Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bits & Pieces

-Chocolate covered strawberries are bad news. Bad, bad news. I mean, they are insanely delicious, and probably? My most favorite dessert of all time if I had to rank it. But they are all sorts of tempting...and easy to eat, because-Oh, it's just fruit. You know, slathered in chocolate. Next thing you know, you ate five of them and your belly hurts.

Speaking of which, are they suitable breakfast foods? Because there is a slight chance I'm eating some with my coffee this morning. See? So bad. But, so so good.

-This morning, Declan came up to me while Eme was in her highchair eating breakfast--and he wrapped his arms around me. He started telling me about how in the book he's reading, it talks about how great it is for your kids to see their parents show affection. I think he's right--and lately I've just been very convicted when we argue or have any type of conflict in front of Emeline. I need to be better about this. Also? My mouth. It can be filthy sometimes, and it's just not the type of example I want to set.

One of my friends, Laura, wrote a really great post about this topic last week--you should check it out.

-Lately we play this game with Emeline...."Can you say _____", and then she will repeat whatever it is we say. So, in the car, when I'm trying to distract her from how tired she is, and Justin Bieber is failing me, we'll sometimes play this. Her vocabulary is still limited, but at the same time, feels like it's exploding. Obviously not every word sounds exactly like it-but she totally tries. So we'll go through her normal words: Mac-a-boy (yes, she says this, and its DARLING), thank-you, night-night, food, water, more, all done, uh-oh, ball, puppy, duck, please, Momma, Daddy, Pop-Pop, shoes, etc. 

For some reason it works, and totally keeps her distracted. 

So does playing with baskets on our heads.

-Lately I have the urge to redo all the bathrooms in my house. The problem is, I don't have the motivation. I have the urge...the desire...but no real 'umph' to actually do anything about it. So, that sucks. Or, maybe it doesn't? It's better for my budget, I guess.

I blame pinterest, though. It truly makes my desire to up and re-do my entire house really, really high. And that's really, really bad.

-My four year anniversary is THURSDAY. Whoa. 4 years. Not to mention the other 6 years of dating prior to that. We're so...old. I love it, though. I love my husband so much and am truly so blessed to have him. We're gonna keep our celebrating pretty simple with dinner out (but where we go is a secret apparently)--since we have already scheduled a big trip for September. Still, though? A night out-? Totally looking forward to it.

Time to finish my coffee...

Happy Tuesday!


  1. O.M.G. White chocolate covered strawberries are my #1 all-time favorite!!! (And they are healthy for me! It's fruit, after all! *wink)
    *I love the baskets on the head! :) CUTE! (Jerk Face always puts LB's clothes on top of his head - she LOVES it!)
    *Happy anniversary!!!

  2. Ohhh love those! It's more fruit than chocolate so enjoy it ;)

  3. My husband and I are conscious (but not forceful) of our affection in front of our kids too. We know it sets a good example of what a solid marriage looks like and want them to strive to have the same thing. Of course this comes in other forms, not just affection. We try to show them communication, commitment, understanding, compromise, etc. Sometimes that does come in the form of arguments or disagreements. We never get out of hand (regardless if they are present) but showing them that their mom and dad aren't perfect all the time is realistic. It shows them that we can dislike what the other is saying or doing, but we get through it in a healthy manner. I think if Eme sees this in you and your husband you are also teaching her important lessons in relationships - it's not always hugs and kisses. I'm sure you are doing what you feel is necessary for your home life, but don't beat yourself up if she sees you are annoyed that he didn't take the trash out or he overspent on the budget, etc. It's all part of "normal" life :)

  4. Since Laura's post I have been convincted about the same things. Trying to add lots of affection in front of her and limit the discussions to after bed time .... Growing up my dad always said that he felt the best gift he could give to us was to love our mother. So true. I want to pass that on.

  5. Girl when u posted these pics on twitter i had to get some of my newly bought strawberries (one of new healthy groc items) and dip them in chocolate! I did good and only did two :D hehe!!! I know what ya mean about making sure to show a good example for the babes!! I have been thinking about that alot lately too. Happy soon to be anniversary :D A night out does sound fun!!! Enjoy ur coffee hun :))))

  6. Katherine's face lights up when she sees my husband and I showing each other affection. It gives kids such a security that they just don't get any other way when they know mommy and daddy are solid :)

    As far as conflict, something I try to keep in mind is that it's HOW we deal with it in front of her that's important. Does she need to witness every disagreement? Of course not! But I don't think it's wise to hide all disagreement from the kids. My parents did that, and when they announced their divorce, it COMPLETELY BLEW OUR MINDS because we didn't know anything was worng. Plus, my brother and I grew up with virtually ZERO conflict resolution skills and are now "sweep it under the rug" people :)

    As my kids grow up, I want to balance what they see. I want to teach them HOW adults respectfully can disagree and HOW to work out problems while making sure that they don't see and hear the stuff kids don't need to see and hear.

    Parenting is hard!

  7. Fifteen years. We've been together that long. How did we get so OLD?

    We argue in front of our kids. Never ugly, or harsh, or inappropriate, but we don't hide our disagreements from them either. Because life has a lot of conflict, and we both think it's super important to teach our kids how to resolve conflict in relationships.

    And it works for us. For our family. My kids were playing outside the other day with some friends, and there was an argument, and instead of stomping feet and walking away, I heard Cass actually work out the problem in a really mature way. I was SHOCKED. And proud.

  8. So many couples stop being affection once kids enter the pic but as you said its good for them to see it. Also, in my honest opinion its good for kids to see their parents arguing a bit, helps them realize that marriages aren't roses and rainbows all the time. Happy 4 years!

  9. I think it is SO important for kids to see their parents be affectionate. I also think it is important for kids to see their parents fight/disagree (within reason) and then come back together to solve the problem. I never once saw my parents argue...which on one hand was great, but on the other hand, when Justin and I had our first disagreement as a married couple, I had no frame of reference on how to handle or solve it.

    Also, I had a small piece of raspberry cheesecake for breakfast. Fruit = Breakfast in my book, ha!

  10. So true about showing affection in front of your children. It teaches them how to love and be affectionate themselves. It also shows them how they should expect to be treated (how Daddy treats Mommy and vice versa).

    I also agree that it's good to have mild disagreements in front of your children and also resolve them in front of your children as well. It teaches them how to deal with conflict resolution.

    I love the photo of Eme with the basket on her head. I have a very similar picture of S at that made me smile.

  11. This is such a great post. I don't have children yet but this is definitely food for thought (I also read your friend's post, which was great too.). I love the basket-head pictures too. Very cute.


  12. Oh the dipped berries! Yum! I love using Bakers dark chocolate for it and tell myself at least that's a tad better!?

    I can honestly say that I wish my parents would have been better about showing affection in front of me. My situation is definitely different and it was my mom & step dad which adds a complete different element but I always felt uncomfortable when they did show any sort of affection and it has carried into my adult life. I don't like PDA and it has taken me a long time to slowly be able to be affectionate in public (we're not taking make out sesh type PDA either!).

    It is wise of you guys to be mindful of what types of discussions you have in front of her too. So much to think about when these little ears are around! Personally, I don't think it's healthy for kids to think their parents NEVER fight/disagree but the opposite is awful too! :) Little ones don't need the stress of our adult convos, for sure.

    Did you decide on FL? ;o)

  13. Totally a breakfase food :) YUM!

    Agree, affection is important for kids to see, so they know what they should look for when they want to get married someday.

    We LOVE baskets at our house too . . . you play that whole "watch out for the corner/wall/dog" but the laughter and moments of enjoyment make it worth it all :)

    I refuse to even look at Pintrest with #2 coming and school starting soon, I will have no extra time at all if I do so . . . but sooo tempting!

    And happy anniversary to you and your hubs in a few days :) Enjoy your night out!

  14. Well you know I'm not much of a curser anyway (personal thing), but content-wise, I'm having to get on the hubs. He just doesn't quite understand that even though N isn't talking yet really? He's still listening! And really, I don't want to have my kid's first sentence being something like, "It's hot as balls out here!" LOL.

    Definitely with you on the affection thing. It's good for them, within reason obviously. lol. I try not to fuss with Brad too much in front of N, but I also know he's got to understand that conflict is inevitable and we find a way to work it out respectfully. Y'know, without throwing food at eachother.

    Chocolate covered strawberries... YUM. It's fruit though. No worries. haha. Ever had the Godiva ones? We got to try a free one when they first came out, and OMG so good. Not worth the $5 though.

    Happy almost Anniversary! :)

  15. ps. I'm just like Erin. My parents didn't show us any conflict, and when they announced their divorce? Totally out of left field for me. And like Erin, I'm learning how NOT to sweep it under the rug.

  16. I have got to get better with my mouth too! Before I know it, Kate will be repeating everything I say and I would be mortified if she repeated some things.

    And, your chocolate covered strawberries caused me to enjoy some straberries and nutella last night - it was a wonderful and worth the tummy ache!

  17. What book is Declan reading? Just curious. I agree, it's so important to show affection, no matter how young your kids are. Jarrod didn't have a great upbringing in terms of his parents, and he always says he wants to set the best example for Ethan. 7 months in, I think he's doing a great job. :) That's sweet that that prompted D to come up and hug you. What a way to start your day!

    Also, the strawberries? They're fruit. They don't count as junk/bad food - chocolate or not. ;)

  18. Oh my how I love chocolate covered strawberries!! :) And I totally agree with the parents showing affection thing, I hope it's never awkward to for our kids to see us hug because it's just such a normal occurrence. :) I think it will always be slightly awkward to see your parents kiss... No matter how "normal" it is... Haha :)

  19. I read something recently that said you should eat chocolate covered strawberries if you want something sweet and you're on a diet because they're fruit. Something like that. So it must be true. Eat up! :)

  20. I agree with Jess's comment. That being said, I need to get better at it. Because I have lost my shizz in front of Logan before. And that's NOT okay. I am determined not to do that anymore because I get a little crazy when I lose it. Also, G was watching B give me kisses the other night and every.single.time, G would chuckle. So freakin' cute.

    Chocolate covered strawberries are my favorite, too. Always have been.

  21. Yay for almost four year anniversary and a night out! Today is our 3 year anniversary!! It's crazy how time flies!

    ps. love that photo of Eme with the basket on her head. It's the random things in the house that entertain them the most right? HA!

  22. I love it when they are first learning words. It's just so dang cute!

    And those strawberries look SOOOO good...

  23. We're on the same timeline! My husband and I dated 6 years before we got married and have been married 4 years, too. And our little ones are about a month apart. People used to give me a hard time wondering when we were going to get engaged, and there were times when I wondered too if I'm being honest, but now I think it was perfect. We really established our relationship and went through good and bad things together, so we know how to make it work in marriage and with children. I'm surprised how many of our friends don't know how to handle conflict and even more surprised at the way they put each other down. It makes me sad to hear them insult someone they love.

    I think it's good to be mindful of how you show conflict in front of your kids. I definitely think it's important to show affection in front of them-even when they get a little older and think it's gross deep down they love and need to see how much their parents love each other. I also think it's okay for them to see you disagree and even argue from time to time. It models how to resolve disagreements, hwo to compromise, how to fight fair, how to make up, and how to love during all of those things. Emeline is so lucky to have you guys. So many people don't even think about how their relationship affects their children, but I think all of us adults certainly know that good or bad-our parent's relationship definitely does affect us.

  24. The strawberries look awesome but all I can think about when I see strawberries now is "are they covered in bugs". Seriously! A co-worker of mine is a huge organic foods advocate and she pulled up a youtube video of these nasty white bugs that live on strawberries and now all I can think is "ewwww".

    oh well.. a little protein never hurt anyone right? haha!