Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Be intentional to encourage.

To Encourage. To inspire (someone) with the courage or confidence to do something

I think at some point in time or another, we all could use a little boost...a little praise...or a little job well done, and you can do it. I think that as humans, we kind of tick that way. It's this internal need to know we are valued, loved, and to need that boost of reassurance sometimes.

I was beginning to lose myself in all this miserable-babydom over here. It was seriously wearing at me. I was behind in all housework, regular work, I hadn't had interaction with friends in a week, and overall, just felt worn out and weak. Literally, the almost non-stop-crying was tearing me down. There is something that just makes you feel so failure-like when you cannot soothe your own child.

My husband happily sent me on my way last night to go shopping with my sister while he stayed home with Emeline, bathed & put her to bed. It didn't come out of left field, I mean...I called him earlier in the day and it kind of went like this: OhmygawdifIdon'tgetoutwithoutthebabymysanitywillbeatstake.Ihave'ntsleptindaysandI'mgonnadie.IneedtobeME.Notmom,justKatie.I'mgoingouttonightandyoucan'tstopme.

Well, I didn't say the last part. But, yea. You get the gist. I was thisclose to losing it.

You know what he said so sweetly on the phone? (Which set my crazy-talk-gonna-lose-it into a mushy oblivion?)

"You deserve it, and I value what you do."

That was it. 

When we crawled into bed last night after I had a few blissful hours just hopping from store to store with my sister, not having to strap a kid in & out her carseat at every stop, not having to worry about leaving the cart 10 feet behind me, or feeding snacks & playing a peek-a-boo with a toddler---I thanked him. Just a simple thank-you to say that getting the time out, even though it meant not really seeing him that night, meant a lot to me. 

He began to encourage me. He told me what a great mom he thinks I am, and how well I do when handling her, especially while she's feeling so sick. 

It meant a lot. 

It got me to thinking---

A little bit of encouragement can go a long, long way. Let's take my weight loss for example--the encouragement you all have given me along the way has helped in so many ways. I try to do the same for others. 

But I need to be better and more intentional about encouraging others. The intentionality factor is the one I want to work on. Being purposeful about encouraging those around me. Whether it be face to face, in an email, on a blog post, through twitter, or on the phone. 

Because I don't necessarily think it's always about the way the encouragement/uplifting words come, but that you know there is someone in your life rooting you on. We all need that to some degree.

So that...that's where I'm at today.

Does any of this ring true or hit close to home to anyone else?


  1. What a sweet and thoughtful husband you have! What a wonderful treat to give you time to yourself! Love the poster! I need it life-size!

  2. A very good post Katie! It was uplifting and just what I needed today.

    I am glad that your husband takes the time to lift you up, he sounds pretty wonderful and I think that is so helpful to ones marriage & life!

    I sometimes think we all encourage without sole intent, and that is something I need a little work on too.

    You are an amazing Momma to Eme, and she is so lucky to have you and D for parents. I hate dealing with the sickies sometimes, they are wearing and it hurts to see them hurting.

  3. So so sweet! We all need to hear those words every once in a while. J stayed home with KP 3 days last week and on day 3 I came home and he said "I don't know how you do it, I'm not ready to be a stay-at-home dad".
    You deserved your night out with your sister and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  4. It definitely rings true for me. I've found in the last couple years that I really start to get overwhelmed if there is no encouragement in my life.

    Glad you had such a great time! And that you have such a caring hubby!

  5. Awesome post!

    So sweet of both of you to lift each other up, like that.

  6. So true. It's so necessary and needed. Great post, love.

  7. We definitely all need some encouragement from time to time! Your husband was super sweet to give you some time alone!

  8. That is beautiful and oh so true! I'm trying to say thank you more, especially to my husband!

  9. Girrrl, I had my own meltdown yesterday! I know exactly what you mean! Good for you that you were able to do something for you!

  10. Great post today. I think it's so true, everyone needs a little encouragement from time to time. Your husbant sounds like such a wonderful guy!

  11. good post. Everyone needs to hear more encouragment from others!

  12. that poster is amazing! we all need encouragement... glad your hubs is there to help you!

  13. Getting out without child.. SO WONDERFUL!! (I actually just went on a huge shopping day with my sister on Saturday -- MUCH needed and I feel 1000% rejuvenated!)

    Your husband seems like a terrific guy! He says the right things at the right time!

  14. Love this, we need to hear we are valued. on the flipside we need to remember to tell how our much our hubby's are valued too.
    I love this post!

    p.s. so glad you got out! We need to escape every once in awhile and just be us. :)

  15. Um yeah, yesterday's post was a bit of a meltdown on my part. I'm right there with you. But you are RIGHT and we can't get defeated by the hard times. Great post

  16. Sweet hubby. ...I think it also makes you feel good yourself to encourage others. Win, win.

  17. What a happy post! :)
    Everyone needs a little pat on the back every now and then. It's what keeps us all going without losing our minds. Love this.

  18. A few encouraging words from the hubby goes so far! One day home with the kiddos on their own, and they quickly realize that staying home is the hardest job ever. It's amazing how great a "you're such a good mom" can feel and lift you up so high!

  19. Great post. I think we all struggle to encourage each other. We're doing a bible study right now that speaks of love being intentional, and I do believe that in all of our relationships in live, encouraging each other intentionally is essential to survival and our ability to thrive.

  20. Yes, yes, yes. I am going to adopt this philosophy towards my coworkers this year. Maybe it will help delete all the negativity that comes with working with all women? Maybe??