Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Reflections & a smattering of photos.

One of my favorite things about summer is hanging out in my parents backyard. The two of them put so much TLC into our childhood home & yard, even though they are empty-nesters now. My mom is a bird lover. Not one of those crazy-bird-lover types, but a bird-lover nonetheless. And their backyard is a sanctuary for those little creatures.

Emeline and her PopPop looking for birds.
Everyone who visits there comments on the beauty of their little outdoor sanctuary. It's tranquil, really, and we love it. Emeline loves it. She hears birds constantly, points her little finger to the sky, and will pick-out a bird she spots hanging out in a tree or on a feeder.  She's got her MomMom's love for birds.

So, we have a lot of cookouts there in the summer. Last minute, thrown-together cookouts.

If there's a game on? Bring the TV outside. Because, why not? It's summer and anything goes.
 Emeline has officially declared her love of MomMom's iPad. She plays this matching-zoo game gets this excited-gasp face every time she gets a match.

It's been HOT here. Yesterday I finally put Eme in her swimsuit and we played at the splash park. I honestly think it should be some kind of law for a little splash-zone section to be instated at every single park. Because, dude, IT IS HOT HERE. And the slides and other playground toys are stingy-hot right now, and pretty much impossible to enjoy.

For being one of the littlest ones there, she held her own.
I had a lot of moments at the park yesterday where I kind of scratched my head like, who the heck is that toddler? And why does she look so big? Surely that's not my baby girl. 

I have a feeling those moments are going to keep on coming, too. I'm not sure how I feel about it either.
Aunt Susie makes the park that.much.better.
 The other great thing about summer are playdates. Meeting friends (or cousins in this case) at the park, even just for an hour or two. It's memory-making, and it's naptime-inducing. And both of those things are awesome in my book.

Hello curly-q. Nice to meet you. [Eme & her 5-week-younger cousin, Ian.]
And with her big-cousin, Jayden.
The whole, holy-crap-I-have-a-toddler thing only sunk in more when I got home that afternoon. I don't know why some days are worse than others in that department. But, she's just getting so old, and And big. And losing some of her baby'ness, and gaining this new found confidence. I mean, it's good. It is. But it makes a momma kind of sad at how fast time flies.

So the summer days are good. A little bitter-sweet...but good. I remember looking forward to this summer so much. Declan and I would talk about her being a big-girl, able to play at the playground, go in the pool, and run around & play. She's doing that all now, and it's like--whoa momma. 

We're gonna enjoy it. Because next summer? Is gonna come too fast.


happy tuesday!


  1. Too cute in her swim suit, you're parents backyard sounds relaxing!

  2. Look at those curls!!!

    Like yours, my parents have made their backyard this unbelievable, relaxing, yet beautiful place to just hang out. I find myself there often. Love it!

  3. love all the photos, of course. i really like the one where you can see dad and eme's curly hair. so cute!

  4. Katie...this post is SO sweet!!!! :)

  5. That park is terrific!!! Is that in Coatesville? How convenient that it is so close to you!

  6. Gah, I love the baby pointer finger. It's so cute when they do that.

    Is that swimsuit Joe? I think Em has the same one in navy stripes!

  7. love those curls! she is a doll

  8. Hey what is the name of that app? I would love to add it to ours for our 12 hour car ride. Also? The Duck Duck Moose apps are wonderful!! Wheels on the Bus, Itsy, etc.

    She does look SOOO big in the most recent pictures! Where has the time gone??

  9. Those curls!!
    I feel ya. I look at my kid all the time and wonder where the heck my BABY went?? It goes too fast.

    Love your parents back yard. I want to do that some day in ours too. We have a million birds (even with the dogs!), so it'd be nice to let them have a little section of our yard.

  10. She really does look like such a big girl these days!! Those curls and her new found toothy grin change her face completely!! Cute as a button!

  11. I swear she gets cute with every photo you post! These "summer reflections" are too sweet. You've almost got me in tears as I think about how big my little man will be by next summer!

  12. Goodness, look at those curls! So cute.

  13. her curls? so cute! yes, next summer will be here soon!

  14. those curls!!! my goodness i could just eat her alive!! she's precious!!!

  15. I can see 5 year old Emeline in that picture of her in the slide. Summer really brings out the "kid" in kids, and makes everything go by so much faster. Just keep on soaking it in lady.

  16. Enjoy every minute and summer really is the best. Ours has been filled with playdates, relaxing and fun in our bathing suits. It will be over before I know it. Those pictures are super cute!

  17. How cute is she? I love her blonde curls!