Thursday, August 11, 2011

The fashionista in me & what.the.heck.

Any Big Brother fans out there? [Don't get your panties in a wad. If you aren't a BB fan, this entire post will NOT be about the show. Mmk?] ::sheepishly raises hand::

We are Big Brother fans in this house. We are. It's just a fun summer show, that often leaves us on the edge of our seats--and well, upside? It's on 3 days a week. And that's awesome.


You know Daniele? Yea. Her. The hot brunette in the house? I think she is supah pretty. I love her hair, her clothes, her style, her sass....yea. All of it. 

Last week, I dyed my hair this dark brown color ( because I wanted my hair like hers. This week while at Target with my sister, I picked up a pair of feather earrings, and shouted to my sister in the next aisle over, "I have to get these! Did you see Daniele had a feather earring in last week?"

To which she replied, "So what is she, your fashion icon or something?"

And I was kind of like, Um. So maybe she is. And ohmygosh did you see the red Toms she was wearing a few weeks ago? 

You see, I'm never the girl who really likes everything about someone's style/look/etc--that is totally rare for me. But I'm a big Daniele fan. If you couldn't tell.


I very, very rarely look at my stats. Because, I just don't care. Last night I went on quickly to get a gist  of them because I may have been begging a certain company to do a review and needed ammunition for the heck of it. 

I started to to look at my search keywords--and frankly? Was appalled. Besides the million creepers readers who search in my FIRST AND LAST NAME and get to my blog on a daily basis---I also had some that left me with that feeling of, you know, wanting to jump off a freakin' bridge. (I kid. But really.)

I mean, seriously...."Flabby+Mommy" led you to my blog? REALLY? How's that supposed to make a girl feel?

How about (wait for it........), "Swimsuits for bigger thighs". For the LOVE.

Okay okay. I can handle that. But then, add on "Postpartum hips" and "SO MUCH WEIGHT" and it's like BAM! In your face McFatPants. Screw you and all the work you did to lose so much weight. 

I felt like google was mocking me. 

And it hurt a little.

So to that I say, thanks a lot, Google. I thought we were friends. 



  1. Katie-

    lol@ McFatPants
    you are beautiful and anything BUT!

    I tried watching Big Brother but didn't get into it, however, I would definitely give it another try because there just isn't anything on tv right now. We have been watching Bachelor Pad and Jersey Shore, but there's only so much Kasey and Vienna drama that I can take!

    I felt the same way about Gretchen from Real Housewives OC as you do about Danielle. I love her pretty blonde hair, her perfect teeth, skin, makeup, and clothes. Speaking of feather earrings, they are all the rage right now, and adding feather extensions to your hair too. They are cute, but I think I like the glitter strands and would try feather earrings first before trying them in my hair.

    Don't let the google search bring you down. Key words like "laugh out loud from reading Katie's blog" and "adorable baby from Loves of Life" is more appropriate.


  2. a girl after my own heart with the dani comments! when she was on BB8 i constantly searched for the clothes she wore {esp the lucky brand hoodie she wore all the time} and i was SO excited when i saw her come back in, and as a new brunette myself i was excited when i saw she went to the dark side {feathers too}. i love love love her!!!

  3. Psst.. You know that your first and last name is in the web address for your blog, right? it doesn't show in the browser, but your first and last name! (hence the creepers typing your first and last name in..) as for the assholes who managed to find your blog with those other words- it's truly Google's fault. any time the word "thighs" and "mommy" and "flabby" was ever used in the same post? Google-A-hole puts them together for the search query. I bet if you googled "awesome weight loss" "weight loss diva" and "hottie mama" you'll find your blog there, too :) don't let it get ya down! happy thursdayyyy! so glad E's feeling better!!

  4. We love Big brother in this house too! Even Addy says she wants to watch it! lol! Dani does have great style! As for stats, I hate that feeling of creepers out there looking at all my stuff too. But I have so many relatives that are older and it's easier for my blog to be open to anyone. I just watch for wierd people following me and get rid of them! You are a beautiful mommy who is working at bettering herself everyday. For that you are not flabby!

  5. Oh my goodness, you seriously made me LOL.. those search terms are ridiculous! But then again, it is funny to see what people search... weirdos! I totally agree with Ashley Paige ^^^ If you were to search those terms, I bet your blog would come up =)

    Don't let it get you down! People searching that are coming to your page and getting inspiration!!

  6. Huge BB fan-I'm team Jeff and Jordan again. She makes me laugh.

  7. OH!!!!! WE LOVE BIG BROTHER!!!! I only wish it came on at 8 every night so we didn't have to catch it On Demand 2 out of 3 nights! Great Summer Show. This is our 3rd summer addiction! LOVE IT!

    Danielle----SUPER CUTE! Love her BOHO Style! I think you should post a pic of your new hair color and feather earrings! I'm sure you look great!

    What about Rachell....don't leave her out. I know you SECRETLY LOVE her! HA!!!!!!!! And her style!!!!!!! HA! JOKE!

    As for the ugly comments- IGNORE- they are just jealous! Cause you are the BOMB_DIGITY! :)


  8. Okay, I'm lost and would LOVE to know how you find out what google searches are popping up about me lol!! How do you look that up?????

  9. Ok, you know I LOVE BB.

    I also LOVE Dani's style. I wish I had her frame to be able to wear those clothes. At first, I was a little shocked by her dark hair, but now everytime they show a clip of her from BB8, I think the blonde looks awful.

    I'm having a difficult time liking her this season, though. As a feed reader and BBAD watcher, she's being especially nasty in the way she talks about people. I do like her... she and her dad are two of my ultimate favorites. But, so are Jordan and Jeff. So, as sweet as JeJo are, it's hard to defend her cattiness in my head.

    Anywho..... I do love her style, lol.

  10. Ok, someone fill me in. What in the heck is Big Brother? I will now have to google this. :)

  11. Someone found my blog by google searching "Big Vag" once. So don't fret, we all get those random word searches that don't actually have anything to do with us!

  12. Mr. Jones and I are huge Big Brother fans! He's not so much a Danielle fan, he's a Jeff and Jordan fan. I like them all though! Just tell Google to shove it. Those are not nice search terms - but your readers love you!

  13. I wanted to thank you for posting this today. I have gotten a great laugh (with you, not at you, I swear) out of the search engine results. I'm glad you have a sense of humor about it. Don't let Google get you down!

  14. K, so I was going to say all this last night, but didn't want to blow up twitter. Anyway, I agree with Ashley Paige... it's totally google's fault and had you typed in "weight loss" or "hot mom" or "gorgeous girl at the beach", it'd still lead you to your blog. So yeah. Don't let that hurt your feelings.

    (and no, I've never gotten into Big Brother)

  15. LOVE Big Brother...A little too much that we have the live feeds, and I don't have time to watch them but every once in awhile...Was a fan of Dani during her season...she def has some sassiness!!! I think we need to see a picture of your hair! Oh and about the google stuff..that's all it is..don't let it get you down....

  16. We LOVE big brother over at our house! Daniele is gorgeous!! I liked her blonde hair too!

  17. Daniele is my absolute favorite! I loved her the first time she was on and I love her even more this time!! :) She is adorable and she has great sass! Love it! So I am 100% with you on her having the "whole" package!!

  18. We love big brother too! I like Daniele better a blonde though! Her style is cute and I do like the feather earrings!

  19. Love me some BB! And OMG, AD, I'm pretty much addicted.

    I can't help but laugh a little at the google search terms. You look so fabulous now, you shouldn't worry about used to be.


  20. Another huge BB fan over here! Team Jeff and Jordan all the way, though. ;)

    And, I know it's hard, but, try not to let stupid Google get you down! You look fabulous, Mama!

  21. Just wondering if you knew that your first and last name are what show up in the browser before only on the actual tab does it say lovesoflife???? you may already know that but thought maybe you didnt based on how you wrote about searching your last name....

    anyway.. we are HUGE BB fans and I totes love Dani..... and I do not think she is what they say... I CANNOT stand rachel and her tears, and, the voice, and GROW THE HECK UP rachel.

  22. The number one search to my blog is by far the term "banana boobs."

    I sort of LOVE that.

  23. I loves me some BB in the summer and I'm totally not ashamed of it! I love Dani and all, but she's pushing too hard too soon this season trying to make big moves and shake up the house... it might come to bite her in the ass soon!

  24. We love Big Brother at my house! And yes, we love Daniele too. Her style and how pretty she is!

    I laughed at your description of the search terms just because you're funny! But in no way are they true! You look great!

  25. LOOOOVE big brother! I also love that it's on so much... I never know what to do with my nights when it ends though!

  26. I read my husband the part of your blog entry about the google stats. He laughed and winced for you and then informed me that because I use the google web interface that I might be your creeper. Seriously, he said that to me. So thought you might want to know. I don't really understand how the internet works. Sorry. hahaha :)

  27. So I was already convinced that our girls should be friends, but uh, you and I totally would be too. Love Danielle's style. I've actually owned a few of the outfit pieces she's worn this year. Clearly we rock the same style ;) Also, don't you think she could be Lauren Graham's twin?!

    Don't let the google searches get to you. Truth? They probably all go to your "before" posts. If they searched WW supa star, that would go to an "after" post. Google is dumb.

  28. Oh and my number one search term is "mr. Perfect and bg no longer married" which I don't get and am totally bothered by. And do they read my blog?!? Because those two aren't even married!

  29. Oh my goodness those search phrases are madness... I bet that the women who read the posts they found were inspired by your weight loss though! Or at least thinking that will make you not want to jump off a bridge because now you're a skinny minnie :)