Monday, July 11, 2011

Adoption Stories.

My husband has two younger adopted sisters. His family was big into foster-care and he had children of all ages in and out of his home for most of his young life. Two summers ago, even, Declan's younger sister gifted her baby boy for adoption to the most amazing couple. She made a responsible decision knowing that her & her boyfriend weren't in a position to raise a child. It was the right decision for them, and as a family, we watched as they went through the most difficult, yet beautiful process.

So, the adoption thing? It hits close to home.

Angie's Family
I wanted to highlight a few things going on with some cool people I know in real life in regards to adoption.

First, Angie & Clint have been in the process of adopting their sweet baby girl, Emery Lin from China. They just recently got their traveling approval and are leaving to bring her home in only two short weeks! I couldn't be more excited for them! If you want to follow along with them, I'm sure Angie will be blogging through the whole experience. Emery is only two weeks younger than Emeline :) I think that's pretty cool.

For the last few years they did fundraisers, giveaways, and Angie sewed her heart out selling bags & headbands on her Etsy shop to raise the funds to bring Emery home.
The Chryst Family

And now? It's happening. [Chills] I'm ecstatic for them.

Through Angie, I started following along with another local family, The Chryst's who just brought their adorable little girl home from China a few weeks ago. Her name is Brooklyn. I read every post and update from China as they laid eyes on their little girl for the first time, and sobbed like a baby while viewing her beautiful photos.

You should definitely check her blog out to see her gorgeous photography, follow along as Miss Brooklyn gets surgery for her cleft, and to watch her grow. She is a doll!

And now, another local friend, Katie and her husband are beginning the process of adoption--this time, from The Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa. They have two little boys already of their own (like Angie), and are opening up their heart and home to the beauty of adoption.

They're still in the early process of it all, but it's well underway. Right now on Katie's blog they're giving you the chance to win an iPad 2 with the purchase of a $10 ticket, all proceeds going directly to fund their home study and the agency fees. Every little bit counts, and if you want to follow along their journey, purchase a ticket or two, and maybe win an iPad2--here's the button.

I think it's important to know these things are going on, and that you can help be a part of forever impacting a little child. I can attest to the fact that these sweet kiddies will be forever loved with these awesome people as their family.

Thanks, friends. Happy Monday!


  1. I adore adoption stories. Brad's sister had to do the same thing, giving away a baby. Hard but it worked out for the best for the little girl.
    I follow a ton of adoption blogs and cry every time they finally get their baby. :) Me and my little sister have always wanted to adopt from China (but didn't know we both felt that way until recently). I really hope it happens one day. In the meantime, I will definitely check out your friends' blogs. What a great way to start off the week. :)

  2. way to spread the love sis! i love how we have the power to use the internet to share these awesome stories. i made my donation and i blogged about this today, too!

  3. Thank you so much for all you support. Not only with the adoption but also with my blogging skills (or lack there of). You are such a wealth of knowledge for me:):) We really are blessed...thank you!!!

  4. My friend adopted a gorgeous little boy from Russia several years ago. Adoption has always been inspirational and fascinating to me. Good for you for spreading the word.

  5. Sweet post, they all look like very sweet families and children too.

  6. Oh this just made me so happy!!! Thank you for this!! It's been a rough week for us in regards to the adoption stuff, and I can't tell you how much I needed these sweet stories today!! thank you!!!

  7. I think adoption is a WONDERFUL thing!! My parents adopted my sister and I would love to adopt one day!

  8. adoption is awesome. After years of heartbreak I watched a family from church adopt a boy from russia. I hope I can adopt when I get married. to be honest when I read your title: i thought you had some great news!!!!

  9. Beautiful. Thank you so much for including us!

  10. katie, so lovely! thank you so much for sharing in our excitement and being such a great voice for our sweet babies! you are so sweet!!