Monday, July 25, 2011

Open-ended (or not) questions.

Do you ever get hooked onto a TV show, say...years after it's started, and since has ended? My brother suggested Friday Night Lights to us a month or two ago, and since we started it last week? I cannot.get.enough. As in, I cannot wait until my husband gets home so we can watch another one (or two, or three) episodes. Declan likes to make fun of me about my addiction liking of the show, but--um, who's with me? Best show ever.

What time of the day do you blog? I tend to write my posts whenever they come to me. Typically, on a good day, I have them written the night before and scheduled to post by 7 or 8am the following day. If I'm having a crazy hectic day with work or a non-napping Eme, or playdates, or you know, too much Friday Night Lights the night before, then I write them in the morning during breakfast. 

Oh, and I'm almost always sitting at my kitchen table when I write, with my laptop. On occasion I'll sit on the sofa, but I tend to reserve sofa-laptop-time for pinterest or photo editing. Not sure why, but I just feel if I'm sitting at the table. Don't ask me why. Because I have no clue.

What do your kids wear to bed? Hear me out before you think I'm a creeper or something. This is an honest question. I am obsessed with pj's for Eme. I think it's because they make them too damn cute and hard to resist, not to mention I always find them on clearance like whoa. However, I think (but I'm not certain) that a lot of people just put their kids in onesies for bed (depending on the age). Is this the case? Are pj's overrated? And honestly? I have this weird thing about putting her in non-pj clothes for bedtime. Naptimes? Fine. But bedtime? They must be pj's, or something pretty darn close to it.

Food Inc., have you seen it? Did it revolutionize the way you ate? Because I'd been avoiding that movie since I knew it would shake me and deeply disturb me. But, we finally watched it this past weekend, and it totally did disturb me and equally piss me off at the corruptness of it all. If you watched the movie, what changes did you make in your family? I can easily see myself never eating a hamburger again. I mean it. 

So--go ahead and answer any question you feel you can chime in on. I want input, and I'm curious.


PS: Remember last week on that adoption post? Well, my friend Angie just today (well,  yesterday) held her little girl in her arms for the first time! She and her hubby are in China right now bringing her sweet girl home. You can read about that here


  1. Bones. I adore it, have never missed an episode.

    This time of year the babes wear onesies cause its so hot. But the other seasons? I'm all about some cute pjs. When its super cold I adore blanket sleepers. Theyre just so snuggly.

    And Food, Inc. Yeah. We don't eat red meat at all, buy local as much as we can, and no longer drink cow's milk.

  2. I was like that with Big Love. I didn't start watching until 2 years ago and was obsessed. I caught up in no time (which means I watched way too many episodes over a short period of time) and am so sad it is over.

    I usually blog at night while Alex is watching something on TV. I try to schedule for the next morning but sometimes I just can't wait and have to share the cuteness right then.

    Kate still wears footed PJ (Children's place are my fav) to bed. I have a weird hatred of onesies so that is not an option in my house. And? Babies in footed PJs are just so darn cute!

    I haven't seen Food, Inc. But maybe I should...

  3. I love pajamas for B, but right now with it being so hot he sleeps in just a cute onesie.

    I've never seen Food, Inc. but I probably should. I already don't eat red meat at all, and hardly any other animal products. And haven't since 16. I saw a short video in one of my college classes (maybe it was Food, Inc.) that just reaffirmed my decision!

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  5. So love me some Friday Night Lights! I so looked forward to watching it with my hubby and now we are so sad that it is over! Why do they take all the good shows off the air??

  6. Friday Night Lights is the best! I hate there won't be another season. We don't have cable or DVR anymore and I grew up without a TV so I discover ALL the shoes late. Netflix has been amazing/dangerous for me. I watch while I work around the house and carry the laptop with me. I've watched every episode of FNL, The Office (twice, actually), 30 Rock, Arrested Development, and Damages that way.

    I finally saw Food, Inc. last year. I grew up on a farm, so I was really all that shocked by a lot of it, but it made me a lot more interested in local and/or organic. I'm still eating meat though! (Even though I'm not a huge carnivore- I go days without eating it until my husband reminds me that I need to cook something with meat.)

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  8. yes. I do the same thing with "older" shows. For instance, we just got hooked on Modern Family. We're just now watching Season 1.

    I normally blog in the morning and pre-schedule for the next day, but with Ella, it all depends now.

    All sleepers all the time for Ella. Though, I did let her sleep in just a cloth dipe this weekend because the AC broke in the house we were in, and we had one night without it, and, well, Ella is a little furnace like me.

    Saw Food Inc. And yeah, freaked me out. And I was already passionate about this/knew a lot about it before I saw it. So, yeah, that info? Totally is a huge reason we eat the way we do. I'm freakish about all organic meats (local if I can) and the same for dairy. Plus a ton of other things I try and follow when it comes to "big" food business. If you're intrigued, read the book the movie is based on. It will freak you out even more.

  9. Both of my boys wear pj's, but only sometimes. L has been known to sleep in his jeans (you gotta pick your battles at his age) and sometimes G wears onesies to bed. Last night he wore a long sleeved tee and shorts.

    I haven't watched Food Inc but I've read a TON about it. The only meat we buy is grass-fed. And we insist that it be 100% certified grass-fed. Because anything else is pointless. We are buying a cow from my uncle this winter. I singlehandedly convinced him to start doing 100% grass-fed with his cows and I am super proud of that. ;)

  10. Hey, Introducing myself ('cause I don't want to be a creeper!)
    I started reading your blog shortly after my son was born, I think he is about a month younger than E - not even sure how I stumbled upon you, but love you!
    I totally get hooked on "old" shows and always get so sad when they are over (like I didn't know they were done when I started watching them). FNL is one of my favorites! I think I am on season 3 now? Love it! I also just started watching Entourage (through the encouragment/force from my hubby. Xan was wearing just onesies to bed because quite frankly no pj's fit him and we were just waiting/hoping to get some for his birthday (which he did - LOTS)!
    I typically blog at night... late... for like a week... then I read them when they finally post and find like 40 editing errors - I really need to start composing them during sane hours of the day!

    p.s. This is one of the first times I have actually popped over to your actual blog (not google reader style) and I just love that "profile" picture of you - you are darling!

  11. LOST. I'm sure you remember when I was all over the Twitter about 6 years too late, recapping every "OMGAH, WTF" moment of Lost. Husband and I were the same way. I couldn't wait for him to get home and for C to go to bed so that we could hunker down and watch 1 (okay, 3) episodes of LOST. We watched the entire 6 seasons in a little over 8 weeks. Amazeballs.

    PJ's? Always. And Matching PJ's nonetheless. I mean, wait.. people don't put their kids in PJ's? But they're so damn cute. I can't even stand it. I'm obsessed with the Carter's 2 and 3 piece sets! I get a little stabby if Husband is on PJ duty and puts C in mismatched jams. I know, crazycakes...


  12. I got hooked on 24 in its last season. We started from the beginning and have been watching an episode every chance we get. :)

    I try to blog during the morning in my spare time at work. I like to be a day ahead but it doesn't always happen.

  13. Um isn't FNL the best show ever!?! I've been watching it since it started and I'm so upset that it's over now. :( I just watched the very last episode last week and I cried. LOVE Tammy and Coach Taylor ;)

    The Bachlor/ette is my total guilty pleasure. Love it.

  14. Yes. My child is in PJs at bedtime every single night... I have flirted with the idea of maybe a onesie for bed but couldn't bring myself to do it. PJs just say "its bedtime" to me.

  15. Sex and the City. I didn't start watching it until after the show ended and then ended up watching the majority of the series On-Demand.

    I can't make myself watch stuff like Food Inc. I once watched a video on how hot dogs are made and haven't eaten hot dogs since. I'm a picky enough eater as it is without adding to my list of "won't eat" foods, lol.

  16. #1. Hahaha. Oh man. Let's see, I've done that (waited till it was over or almost over before getting hooked) with Gilmore Girls, SATC, Seinfeld, How I Met Your Mother, Real Housewives... I won't list them all. :) But it's kind of fun that way, because then you don't have to wait for a week to pass by to see the next episode. You can just hit "next". :)

    #2. I don't really have a set time or schedule for blogging. I just write when I feel like it, and whenever I have a second. A lot of times, I write the blog in the morning, then edit/add pictures during N's nap. But it's one of those things where I just do it when I feel like it.

    #3. PJ's? A MUST here. It makes me uncomfortable to think about N in normal clothes at bedtime. He used to wear matching cute pj's, but now it's more of a big comfy t-shirt and cute pj pants (we keep the house pretty cool, so we can get away with pants at night). And I swear he sleeps better when he's in his pj's. I actually have to put him in pj's for his nap too now, otherwise he fights his nap.

    #3. Haven't seen Food Inc, but like you, I'm purposely avoiding it, just because I happen to like burgers. Maybe I'll wait till summer's over, so I can enjoy the grilling season a little longer. lol. But we do tend to just buy Laura's Lean Beef... is that ok according to them?? :)

  17. On being late hooked on TV Shows, It happened to me to almost everyone of my Faves, but the last ones? How I met your mother and Modern Family, actually GLAD to be late so I can de devour up to 3 episodes at time :D

    Blogging? I'm not tha blogger of tha year. So... LOL when I do it it's always LATE ... as in late at night.. LOL

    PJ's? I have no kids of my own yet, but my Nephew Jesus would not goto be unless he's wearing his PJ's and I find that TOTALLY CUTE and would love my kid to be the same one day ;)

    As for FOOD INC. have not seen it yet, but I did Watch Jamie Oliver and his "Food Revolution" while my last stay in the U.S. and let me just say haven't eat a nugget ever since *YUCK!* (so I bet if I watch the movie I'd probably finally be able to lose the 40 Lbs. that I need to lose)

  18. I am almost always behind the times on TV shows. Since we don't have cable, I only watch seasons on DVD so it always ends up that I'm watching seasons that friends have lent to me or that I have found super cheap. I love it that way because then I don't have to wait a full week to watch. Although, it can be dangerous, too, when I find one I cannot stop wathing. I haven't checked out FNL - I'll have to find it.

    I used to always blog the night before and schedule it for early morning. Now, it's usually during morning nap. Or whenever.

    Eva always wears PJs .. right now, she's mostly in really light cotton sleepers or 2 pc tshirts and shorts/pants, depending on the night. But -- where do you ever find PJs on clearance? I can hardly ever find them on sale. I feel like it's like tampons - they're never on sale because everyone has to buy them anyway.

  19. TV Shows-Yes I get addicted to shows and I prefer to watch them all at once anyway!

    Blog-I always blog at night after bedtime because I just dont' have time after the workday until then.

    PJs-During summer we wear diapers and t-shirts and during the winter we wear pjs.

    Food, Inc-Yes I saw it. No it didn't revolutionize the way I eat. I'm poor, so I buy what I can afford. If I can afford free range organic stuff I buy it but if we need food and I can't afford it at the time I don't! My uncle owns a farm and we get our red meat from there because it is free range and FREE. Also, just FYI, pretty much all meat can be labelled "antibiotic free" because you dont' slaughter the animal until antibiotics are out of its system.

  20. i have tons of shows i got obssessed with after they started! alias, gilmore girls, bones, buffy the vampire slayer, heros, list could go on and on!! LOL!!

    i blog in the evening and save the post for the next morning. i am an organized person, so if i don't do this, there is no post for the day.

    i loved to buy my kids sleepers when they were babies, they look so cute in them. for boys the jammies when they get older are kinda borning! ha!

  21. We got into LOST after season 2. ANd I fell in love with Bones after season 3.

    I don't even really have many clothes for Baby Boy yet, but I think we'll do mostly sleepers/rompers/etc. all day everyday, at least through the infant stage and winter.

    And oh my, Food Inc! We watched it awhile ago and now I"m a lot more careful about what kind of meat/eggs/etc. I buy, but we can't afford to be too picky unfortunately. Our long term goal though for our family is for Jon to make enough money for us to be able to live modestly, but be able to buy organic/local/free range/etc.

  22. Brandon is obsessed with FNL too. I just couldn't really get into it. But I've got plenty of tv addictions myself, so it's not like I would need another one.
    And the kid def. needs to be sleeping in her pj's unless our AC breaks, and then she will end up sleeping only in her diaper like a hillbilly. True story.

  23. I became a Seinfeld fan, YEARS after the show was over. My Mr bought me a few seasons for Christmas one year and I was hooked. Such classic humor.

    I LOVE me some PJS! The cuter the better. My kids are so obsessed (from me I'm certain) that they get upset and discombobulated if they can't find the matching set! Because, God forbid, we'd wear non-matching pjs. tee.hee.

    Food Inc. Saw it. It bothered me and we became more aware of local food (I live in a small town, so farmers are close by) - but in some sick and twisted way, I almost craved a McDonalds cheeseburger the second after watching that show. How sick is that??? We've been limiting our consumption of manufactured food for a good year now, but it's often times too hard to eliminate it all together. I also had to take a step back from the movie and realize that there was an agenda with the movie and that while I believe most of what they were saying.. there is always another side to the issue. We as Americans are causing this and I don't blame big business for supplying to our demand. Accountability is huge and we all hold ours. SOOOO... I'm taking steps to change, for our health and nothing more. But I'm not obsessed and outraged because I take some blame in where we are as a society. I drank the kool-aid, ya know? :)

    I'm following your friend Angie's journey too... soooo wonderful!!

  24. My hubby and I are addicted to Lost. Even though the ending was all over Facebook, we still started the series. We are guilty of staying up way too late watching at least 4 episodes at a time!

    I have no rhyme or reason to blogging...just whenever I get it written down:-)

    My kids used to sleep in pj's when they were younger, now is tshirts and shorts.

  25. PJ's are must for me! Even when we know we'll be waking up super early to leave for a vacation, I make sure Annabelle's wearing pj's that look a little like clothes. But still pj's.

  26. I LOVE watching season after season of TV Shows after they are already out.. so I don't have to WAIT til the next show! :-)

    My little boys always wear jammies to bed. On ONE occasion I think of I put them to bed in just a onesie and that was just recently when that heat wave hit! I love jammies for them. Soo cute :-)

    I blog usually at night when the kiddos are in bed. Usually always on the couch. :-)

    I love reading your blog! :-)

  27. There's quite a few shows that I'm addicted to. Lost. Bones (I just started reading the books they're based on too, and they're pretty good!). In Plain Sight. I have pretty eclectic show watching interests. There was a british show called Survivors (on netflix) that C and I got into and were mad to learn after watching it that they had cancelled it after the 2nd season...

    Right now emily sleeps in a onesie, t-shirt (with no bottoms) or just her diaper. I love kiddie PJs too, but it's just too hot in our house right now, and she wakes up soaked up the back if she's in too much. I can't wait for fall though!!!

    I should get Craig to watch that Food, Inc documentary.

  28. As for the TV shows, "Friends." I watched the later seasons when they aired, but now I have the entire series on DVD and I watch a few episodes
    I was also that way with "Six Feet Under" and "Sex and the City."

  29. Hi I am Christina aka Mommyundone and I too am addicted to TV.

    I have an array of shows that I love, Bones, Food network star, design star, Law and order svu, the list goes on and it's sad.

    And Food Inc. Yes, yes and yes. It's SO disturbing, it Totally pissed me off, and it temporarily changed the way we eat. Maybe the hubs and I should watch it again...

  30. I keep meaning to watch FNL, but I always forget until someone mentions it on a blog or twitter. :)

    I wish I blogged more, but I guess I don't find myself exciting enough to blog about anything. ha. But, when I do blog, it's usually on the couch.

    Both girls are usually always in PJs. Especially Karly since she gets fed through the night, it's hard to feed a g-tube baby with a onesie on.

  31. I refuse to watch Food Inc because I don't want to be grossed out. I am the EXACT way about pjs. I look forward to putting them on the kids at night because they are so stinkin cute! They must wear pj's to bed, nap ok, but pj's for sure. So funny I thought I was the only one who was a weird about that! LOL!

  32. Friday Night Lights is THEE BEST TV SHOW ever. SO bummed when it ended. I cried lots of tears watching that show.

  33. ok read the rest and have to answer. I ALWAYS put my kids in pjs for bed. Always. I have never once put my child to bed in a onsie. They have to be footed pjs also, I don't want them getting cold!!

    also, Food Inc? CHANGED MY LIFE. Majorly. I changed my eating habits and have never felt so good (or look my best) ever.

    also, I would recommend the book Skinny Bitch. The title throws people off, but it is AMAZING. It almost mirrors the movie Food Inc but have even more interesting amazing (and very disturbing) information. THAT food solidified my choice in eating habits. It's AMAZING what people are doing to mass produce food. I HIGHLY recommend the book.

  34. Ahhh!!! GILMORE GIRLS!!! I loved that show, and kept up w/ every single episode!!! Too bad the new writers SUCKED and it had to come to an end. Have all the seasons on DVD. My next shows to get: Boy Meets World and Full House!!!
    PS: My Sister is addicted to FNL! :)

    Jammies are a MUST for my boys @ nite! To me, they are the cutest type of baby clothing to buy, and you can almost always get them on sale/clearance! Carter's has awesome ones!!! They boys have wayyy too many. LoL! ...and CUTE ones, no character clothing for them. Not my thing.

    Food Inc. REALLY want to see it since you have talked about it. I know it's going to aire Aug 9th on PBS (I think) and will totally DVR it!!! I am pretty sure I am in for an eye-opener, more than now. Gosh.

  35. I didn't start watching Sex and the City until about a year after ended. Then one day I rented season 1. About a month later I had finished all 6 seasons. It was insane. I kinda loved getting to watch them back to back though, with no waiting or suspense. Last summer they started playing Friday Night Lights on Lifetime or something. Hubs and I got totally hooked and would watch every night. Then somewhere around Season 3 they stopped and we were bummed. We actually went out and bought the remaining seasons so we could finish!

    Now that it's summer and balls hot out, Jamie typically wears a cloth diaper and tshirt to bed. Otherwise I have long footy PJs since we keep it pretty cool in the house.

    I blog at all times of the day, but usually at work or in the evening after Jamie is in bed.

    I haven't even heard of Food, Inc. Looks like I missed the boat on that one!

  36. I totally get putting a kiddo to bed in pj specific outfits. Right now, there are a bunch of clothes that I wear that can also be bed clothes and it feels weird when I wear them for other things. Don't know why!

  37. My 2 year old wears pj's and only pj's to bed. They do make them so darm cute you can not resist!

    However my 3 month old son, usually wears onsies. Only because its summer time and long sleeve footie pajamas when it's like 75 outside, does not sound comfortable. When winter rolls around footie pj's will make their grand appearnace!

  38. TV show -- True Blood. I can blame my honey for that one. I don't know what it is about it...and usually I'm not into stories or things that aren't real. But I love it. Obviously it is still a big thing, but we watched the whole last season just for the heck of it and got caught up to now.

    Time for blogging -- It's usually while I'm working. Shh! :) But it's usually the only time that I get a few minutes to myself to write what I have on my mind. That being said, I am usually pretty busy here too, so it only happens a couple of times a week usually around 5 in the afternoon.

    What the kiddo wears to bed -- A onsie or a diaper. Man, I sound like a bad momma. Trust me, I look at the jammies at the store and they are a-dor-able. I would love to have a bunch, but it's really not worth it in the some. Come chilly nights and fall/winter, out come the cute lil footie jammies and two piece cuties. I need to find out where you find your jammies for the cheap - it's silly some of the prices I've seen.

    Food, Inc. -- Saw it at Target and thought about getting. I had heard about it, but decided against it. If I decided that I really want to see it, I think I will borrow it or rent it. Didn't seem worth adding to the collect. While I know that all of the corruptness (as you call it) happens, it's unfortunate that it happens everywhere. I think I will be eating hamburgers after -- but ask me after I see it. :-P

  39. Food Inc. - yep, seen it a couple times. Used it in a homeschool class. VERY informative and scary.. but it does make you really wake up and pay attention to where your food is coming from.

    Late TV show lover - yup, that happened to me with Friends and The Middle. Didn't start watching them till they had been on awhile.

    Fun Post.

  40. I've gotten into Arrested Development and Battlestar Galactica after they were over. Also got into The Office after Season 4, but thank god that's still on. ;)

  41. I got hooked on Sex in the City after the fact since we didn't have HBO. Loved that show!!

    I blog at night because it's quiet enough. :)

    My boys are currently obsessed with wearing ONLY pj pants to bed right now. NO shirts. It's a boy thing. K wears cute, matching ones though.

    I've been avoiding watching Food Inc. too. I need to though... i know...

  42. I loved Friday Night Lights. Justin hated it, so we never finished out the second season, but I'd like to watch the whole thing some day!

  43. Sons of Anarchy- I missed Season 1 and happened to catch the premiere of Season 2. Fell in love with Jax, went to Walmart and bought season 1 and got caught up before the next episode the following week. I REFUSE to miss a single episode now!

    I blog whenever and however. I just blog when something comes to my mind. Sometimes its at work (SHH!), other times at night, other times while I'm sitting at the doctors office on my phone.

    My mom and grandma are OBSESSED with cute PJs and you can get them super cheap! My kids have tons of PJs! They tend to chose mismatched outfits when its bedtime though, which drives me crazy! My oldest daughter (6) is also going through a phase of just wearing the bottoms and not the top.

    I've never even heard of Food Inc. Maybe I've missed something? Is this a boat I should jump on?

  44. sounds like I need to watch Food, Inc.but have never seen it.

    For blogging-usually in the mornings but sometimes at night but its always on the laptop for whatever weird reason.

    I love PJs also and Morgan must wear them to sleep. They are adorable!

  45. I watch way too much tv. I started Friday Night Lights a few years late but was fully addicted by the time the show ended this year. Veronica Mars is another show I watched beginning to end after it had ended.

    My babe wears whatever to bed lately it has been SO hot. Usually I leave him in a onesie and his sleep sack (he has a thing about the sleep sack, he won't sleep with out it??)

    I watched Food Inc a year ago and literally after it was over.. I walked through my kitchen and threw out probably over 100 dollars worth of food I deemed inedible. Thinking of rat turds and bugs in my food.. I just can't do it.

    Now? We eat a very large portion organic. Meat is always organic. Always. Vegetables are if I can find them. We eat less meat, more filler... vegetables, rice, potatoes, etc. To make meals affordable. Trader Joe's has the cheapest organic vegetables I've seen anywhere. I love that store.

    I've had my baby on Organic formula and 95% completely organic diet of vegetables, cereal, puffs, etc. I couldn't bare to feed him any other way, not after watching that movie. It's expensive but to me, it's worth it.

    P.S. Sorry for writing you a book.

  46. I blog when I have the time, like now when the little man is in bed, in his....pajamas, or rather a gown. For some reason I like him sleeping in the gowns and the only ones that I have found that go beyond 0-3m are the Kicky Pants ones which are pretty awesome. Come winter we will probably transition to the vast collection of footy pajamas currently occupying his closet. I don't think pjs are overrated, but that could be because I have two drawers of them myself :).

  47. Do you ever get hooked onto a TV show, say...years after it's started, and since has ended?
    Yes! I got addicted to The OC after it ended, Gilmore Girls, Rosanne and probably a bunch of others.

    What time of the day do you blog?
    Usually while I'm at work, between 6pm-midnight. I rarely blog at home.

    I will probably always have my baby in pjs when she arrives. They're just so cute.

  48. I'm a firm believer in pj's. They are definitely cute but also, if I put my girl in a onesie to sleep she would freak out. She is obsessed with her belly button and must have it to fall asleep. Therefore we also can't do footie pj's but only top and bottom ones.

    I also think the pj's signal "bed time."

  49. So, a lot of boys clothes are"ok". But they sure aren't as cute as little girls clothes...except for "jim-jams". I am fairly certain Little O has more jim jams than he does actual outfits. In fact, I bought two of the cutest pairs yesterday. One has "sinosaurs" and the other has "wobots".

    I get hooked on SO many shows after they are canceled. I tend to find them via Netflix. My latest have been Lost, the IT Crowd, Pushing Daisies, and..of course... beggie tales! :)

    I blog when I a) have time b) have something I feel some else's eyes might want to read c) when I feel dorky (that being most of the time!).

  50. I will have to say I am addicted to True Blood... love that show!! If you dont know what it is, it is pretty much Twilight for adults =)
    I MUST be home every Sunday night to watch it, and everyone knows that when it hits 9.. it's show time.

    As for the blogging time... well really whenever something worthy of blogging hits! My schedule is too crazy to plan ahead.. although I wish I could!

    I have no kids (yet) but when I do.. I think the little PJs are adorable, I have a feeling I will be JUST like you!

    Yes.. I have watched Food Inc, it is crazy, disgusting, and a soar eye opener. It really made me step back and look at the food I have been eating. I really dont eat fast food since that... any food we do have is usually locally grown =)

    amberlee - Life with a dream

  51. Glad to know i'm not the only one who thinks about pj's. I'm totally all over cute pajamas, and get in trouble with the hubby for buying too many or spending too much on them. I've had a hard time finding any on clearance recently, so unfortunately... she's in bed right now with a good ole white Gerber onesie! Let's just say, i'm ready for it to get cold, so she HAS to have pj's! haha

  52. I started Six Feet Under several seasons late and The OC a season late. I've been meaning to check out Friday Night Lights. I love the instant gratification of being able to watch the next episode right away. There are a few shows that I tape on the DVR in my room and don't watch them all season. During the summer, I'll have marathon nights and watch 3-4 episodes at once. Freddie thinks I'm crazy.

    I always put Monroe in pajamas. He wears footed pjs. I had the hardest time finding them once he grew into 9-12 months. It seems a lot of brands stop putting feet on them at that point. We love to sleep with our house cold and since he still doesn't use a blanket, he has to dress a little warmer at night. Plus they're so cute!

  53. 52 comments, wow!! I am not sure that this one will be read :D I am sooo addicted to vampire diaires and supernatural! Just call me a sci-fi geek :D I am!! However I am a bit worried b/c we just dumped the Dish to create more fam time!! Oh and when Todd and I first started watching smallville we bought the series and watched it all in one day!! Best day ever :D

    Oh and the pjs...soo with u on that one! Noah HAS to sleep in pjs..come on it is like the law or something, right?? I am obsessed with finding footed pjs that will still fit my big boy!!! We like to be cold at nite so I don't want to freeze him. however, it is hard to find some to fit him :(

    And my time for blogging is usually after bkfast b/c that is when Noah is super content to play all by himself and I can sit on the couch and keep and eye on him and blog.

    I know you have posted a vlog about this but I soo need more details. What do you eat in a typical day? I am a very visual person and I gotta know. I just need to lose wt but I am addicted to food and cannot imagine losing wt and not giving up alot. So i gotta know :))))

  54. PJ's are very important in this house. The kids HAVE to pick out their own while in the store.
    Nerida is obsessed with Dora the Explorer and now has 2 pair of flannel PJ's that have Dora on them and Ryan loves Cars so anything with a car on it is great.

    We love our flannels here cos its so cold at the moment but in summer they normally wear a pair of shortie PJ's with cute boxer like shorts, love them. Though this year because Nerida is a "big" girl I think I will get her first nighty :)

  55. I love Glee, but we always get it a few weeks late over here in Australia which is annoying! I have just begun watching the Glee Project and love it the guys are just so talented (like whoa, if I had the talent they had in one of their little fingers I would be happy!).
    I wear pjs at home but when we're camping, I just wear track pants and a T-shirt as I can put them and walk around the caravan park and no one knows! Though I love wearing pj's.
    I blog when ever though I would like to do it more than I do! I like to do it when I have something to say not just post because I feel I need to!
    I saw the film Supersize me and was put of McDonalds, I mean I will eat it in small amounts but I will never eat it twice a week! Also the film SICKO changed how I viewed the health care system of America. I think we have it slighty better than what you guys do over here, but not to sure! But maybe I should watch Food Inc.

  56. I never even thought about putting Alivia in a onesie to sleep, maybe because it's always cool in there with the AC. I can't really imagine her going to bed in anything other than pjs, except for naps - she just sleeps in her clothes.

  57. Oh and my favorite shows are Bones and Fringe. So addicted!