Monday, July 18, 2011

Holy productive day-batman.

Literally, our holy day. You know, Sunday? The day of rest? Well, we completely blew that out of the water. Talk about a crazy-hectic-productive-day around the house. Well, pretty much our entire weekend I should say.

Those feel so rare now it know, productive weekends. 'Cuz we've been spending weekends relaxing and doing whatever we feel like doing, all while knowing we were shoving that to-do list further and further to the back of our minds. 

But this weekend? We finally stuck it to the man. I mean. Well, you know. We actually got around to doing stuff.

There were Home Depot trips, Walmart trips, a full-blown-grocery-shopping trip, a wonderfully blissful (sans child, thanks mom!) trip to Ikea, a little lunch date thrown in there, garage-organizing, closet-cleaning, fat-clothes-ridding, furniture building (well we DID go to Ikea), TV mounting, blind-hanging, and a much awaited and anticipated treadmill purchase, even. 

We were so busy, but it was a good kinda busy. The kind where you can go into Monday with that feeling of accomplishment. 

Can we just talk about all the clothes I got rid of for a second? I mean, really. THREE.HUGE.BAGS. How is it possible that I even owned that many clothes (none of which fit me anymore), and why oh why was I holding onto them? Also. Let's talk about what a boost of confidence it is to put on your former "skinny dress pants" and have them practically fall to your ankles. Now that was awesome. I didn't think twice this time about getting rid of clothes and the whole "what if I need these" thought didn't even creep up into my head once. I refuse to go there. 

And let's also talk about how hysterical this child is. She kills me (and exhausts me), and I love her to pieces. We all had a super, productive, tiring, yet-fulfilling weekend.

We hope you did, too.


Happy Monday!


  1. Productive weekends are awesome! I did the same thing when I moved in with my boyfriend...about 5-6 trash bags of clothes and shoes went to Good Will. I think mine was the opposite of yours though since most of mine didn't fit anymore since they were too small! I saved some of the cuter items and put them in a storage bin for next summer. If they don't fit by then, they're toast.

    Also kudos to you for braving Ikea. I have the only one for miles about 10 mins away from me and it's literally my worst nightmare going in there. Occasionally I get good deals, but the shopping is crazy to me. I feel like I write down all my selections, and then I get to the warehouse and NONE of it is in stock! Also...don't ever eat one of the hot dogs they advertise. C did it once out of desperation and I think he's still regretting it.

  2. Having your skinny pants fall to the floor is a major victory, Katie! You're amazing! That's just awesome! Hope you're uber proud!

  3. Yay for productive weekends! I love those! Glad you had such a great weekend :)

  4. I bet you felt so great, getting rid of clothes that you were too skinny for!!!!!!!

    I know I sure love that feeling.. I kept a few of my bigger things for future pregnancies, but other then that... those babies are gone

  5. I've never been to ikea!

    But heck YEAH for productive weekends--those are the BEST.

  6. I love those busy weekends, ones where when monday comes around it didnt feel restful! love ikea, just love it.

  7. Girl! You look FANTASTIC! Please please please send me some motivation! I am starting Weight watchers for the er 3rd time. I am hoping. Praying. I can stick to it!
    And I hope you had a margarita for me at on the border! ;)

  8. Oh man, I did NOT need to see this post! HAHA. I've been fighting the Ikea urge lately (we have one about 30 min from us and never go!). I reeeeeally want to get started on Noah's playroom, but the funds? They're just not cooperating right now. Blah. Praying for a raise. Because in the grand scheme of things, a new bookshelf is definitely top priority, right??? :)

    Congrats on the skinny jeans!! That's incredible! And let me know how the treadmill thing goes. I've had trouble sticking to using it, mainly because I'm afraid I'll wake up Noah during his nap. Plus I get bored. Any tips are much appreciated.

  9. Congrats on you wait loss and your old skinny dress pants falling off of you. I bet it feels so good to get rid of all your old clothes.

    Love love love Ikea! Productive weekends are the best.

    And your little girl, adorbs!

    I'm new to the blog world, but I have been reading for a long time. Your weight loss journey has inspired me. Thank you =)

  10. Yay for you! I've had a productive day so I know how good it feels. Also? Going to IKEA *with you* is officially on my bucket list. :)

  11. Love all the pictures! E looks just like you in the picture of her with the yogurt on her face!

  12. So jealous you got so much done! that's awesome. Good for you!

  13. WAY TO GO! I need some of your motivation, I've failed at being productive lately. It definitely sounds like a good kind of busy!! I have 2 questions for you - 1. How do you get your photos all collage-ish and so cute? And 2. HOW did you lose so much weight?! I NEED THE SECRET!

  14. Your weekend sounds amazing! I love productive weekends...or even days...when at the end of the day you're bone tired, but you look around and you know your tiredness is for a reason. That's a good day. We had nothing of the sort around here this was actually a relatively crappy weekend, which is a huge bummer. Did you already get the IKEA furniture up? Because if you did, that's amazing.

  15. 1) holy balls that's a ton of clothes

    2) you look amazing

    3) i've never been to ikea. boo.

    4) eme gets cuter with every single picture. truth.

  16. I SO need to clean out my closet! I've been telling that to Jerk Face for weeks!
    I'm glad you had an awesome weekend!

  17. jealous you have an Ikea so close! ours is 2.5 hours away, boohoo! great job getting rid of ALL those clothes! holy smokes that had to feel amazing to say "goodbye" to!

  18. Oh my gosh! K sat in the SAME chair while we were at IKEA last week. I almost bought it for her too, so cute!

    And of course, she has the same jammies because well, we both shop at the same place. ;)