Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

The saltwater air has removed all my ability to write this week. Shouldn't I be getting all inspired and the words just flow right off my fingertips? Maybe I'll try again tomorrow, or something.

So, a few (but not an overload) of some recent happenings photos.

{me & my beautiful sister (photo by my brother, Wit)}

{This may or may not have been our naptime activity.}

{Did some maternity photos for my sister-in-law, Kesh--here's a sneak peek.}


Some other friendly reminders...

-If you'd like to order Mary Kay product, with free shipping--you have up through this friday! (Details on THIS POST.)

-Today is the last day to vote for us in The Paper Mama's photo contest. We made Top 30 out of over 300 entries ::faint::. We're #26~Loves of Life. Thank you for those of you who have voted and spread the word. Hugs for being so awesome.


Happy Wednesday!


  1. You have too much fun during naptime.

  2. Those are awesome maternity shots! Glad you're having a good time (ps. I voted!)

  3. you and dec are so cute! great job on the photos for your sis-in-love. she's gorge!

  4. Girl, I hope that wasn't your only naptime activity. ;) Bow chicka bow wow.

  5. Sigh. Looks wonderful! Way better than reality. Or bats in your basement. Oh wait, that just happens at my house.

  6. I didn't write at all while at the beach. I just enjoyed it to the fullest!!! It's okay...

    Love your pics. And I voted for that awesome photo of yours. Good Luck!

  7. Your photos are always so amazing! You look so relaxed.. Yay for vacation!

  8. Looks like you guys are having a wonderful time at the beach! I'm amazed you're doing any blogging at all...I would have absolutely no motivation!

  9. Your pictures of you and Declan are adorable!