Friday, July 15, 2011

Little Blessings

Yesterday morning I randomly decided to challenge (ha) myself to keeping my camera with me, purposefully looking for those little gem-moments throughout the day. 

I just feel like lately I've been just living my days, getting caught up in being so busy that I'm not able to stop and realize the blessing in the small things. Honestly? I think going through my camera at the end of the day was really fun, and a way to look back and think Oh I actually DID something today. Wait, a lot of things. And wow, I had a good day.

Too often I forget to stop a minute and just be. I don't care if that sounds cheesy or tacky. It's the truth.

I've narrowed my photos down, but here are some of my gem-moments in yesterday.

Morning reading. It's my morning therapy. I know you like my Christmas mug :)
So often I find myself annoyed with the messes. But yesterday? It reminded me that I do have a happy, healthy, and curious, sweet toddler-girl that I love unconditionally.


Our sweet pup, who often gets the shaft on the blog. He's a good boy, and loves our girl.
Cute baby capris...and ankle creases. Oh, the ankle creases.
It was only 83* yesterday. It felt like heaven outside.
Please pardon my dust.
We took a walk. Two walks in fact. 

We discovered leaves. And then she proceeded to eat it. Fabulous.
I love to garden, but I've neglected my gardens the last two years. I got out there yesterday and weeded them, and I had a little helper.
Oh, that face.
Dinner. It may be simple, but I usually dread making dinner. Yesterday I pulled up a chair and let Emeline "help". I won't tell you that it ended up with her falling half-way in the sink with a wet-head. Just know it was worth it. 
When I snuck over Declan's shoulder and took this picture he was all, What are you doing? Um. ok. But, I love it.
A cold one in a frosty mug. 

If you've never done this, I highly recommend it. It was fun :)

Happy Friday!

[Saturday Morning Scene---tomorrow! Be there.]


  1. I love these. I might have to try it even though I just have a crappy lil point and shoot. :)

  2. I think I might give your idea a shot... Could you share how you edited the leaf photo? I love it!

  3. Very good idea! It IS really easy to get caught up in our every day routines without thinking to snap a picture. Good job :)

  4. literally laughed out loud at the part about eme falling in the sink. i can just imagine your reaction.

    great shot kate :)

  5. I LOVE this Katie! What a challenge to your readers to capture those sweet moments throughout the day!! :)

  6. I'm totally taking this challenge. I don't have a fancy camera and don't know much about photo editing, but it's so worth it to take some time to capture the little moments of each day that are truly God-sends and we miss them all the time!

  7. You have a way of making even the ordinary look extraordinary! Loved these photos.

  8. Love those little moments!

    The beer photo cracked me up--could SO be Lizzy and Justin. In fact, any time she sees a beer bottle, she yells "NUM NUM!" even though she obviously doesn't drink beer, lol.

  9. I love the outfit changes of Emeline throughout the day! So typical for a toddler! And the beer shot, made me thirsty! :)

  10. Awesome idea Momma! Have already grabbed the camera and started shooting! Let's see what I can get on our chilled out Friday!!!

    Thank you so much, and have a great wknd!

    PS: Eme falling in the sink, priceless! :P

  11. Awww-- what a great post!
    Love this idea!

  12. Great idea!! Even if I don't blog about it, it'll still be a great way to look back later and see how much fun we had, just in the little things. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Thanks for posting! I'm Def. gonna try this! :)

  14. Love this! I tend to have the opposite problem. Not sure if it's possible to take too many pictures? One time my hubby said, "Put the camera down and just ENJOY this moment" ... he was right! :) (but I'll keep taking pictures!!)

  15. That's a great idea for a post! I love the pictures taken throughout a normal day.

  16. Not sure that the little details of my day would come across as great as yours with my lame little camera! But it could be fun, and let me see that I really do more than just sit at my desk all day.

  17. what a great idea-thanks for the idea!

  18. Such a cute idea!!! Loved this post!!! My post about "day in the life" would not be near as cute!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

  19. That's a fantastic idea! I might try that sometime...

  20. Great post, Katie! I just wrote about this last month - about taking the time to notice the little details, the parts of the day that shape us, yet are easily forgotten - and asked for guest bloggers to do the same. Your post would have been a great addition!

  21. Thanks for writing this post! I have been so busy and running around at lightening speed lately, that I haven't taken much time to stop and enjoy the little things as much as I want to.

    And thanks for posting all of the pictures, too! You have a great eye!!