Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A virtual party, and you're invited.

Girls. I am so excited about this (it's kind of pathetic). I'm fairly certain you know my love for Mary Kay products by now. I get compliments on my lashes often, and while I am blessed with fairly nice lashes---I  have to give credit where credit is due.

Duh. It's the Mary Kay. Their mascara is amazing (among other things). And up until this past week, I was a major fan of The Ultimate Mascara (still am, love it). But, I decided to give their new Lash Love a try---[[insert jaw drop here]]--

First of all, its water resistant. You know I'm at the beach this week, and that little feature comes in handy. Secondly? it comes with this brush that literally grabs every lash, separates them, and coats them with prettyful-mascara-goodness. 

The other day I tweeted this picture of me, wearing the Lash Love, and it had been on for SIX hours already. It still looked this good. 

Some of my other favorite products are their mineral powder foundation. If you think I wear a face full of makeup, you're crazy. I wear no heavy foundation, just the mineral powder, a little bronzer or blush, some of their awesome eye products, mascara, and I even fill in my pathetic brows with their brow definers. It's a five-minute-face. Because, like most of you, I don't have time to do crazy amounts of makeup.

{some of my makeup stash}

So listen, here's the deal. My sweet, in-real-life friend, Michaela is a makeup artist and consultant for Mary Kay. She's gorgeous, talented, and about to have her first baby (girl!) next month. She's letting me host a virtual party here. You know I don't like to jam up my blog with a bunch of nonsense. So, I must really love this stuff to be doing it. 

Here's the gist:  

*Order any products you'd like on her website here.

*In the comments section upon checkout, please note: LovesofLife (pretty please!)

*Shipping within the US is completely FREE! (isn't she sweet?)

*Orders over $50 will receive a free gift!

~~This party runs through this Friday!~~

Whether you're into their skin care stuff (which is amazing), their makeup, self-tanning products, or fragrance -you seriously cannot go wrong with Mary Kay. And free shipping? Directly to your door? Um, hello---perfection. 


The Deluxe Eye has everything you need to create a gorgeous eye look which includes Lash Love Mascara, Oil Free eye makeup remover, eye lash curler, 3 eye shadows (to go with each specific eye color), and applicators!  Its retails for $69 but on her website its $49 with the FREE shipping and a FREE gift!  

How to and go to NEW PRODUCTS put in the NEW! Limited-Edition* Lashes <3 It! Bundle ($30), and then pick the eye bundle based on your eye color!


Pssssssst: My photo was picked to be in the Top 30 out of 305 submissions in the Paper Mama photo contest. You get to vote now, we're #26~Loves of Life. If you haven't voted yet, today and tomorrow are your last chance. Appreciate it, always! 


  1. Katie, the link to your friends website isn't working :/

  2. @Michelle--the link is fixed:

  3. I may try this mascara... I am constantly looking for the perfect mascara but always end up disappointed. I've come to the conclusion it's the lashes, not the 'scara! ;o) I will do some lookin'!

  4. K, so I'm already a consultant, so I don't really need anything. But I absolutely love the new Timewise foundation. I love the TW collection in general, but the age-fighting eye cream is awesome too. And their sunscreen is great, because it's not oily and gross. It's the only kind my boy (with super sensitive skin) can use. Just in case anyone needed any more ideas on what to order. :)

  5. I'm a MK consultant as well, and it is honestly the best job I've ever had, i don't even like calling it a job cause it's so much fun. I do have to correct you that the new Love Lash mascara is not waterproof, it is water-resistant. The difference is water proof you can submerge your face in water and it will not run. Water resistant will not run if it is splashed with water or if you cry. I just wanted to make sure everyone knows so they don't buy thinking it's waterproof and when it runs you/your friend will have a bunch of people wanting a refund. And BTW you are a really great friend for doing this, Thursday is the last day of the fiscal year in MK so I know your friend probably has some big goals she is trying to finish up and you are definitely a big help!

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