Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Fragments.

This week flew by. Flew right on freakin' by. I'm cool with it--not complaining.

So, I went out last night. We had one of those nights where Emeline went to bed at 6:30pm. Yea, one of those nights. Meaning that our day yesterday? Was a long one. Anyway. Right after she went to bed, I handed the monitor to Declan and said, "I'm going out". I met up with my sister and we just sat at Panera, for a few hours, and talked. No baby to feed, or entertain, or interrupt my thoughts or take my attention--I was just me. And it was nice. I need to do that more. 

I freaking love my kid to death. Everyone knows that. But I don't get out enough without her, and sometimes I just need it. So it felt awesome to just be out childless and it's amazing what it does for me. Silly, but true.


Last week I mentioned the possibility of Declan and I going away for some mini-vacation type thing. Well, we won't be doing St. Lucia (for lots of reasons, but I do appreciate all your feedback-thanks!)--but, we are still totally trying to make something else work. It will only be a 4'ish day trip, and definitely without-child, but we will totally make it worth our while. When I know more details about what/when we decide, I'll share. For now they are just serious thoughts and the planning is being worked out. I hope, I hope, I hope it goes as planned, but we'll see.


She's obsessed with my water cup. Obsessed. She sees it, and she instantly says "MMMMMmmmm!!" I have to admit, I secretly love how much she loves water. It's probably because we don't give her juice, but the girl thinks water is a treat, and its hysterical. I kind of wish I felt that way about water. It feels like it's a chore to drink it.

So on that note, some photos. (Shocked much?)

She takes this water-drinking thing serious. Look at that face.

Oh, you know, Ma--just blogging.
Seriously, when did my baby get so huge? Sigh. 

Have an awesome weekend!!

[SMS will be up tomorrow. See you then!]


  1. Hey Katie!

    I know how you feel about getting out (without E) for a bit.. I feel the same way here. I have two 13 month olds and my husband works nights! I work 3 days a week so that kind of gets me back in my right mind set. The pics are adorable with your water cup! She's so stinkin cute!


  2. The first pictures (with her on the right drinking) actually looks like she is saying "Mmmm!" Lol, love it! Have a great weekend!

  3. I'm glad you got to go and hang with your sister. It's moments like that when you realize how lucky you are, especially when you see your baby girl the following morning! Breaks like that really help us become better wives and moms! She is so cute drinking your water!

  4. My first baby is going to be 8 in a few months. EIGHT. That's so freaking close to double digits and preteen. I have no idea where the years went because I remember her being eme's age SO.clearly.

  5. Yes, you HAVE to take time for yourself sometimes! It helps you be a better mommy!

    And she is adorable, drinking that water!

  6. She is just too cute with that cup! How adorable!

  7. I have that same cup and Connor does same thing! Sees it, points to it, with a little "mmmm" action. He doesn't get how to drink out of a straw yet but he puts his mouth on it and backs off it with another "mmm". Silly kids!

  8. E is that same way about water.. girlfriend slurps it down then wants more.. we have never given her juice either.. actually I put apple juice in a cup the other day and she wanted nothing to do with it.. Im ok with that...

  9. I've been having some serious "I NEED OUT" type moments lately. And even though dates with the hubs are nice too? I kind of just want to walk around a mall alone. Or just drive alone. Just for my own sanity, ya know??
    I absolutely adore my kid (why do we always feel the need to include that?? lol), but yeah. Those baby-free moments are neccesary sometimes.

  10. glad we got to get out, too! it was nice having some time to just chill. i may be kid-less, but i needed it, too. :)

    and some of those expressions in those photos? so remind me of you. she is your daughter- no doubt about that! lol

  11. Where did you get your water cup from? I think I'd drink a lot more water if I had a cup with a straw, but I can't find one! Grrr.

    Also, we had the same day yesterday. I'm sorry, it sucks. I went to the Dollar Store as soon as Justin got home :)

  12. Oy, I totally need to do that whole getting out without the child thing soon. Don't get me wrong, love her more than anything, but I do need to find time to do just a me or a date with a girlfriend.

    Girlfriend loves her water, huh? That's how my daughter is!! She can't suck through a straw yet, but loves to help hold the cup and drink some icy, cold water. And I'm with you, it does seem like chore for me.

    I see the Fire Store up on your labtop. :) Can't tell you how much money I spent there when I was running with the fire company and ambulance!

  13. Happy Friday, honey! Love that you got a little mini break and got out to chat with your sis...nothing better than a little sister time.

    Can't wait to hear about your vaca! Y'all definitely deserve a getaway...treat yourself to somewhere good! It'll be worth it :)

    My gosh...Eme looks more and more like a big girl every day. I can't get over it! She's not a baby anymore...but seriously, she's getting cuter by the minute!

    Hope your weekend is wonderful :)

  14. Now that you posted this .. I can't remember the last time I was out without E. Oh wait, when I got my hair done. But before that? A LONG FREAKING TIME AGO. Perhaps I will remedy that this weekend (and grocery shopping doesn't count).

    Hope your today goes better than your yesterday.

  15. After the hellacious week I've had.. I am SERIOUSLY thinking about leaving LB and Jerk Face home and I just go do something... but I might just take a nap! ;)
    **LB loves water too! :) My sister got her her very own water bottle for her birthday - she LOVES it :)
    *Eme is getting cuter by the minute! :)

  16. I LOVE the pictures with the water cup! Too cute! And congrats on the weight loss (from the post above)! That is so exciting!! There really is nothing else like feeling good about yourself and actually loving the way clothes fit and feel. Congrats again! Have a great weekend.


  17. Oh my. She is just adorable! I hate to tell you, but the whole "what? how did my child grow so much overnight?" doesn't get any better. My little man is 17 months old and the month between 15 to 16 month was a HUGE difference. BUT, with the sad comes the fun too. His little personality has changed the most :)

    SOOO.. I have some questions about the water cup. I love it! Where did you get it and does it sweat? (weird? Sorry! ha)

  18. She seriously does look different in these pics. Older, I think. Cute as ever!

  19. My E doesn't get juice either and walks around asking for "wa wa". I wish I liked it that much.

    And the other day I looked at my child walking around with all this costume jewelry on and did a double take. Where is my BABY?!? She must be with yours somewhere!

  20. Arrr you got the cutie girl!

    Well done with your diet. seriously i need lose weight right now.

    I’m your newest follower… Hope you find your time to check my blog out and don’t forget to follow me please

    Have a lovely evening

    Much loves, Sacha x

  21. Glad you enjoyed your night out. About a month ago, I cashed in a gift certificate for a massage. The place had a little "nest" where you could sit in a robe and sip a drink and read, relax, whatever. Before kids, I would have just left after the massage, but I sat in that nest for an hour and I can't even tell you how good it was for my soul to just relax and be quiet.

    I don't give Monroe juice either. It took me forever to enjoy water, so I've been trying to avoid anything more tempting in hopes that he'll keep his taste for it. He's a big fan too. I'm not sure how long my ban will last though-I caught a grandmother trying to sneak him ROOT BEER!

  22. Aww- Miss E is soo cute! I love her curls :)

    Maybe she likes the water because it's in a cool cup. I like drinking water out of my monogrammed cutesy plastic cup over a plain bottle anyday ha! That's good that she likes water so much though.

    Love the pictures- keep them coming!