Sunday, July 10, 2011

14 Months Old


You are 14 months old today. I remember seeing other friends posts about their children at this age and thinking it was SO OLD. I cannot believe my little squishy baby is a sweet, witty, confident toddler-girl now. Everyday with you is new and fun, and I thank God everyday for the blessing of you.

I write these for you...okay, for me, mostly--to remember. I don't want to forget all the little things that make you uniquely you. You have gotten more of a will this month. When you want something, you want it. You shake your head yes and no and you mean what you say. You have always been a good communicator, and I'm so grateful for that. You sign for milk, more, food, water, and please. You recently started saying "eeeeeze" for please. 

As far as words go--you pretty much try to copy all sounds and words I say to you. Obviously they don't all come out completely accurate, but its fun and really cute. You call your puppy "Mac-a-boyyyy", but it mostly comes out like "Da-Boy!" You say ilk (milk), daddy, daisy (my parents dog), Suse (my sister), MaMa (but rarely), thank-you (clear-as-day), duck, doggy, hi, cat, look, mmmahh (for kisses), nigh-nigh, yes (yesh), JayJay (cousin), PopPop (my dad), and you continue to learn new words every day. 

Although you are definitely displaying your independence, this stage is so much fun. You really don't like being held anymore and wiggle your little body out of anyone's arms because you just want down, to walk/run on your own. You try to get people to chase you and you run the opposite way squealing with glee. You act like such a kid! 

You point, at everything, including people these days. If I tell you to "say hi", you'll wave instead saying "hiii!" When you want something you tend to point at it. I always try to say the word and have you say 'please'. You are SO perceptive. You notice every bird, plane, helicopter, flying-anything that goes by. You can hear them from inside the house and you'll point up to the sky and say, "Look!"

When you see food you want, you say "Mmmmm" in the sweetest little voice. It's pretty impossible to deny you, just sayin'. You know how to charm 'em, my dear. Speaking of food, you are in a newfound picky stage. I hate it. You dislike pretty much all meat, but are obsessed with fruits and carbs of all kind. If you don't like something, you put it on your tongue, make this sour face, and then let it fall out of your mouth. It's so.very.annoying. I can't wait for you to go back to your love-everything phase. I pray it comes back soon. You drink a small sippy cup of milk at all 3 meals, and water in between. You usually drink a little milk downstairs just prior to bath time to wind down for the evening.

You go to bed anywhere between 7:30-8pm, right after getting your nightly bath, read a bible story, and a bedtime prayer by either Daddy or I. You go right down now and sleep all night through till about 7:45-8:30am. It's fabulous. You take two naps a day still--in fact, you beg for them. One morning nap and then an afternoon nap.

You had your first ER trip this month. You got weighed (fully clothed) and were 21lbs 10oz. You are wearing size 3 sandals now, size 4 diapers, and mostly 12 month clothing. You're still on the petite side.

You've taken more interest in books the last month, and you enjoy being read to. You like to watch a few of the short little disney shows (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins), and you'll sit there so behaved as you watch. You don't seem to be playing with too many toys lately, but you do love to cuddle your few special stuffed animals often. "Pammy-girl" is your favorite...she's your little pink penguin. You give her hugs and kisses all day.

You are such a little love-bug. If we ask you for a "huggie-huggie", you will run to us with open arms and wrap your arms around us. You love to give out kisses accompanied by the "maaahh" sound and you are insanely friendly to EVERYONE. When you were in my belly we prayed for you to have a big, compassionate, loving heart--and girl, you DO. You love everyone.

I can't believe its been 2 months since your 1st birthday. I feel so privileged to have you in my life, and be your momma. You're such a fun-loving kid. 



  1. sounds like she's doing awsome! she is adorable & I love her curls

  2. Hi. I'm Sara. I came over from Megan's blog...Perfectly Imperfect. We have babies the same age. Yours is adorable. I've enjoyed reading a few posts. Stop by my blog sometime.
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  3. Aww she's such a cutie and sounds like the biggest sweetheart. Kids are so much fun around this age. I love it when they first start saying a few words.

  4. Such a sweetheart! This is one of the most fun ages (that we've had over here so far). Becca is doing so many of the same things. I'm trying to soak up as much of it as I can.

  5. She sounds like such a doll! I have to say, ten months was my absolute favorite time with E, until this 14/15 month stage. I LOVE this stage. They are just so much fun! Our girls actually sound a lot alike :)

    She's a beautiful girl Katie. It's obvious you're doing an excellent job with her!

  6. It makes me miss when my daughter was 14 months old. But then I look at her 5 year old self and love her even more. You have so much to look forward to:)

  7. Such a sweet letter for such a sweet girl. She's almost exactly her boyfriend's size. What a cute couple. :)