. They know it. They wake up a million times that night. I go to work looking like they woke up a million times. They know.