Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Fragments and such.

-If you live in my area or surrounding, you know we had one heck of a thunderstorm last night. It was NO joke. I am normally the girl who sleeps through storms, and all, "Whha? there was a storm last night?" (as in, clueless)--but not last night.

My house was shaking. The sky was an endless light show of lightening. The cracks of thunder were so loud that at one point Declan and I both SHOT OUT of bed and to our feet. I even started panicking the lightening had to have hit something close to us, and for sure something had to be on fire. I was officially freaked out.

I went to bed too late as it was, then the storm started, then it woke up my baby, and then my sister & I were texting scaredy-cat messages back and forth because of the flicking on and off power, and then my adrenaline was pumping so hardcore--so I didn't even attempt to fall asleep until after 2am. 

But then the awesome (read: not awesome at all) thing? Emeline decided to be up the rest of the night. I have no idea why other than it looks like that stupid eye tooth is finally poking through and it's probably pissing her off. 

So yea. I am sitting here, chugging my coffee...because today I'm playing the leading role in Mom Zombie. Effing A.

-I get to take Eme to not one, but two doctors appointments today. It will be SO!much!Fun!


Yea, it won't be. Her 15 month appointment is in an hour and a half, and then later this afternoon I'm taking her to the chiropractor to get her adjusted. Did you know that there is all sorts of research that lends to chiropractic care in infants being linked to reducing ear infections? Me neither. So I'm all about trying something like this before we visit the ENT. Not to mention, this particular chiropractor believes in it so much that he'll treat infants age 0-2 free of charge.

Um, hello? We are so there. I'll let you know how it goes.

-Hi my name is Katie and I was suckered into a major trend. Seriously, for weeks I have been seeing tweets & blog posts about the Life Planners. Like, an old school paper & pencil planner book. For your life. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you're living under a rock. Go to the website & watch the video. Be warned that it may suck you in.*

Since I am SO not a type A planner girl--I would see the pictures, read the blog posts, and think "ha, I would so never use something like that" and then move on. 

But I made the big friggin' mistake last night of going to the website, and then I started designing my planner cover...and the next thing you know my finger clicked buy and my credit card number mysteriously got typed in. I DON'T KNOW HOW IT HAPPENED.

I was possessed.

You all are such bad influences on me.

I better use it, and it better be more than just a coloring book for Eme. 


On that note? Have a good one.

*If you do buy a planner, make sure to google coupon codes & promotions first. They are out there!


  1. I am totally ordering one. I NEED ONE. Ok maybe not need......but I really.really.really want one :sl)

  2. Those planers are pretty. I haven't bought one but I am considering it.

    About the chiropractor...both of my kids go on a regular basis. I truly believe in them and have seen first hand that they work. Lauren was born with plagiocephaly and torticollis. We worked with a chiropractor that specializes in the cranials in the head to avoid putting her in a helmet and it worked! No flat head. :)

  3. I got a planner like that on etsy that I am in love with. Has everything I could want in a planner and I use it all the time with photography and Alex activites and just day to day life.

    Hope the dr appointments go well.

  4. My sister has one and uses all the time! I think something about the practicality of the design makes it better than most of the other planners out there! I am planning on getting one when I get to do more than just go to work and go home and work some more, lol.

    Hope you enjoy yours! :) Happy Friday!

  5. Let me know if the chiropractor works. I've been thinking of taking Ethan to one too.

  6. I swear by chiropractic treatment for kids! We've taken our son since he was 2 weeks old, and other than a cold, he's never been really sick. At the first sign of anything, we take him in and within a few days it's cleared up! He's 2 now, and he knows just what to do when we get there!

    Good luck with it! Hopefully it goes well for you guys

  7. My friend worked at a Chiropractic office for years and swears by it! Hope it works for you!

  8. I want one of those life planners SO BAD. I need it. Its calling my name. But it literally hurts inside to shell out the dough. But I will probably do it anyway. I will just deal with the pain. :)

    Dana Michelle

  9. Apparently I have been living under a rock. A notebook planner? For your life? What the hippity hay?

    Dare I look into it?

  10. Yeah. See... I love planners. And calendars and Sharpies and notebooks. Add to that the fact that I get to personalize it?? Totally can't click on that link. Because I'm pretty sure it'll only lead to me never having access to our money ever again. lol.

    Sorry about the scary storm. We had A LOT just like that over the summer (remember the one where we were hiding in the garage??). Personally, I like storms. Just not at 2am and scaring the crap outta me. :)

  11. ohhh.. I just love that notebook!! I saw that on another blog not too long ago! Just cant afford it at the moment with my wedding planning... boo!

    As for the storm.. it was pretty nasty! I talked about it on my blog today, because i KID YOU NOT.. there was a tornado forming at my house yesterday.. so close to touching down it was scary, and I didnt think to get a pic!

  12. Storms are the one thing I miss about living in Texas. It never storms here but then again, I am like you and wouldn't know it happened anyway. hehe! When O was little he had night terrors. Diet coke and I became very good friends. I feel your pain! You deserve a nap for sure!

  13. Sorry about the no-sleeping baby :(
    That's never any fun.
    **But! The chiropractor thing! My mom actually brought all of us (4 babies) to the chiropractor to help our colic -- and I guess it worked! :)

  14. officially sucked in. thanks.